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XMR Price Analysis: RSI Divergence Threatens For Upcoming Correction

Published 6 seconds ago Earlier today, the Monero (XMR) price jumped 7% and pierced the weekly resistance of $170. However, the price couldn’t sustain...

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UNI Technical Analysis: Trendline Breakout Eyes 20% Jump

Questions About A Trader Who Turned $50 Into $8M Made BBC Pull Out Documentary

UNI coin price breaks above the long-coming downtrend and the $10 mark with a 30% rally. Will the uptrend sustain to reach the $15 mark? Key technical points: UNI coin price breaks above the long-coming resistance trendline. In addition, the price surpasses the 50-day EMA. Finally, the 24-hour trading volume of Uniswap is $245 Million, marking a 25% fall.  Past Performance of UNI UNI coin price shows a double bottom breakout-led bullish reversal from the $8 support level resulting in a price jump of 30%. The rally breaks above the long-coming resistance trendline marking a bullish milestone after a fatal downtrend. Moreover, it surpasses the 50-day EMA, which has provided a constant dynamic barrier.  Source-Tradingview UNI Technical Analysis  UNI coin price shows a retest phase of the trendline and the $10 breakout with a dragonfly candle of 1.92% retracement. Hence, a post-retest reversal rally may start shortly that may surpass the 100-day EMA. Uniswap token rally challenges the bearish aligned EMAs and outperforms the 50-day EMA while ready to approach the 100-day EMA. However, a potential rise to the 200-day EMA is possible with the $12.5 breakout. RSI Indicator: The RSI slope starts a remarkable journey with the bullish divergence generated at the $8 bottom. The rally approaches the overbought boundary and reflects a boom in buying pressure. MACD Indicator: The MACD and signal lines continue the bullish uptrend by undermining two bearish crossovers. Hence, the positive histograms continue to grow despite a few bearish dips. In brief terms, the UNI technical analysis shows a potential trend reversal possibility. Upcoming Trend  UNI coin price gains bullish attention with the long-coming resistance and the $10 breakout that may result in a bullish rally. Post-retest, the rally aims at $12.50. A firmer bullish grip could drive the prices higher to the 200-day EMA closer to $16. Hence, the rally shows a 20-45% price jump potential.  However, price succumbing under the 50-day EMA will rectify the rally and result in a downtrend to the $8 mark. Support Levels: $10 and $8 Resistance Levels: $12 and $16

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RingFi technologically jumps ahead of Titano and Libero with its Risk-Free Notes NFTs.

RingFi, an innovative auto-staking protocol platform, once again shakes the market by announcing the launch of Risk-Free Notes NFTs, a system which allows long-term investments and ensures funds are released on the exit.

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Although it provides a similar service to Libero and Titano, the platform has gone a step ahead by unveiling its wRING token. RingFi multiplied by 20 the value of its $RING token by being the first to develop a wrapped token, $wRING, which in contraposition to its competitors, is an ERC-20 compatible token. This feature allows users to get the API (392,537%) while staking $wRING in other protocols, thus achieving the possibility of obtaining double rewards with a single token and a single investment.

About Risk-Free Notes NFT

RingFi will issue the first Risk-Free Notes NFTs next week, and they can only be minted by locking $wRING. This new financial product works like a guaranteed check that accumulates interest.

The smart contract contains the assets invested at the time of purchase plus rewards in $BUSD and $wRING that act as backing and interest, respectively. In addition, these NFTs may be traded on secondary markets.

The RFN NFTs allow long-term investment to obtain high interest or be sold on the secondary market for the current value of the invested tokens plus rewards. In both cases, it is profitable and not subject to risk since payment is guaranteed (assets are self-contained in the contract).

RingFi Main Concept

RingFi seems to be looking for the investors' welfare and allows them to liquidate their long-term position without losing the investment by allowing RFN NFTs to be traded on secondary markets or NFTs Marketplaces.

Although RingFi is new in the DeFi industry, it has achieved tremendous progress within a short period. Currently, it is ranked third only behind Titano and Libero.

According to the team, "The goal for RingFi is simple, to build a Crypto Reserve Currency that will still exist in the years to come and become the base for a future ecosystem that offers a range of crypto products and services, all built from a strong foundation of consistent high APY rewards.”

Social Media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ringfiprotocol

Telegram: https://t.me/ringfiofficial 

Medium: https://medium.com/@ringfi

Discord: https://discord.gg/nfWfZSrm2p

Whitepaper: https://docs.ringfi.io/

Company Name: RingFi Inc.

