Generative Data Intelligence Price Prediction: TYRION Gains 24% – Is the Lannister Economy Strong?


Join Our Telegram channel to stay up to date on breaking news coverage (TYRION) price remains bullish on all timeframes, with the 2-hour scale showing a sustained uptrend. Higher highs and higher lows characterize this. The token is still in its nascent stage on exchanges having debuted on September 19. This suggests the possibility of the Coinbase effect boding well for the TYRION token. This is where a token rallies upon listing. If true, it could prove unsustainable as it takes more than listing for an asset to sustain an uptrend.

A Deep Dive in to the Ecosystem

The ecosystem is a new character in the crypto corridors, set out to “build the largest ad network in the universe.” It features an advertising layer committed to revolutionizing the $337 billion digital marketing industry.

At its core, the project has garnered support as investors associate it with the popular TV series Game of Thrones, starring characters such as John Snow and Daenerys and their longstanding antagonists, the Lannister family. Specifically, Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf character known for his wit in the film, is the inspiration behind the project.

The project allows users to leverage their reach to profit from publishing ads regardless of their platform. This disruptive technology turns the entire world into a billboard and every campaign into a viral masterpiece in the making.

Experts say the project has great utility after a deep dive into the ecosystem following its recent launch. Arguably, the project bears a bright concept, lined with several major catalysts on the horizon, and backed by a great team on socials with concise and well-defined intentions.

The project is steadily growing in popularity, with the latest update indicating up to 1,000 holders with prospects for more community members coming in.

With a 2% token burning mechanism intended to reduce supply and boost demand pressure, the network anticipates the Tyrion burn exploding once the burn revenue begins to flow.

Tyrion Burn

Tyrion Burn Price Prognosis price is bullish, supported by the Parabolic SAR indicator providing downward support at $0.005223. The Relative Strength Index is also inclined north, suggesting rising momentum to push TYRION further north.

Also bolstering the upside potential for price is the robust support provided by the 9-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) at $0.006281. The EMA’s associated Smoothed MA at $0.005915 also solidifies this outlook, with both price-tracking indicators trailing the token price.
TradingView: TYRION/USD 2-hour chart

However, considering the price history of rejection from the $0.006805 level, this area presents a formidable roadblock. As such, a rejection may be expected around this level, likely sending south.

Rejection from this level could trigger a sell-off that would send the altcoin to unprecedented lows, potentially losing all the ground covered. In such a case, TYRION could retrace the $0.004000 psychological level or extend or approach the demand zone marked by the $0.003000 level in the dire case. Such a move would indicate a 60% slump.

Nevertheless, invalidation of the bullish outlook would only happen once the price breaks and closes below the $0.003000 support level.

This bearish outlook is highly likely considering the waning momentum indicated by the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the fading histogram bars of the Awesome Oscillator.

While that is happening, consider MK, a new project that has earned its place among the top three crypto presales with 10X growth potential.

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TYRION Alternative

MK, the native asset for the Meme Kombat ecosystem, is a new project in the market. It is presented as an innovative new gaming platform designed by gaming enthusiasts for gaming enthusiasts. Its offerings range from active betting to passive staking, offering users a wide range of reward-earning opportunities.

It is the hottest stake-to-earn project in the market today. Meme Kombat offers battle arenas and popular internet memes so that you can choose your character based on preference or the betting odds.

The project is underway with its presale, steadily recording massive success while gaining recognition in the space. This explains the remarkable strides achieved in presale sales, with the latest update on the website indicating over $61,701, steadily edging toward the $1,000,000 mark.

If you want to buy MK, you can spend as little as $1.667, although this offer is only for a limited time. The price could increase as the presale stages continue heading towards the project’s ultimate launch. This means now is the ideal time to buy MK while prices remain affordable, with analysts predicting 100X growth potential.

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