Email: info@ringfi.io 

Website: https://ringfi.io/

Ethereum’s Price Broke Through $3K, Analysts Warn Of Needed Retest

Ethereum’s price broke through $3K with analysts warning that a retest of the level is needed and further upside is warranted so let’s read further in today’s latest Ethereum news. The crypto market continues to forge ahead despite facing headwinds on a few fronts. At the moment, the global conflicts and the rising inflation are […]

Killing it softly or regulating to innovate? India at the crypto crossroads

Tag Template - News Hub PRO CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass Adoption India’s crypto tax represents both a threat to the industry and an opportunity to create a regulatory framework to support it, says Polygon’s Jaynti Kanani.

PUBG Developer Krafton Partners with Solana to Develop Blockchain & NFT Games

Crypto Hack PUBG

Korea-based gaming developer and publisher Krafton announced its new collaboration with blockchain platform in a concerted effort to develop Play-to-Earn blockchain and NFT games. Krafton is the name behind popular game titles such as PUBG: Battlegrounds, Thunder Tier One, Elyon, and many more. According to the announcement on March 23, Krafton and Solana Labs signed [...]

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Historical pioneers brought back to life as NFTs depicting how they could look today

Pionauts, one of the most unique and groundbreaking NFT art collections, is set to launch on 28 April 2022, announced Johan Van Asperen Vervenne, the founder and visionary behind the team that created the series.

Today, Pionauts is the world's first company to create large-scale photorealistic appearances of historical pioneers, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Nefertiti, Aristotle, Cleopatra, and so many more.

"Pionauts began as an idea for an NFT collection. Most NFT collections have about six different backgrounds," Johan said. "My team used 84 different 17th and 18th-century paintings to create many of the backgrounds used."

The 150 original pioneers selected by Van Asperen Vervenne and his team mostly lived before the invention of the camera. The team behind Pionauts are artificial intelligence, 2D and 3D graphic design specialists from nine countries.

“People of all ages are fascinated by pioneers that lived before the invention of the camera,” Van Asperen Vervenne said. “Before Pionauts came to life, we only saw old paintings and could only imagine what they looked like when they were alive.”

Van Asperen Vervenne felt it was time to bring them back to life today and go beyond the “stories we read about what they accomplished and go beyond imagining what stories they would tell about themselves if they were alive today.”

With that in mind, Van Asperen Vervenne and his team brought to life “the best-known pioneers with the latest 3D and artificial intelligence (AI) technology.” Applying Deep Learning technology and months of manual retouching, a collection of 8,500 unique variations was created with modified characteristics such as age, facial features and expressions.

Voting utility

Each of these NFTs comes with voting powers that grant holders of the breath-taking digital art collectibles the right to voice how they want the Pionauts comic stories told. They also come with copyrights and many of the photorealistic pioneers' portraits are already trademarked, said Van Asperen Vervenne.

“These portrait trademarks safeguard against infringement of copyrights increasing the value of the Pionauts project,” he added. “Pionauts owns the copyrights for commercial and non-commercial use.

 Royalty income

The Pionauts team sees a positive future in collaborating in various entertainment, marketing and educational projects. Johan and his team's goal is to create more 3D models of pioneer's faces and explore collaborations with Metaverse games, brands, educational- and the movie industry.

“Our goal for Pionauts NFT holders is to share in our future success as the Pionauts brand expands. Pionauts will share 25% of its royalty income with its NFT holders that are KYC (Know Your Customers) compliant,” Johan said.

Pionauts allows all Pionaut NFT holders to exclusively co-create new storylines about breathtaking interplanetary journeys and have a voice in choosing where the story goes next, Johan said.

"The ambition of the Pionauts team is to create a series of pilots, blockbuster movies, similarly as Pixar's Toy Story franchise and the Marvel cinematic universe," Van Asperen Vervenne said. "Pionauts has some very exciting announcements in the pipeline," he said.

The Pionaut's inception

Van Asperen Vervenne one day became intrigued by musician George Aquilla Hardy's depiction of what the first US President would look like today. But Johan went further. He dove into the topic of facial recognition and researched facial reconstruction techniques for digital illustration.

After he concluded his investigation, he decided to see if he could recreate the faces of a few famous people throughout history. After forming a dedicated team of international designers, he looked at historic pioneers regarded as some of the world's greatest minds.

With the help of some of the world's best artificial intelligence (AI) experts, including the founding father of the AI Gan source code, Johan added movements to the face of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle from the image of a statue representing his likeness.

Patience paid off, and it enticed Johan and his colleagues to continue with more restorations. They chose several more famous personalities of the past, that also include Socrates, Beethoven and William Shakespeare.

After many hours of meticulous attention to detail, the talented group transformed the faces of several of the most renowned pioneers worldwide into a photorealistic likeness of them thanks to groundbreaking AI. And then the decision to make them Pionauts.

"Earth is explored by the greatest minds in history. Imagine the progress we can make if these brilliant people help us explore space?" Johan asked. "And thus, the pioneers from history became Pionauts."


Each of the 8,500 NFTs comes with great utility. They come with voting rights on comic stories with the pioneer characters, their stories, the possibility for holders to input their stories, royalties from their sales, and future movie deals from which we like each NFT holder to profit.

“The goal is that holders of any Pionauts NFT will enjoy passive income as the Pionauts brand expands,” and “This 'army' of thousands of Pionauts NFT holders will undoubtedly help signal, prevent and protect Pionauts portrait rights for the benefit of all those invested in the collection.”

The unique Pionauts NFT collection launches on 28 April 2022

www.pionauts.com         Discord: https://lnkd.in/eQktanmD         Twitter: @pionauts 


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Russia’s energy chief says it would accept Bitcoin for oil and gas

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The heavily-sanctioned country is scrambling to find ways to increase its revenue and has floated the possibility of allowing China and Turkey to pay for energy in Bitcoin.

Just-In: Russia Could Be Willing To Accept Bitcoin Payments For Its Natural Gas

The fears of regulators around the world about Russia using Bitcoin to evade sanctions could be about to come true as a top Russian government executive has revealed that the country’s authorities could be willing to accept Bitcoin payments for its natural gas. Duma committee deputy Pavel Zavalny revealed this development on Thursday during a

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Bitcoin Jumps Despite Fed Rate Hike

Bitcoin has shot up beyond the $40,000 mark once again. This goes against what everyone has been saying for several weeks – that another rate hike instituted by the Fed will cause the world’s number one digital currency to fall drastically. The Fed Has Pushed Rates Higher Along with BTC By contract, bitcoin – which...

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Waves Price Prediction — Will WAVES Hit $40 Soon?

Waves Price Prediction — Will WAVES Hit $40 Soon?

Bullish WAVES price prediction is $31.57 to $36.18. The WAVES price will also reach $40 soon. WAVES bearish market price

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Russia Is Open To Selling Natural Gas For Bitcoin

Russia can trade with ‘friendly’ countries in national currencies or bitcoin, the chairman of the State Duma committee on energy said.

BTT Technical Analysis: Will Buyers Break The 50-day EMA?

BTT Technical Analysis: Price Took a Crucial Support at $0.003054 for a Trend Reversal

BTT coin price shows a reversal from the $0.000001700 mark resulting in a price jump of 10%. Will the increasing trend surpass the $0.000002000 mark? Key technical points: BTT coin price surpasses the $0.000001800 mark. In addition, it has increased by 10% in the last ten days. Finally, the 24-hour trading volume of Bittorrent is $80 Million, marking a 20% fall.  Past Performance of BTT The BTT coin price shows a bullish reversal from the $0.000001700 mark resulting in a growth of 10% and approaching the 50-day EMA. Furthermore, the reversal might shortly challenge the resistance zone below the $0.000002000 mark. However, the Doji candlestick forming near the 50-day EMA threatens the reversal possibility.  Source-Tradingview BTT Technical Analysis  BTT coin price surpasses the daily resistance at $0.000001850, which may shortly demand a retest for further bullish continuation. Hence, the Doji candlesticks might come as a retest phase before the $0.000002000 breakout. The crucial EMAs (50, 100, and 200) project a bearish alignment, with the price facing multiple rejections from the 50-day EMA. Hence, the price struggling to approach the EMA might demonstrate an early reversal.  RSI Indicator: The RSI slope shows a positive recovery with the start of March 2022, as it crosses above the 50% mark from the oversold boundary. Furthermore, there is no evidence of a bearish divergence in the daily chart.  MACD Indicator: The MACD and signal lines demonstrate a high momentum trend after the bullish crossover resulting in high-intensity positive histograms. Hence, the indicator gives a bullish signal for the token. In a nutshell, the BTT technical analysis maintains an overall bullish view. Upcoming Trend  The BTT coin price might surpass the 100-day EMA if buyers overthrow the sellers at the 50-day EMA and the $0.000002000 psychological mark. However, the reversal possibility with the Doji candle forming near the $0.000001900 resistance could result in a free fall to the $0.000001800 mark. Support Levels: $0.000001800 and $0.000001700  Resistance Levels: $0.000001900 and $0.000002000 

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