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Yield Guild Games ($YGG) Token Launches on Ronin with Airdrop for Validators | BitPinas


  • YGG’s utility token is now listed on the Ronin Blockchain, aimed at enticing gamers and games to join its ecosystem.
  • YGG tokens will be listed on Katana, Ronin’s decentralized exchange, facilitating liquidity pairings and providing access to exclusive quests and potential future benefits within the Ronin community. 
  • YGG tokens will also be airdropped to wallets staking RON on the YGG validator, with bonuses for longer staking durations.

Decentralized gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG) announced recently that its utility token is now listed on the Ronin Blockchain, an EVM blockchain crafted for developers building games.

YGG on Ronin

Today, the YGG token officially launched on Ronin. As per the media release, this strategic move is intended to bolster the network by enticing gamers and games to join its ecosystem. 

YGG noted that the integration allows users to transition effortlessly between Ronin games and the YGG platform without the necessity of bridging out, streamlining access for YGG players to their favorite games

“YGG and Ronin are inextricably linked. From the early days of our mission, we’ve shared values and a core community. Onboarding the YGG token to Ronin is the next natural step in our shared journey. Welcome to Katana (and Ronin), YGG!” Jeff “Jihoz” Zirlin, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Sky Mavis, stated.

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In addition, the YGG token will be listed on Katana, Ronin’s native decentralized exchange, facilitating liquidity pairings with other tokens within the Ronin ecosystem. It will be paired with RON, joining other major pairs on Katana including WETH/RON, USDC/RON, AXS/RON, SLP/WETH, PIXEL/RON, and BANANA/RON. 

Holding YGG tokens grants access to exclusive token-gated YGG quests for Ronin games and potentially qualifies users for future airdrops and additional exclusive benefits within the Ronin community.

“The YGG token launch on Ronin is another milestone in our partnership with Sky Mavis. As Ronin continues to position itself as a leader in web3 gaming, YGG looks forward to further supporting the ecosystem and community by increasing our stake and participation in the network,” said YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon

Dizon added that the introduction of the YGG token to Ronin presents opportunities to expand access to rewarding quests and benefits for more players. He views this as a step towards bridging YGG closer to all communities within the thriving Ronin ecosystem.

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YGG Airdrop

Moreover, as part of this initiative, YGG tokens will be distributed through an airdrop to wallets that are staking RON on the YGG validator.

A snapshot of wallets that have been staking RON tokens through the YGG validator was taken on March 11, 2024, in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Based on this data, 1,376,579 YGG tokens will be distributed to 8,861 eligible wallets.

Photo for the Article - Yield Guild Games ($YGG) Token Launches on Ronin with Airdrop for Validators

Delegators who staked at least 1 RON token with YGG before March 11, 2024, UTC, are eligible to receive YGG tokens. The quantity of airdropped tokens is based on the amount of RON staked and is tiered according to the duration of staking. Wallets linked to RON tokens staked before January 1, 2024, will receive a 10% Loyalty Bonus, while those staked before June 1, 2023, will receive a 20% True Believer Bonus.

Recent YGG News

A recent article in the New York Times, it highlighted YGG’s involvement in the web3 gaming scene in the Philippines, as showcased through the bustling activity observed at NFT X Street, an internet cafe recently opened by Joniel “JB” Bon in Quezon City. Aside from JB, Disi, the Captain of the YGG Esports team, was also featured. The report highlighted how YGG reflects the resurgence of crypto in the country. 

In January, Yield Guild Games partnered with Iskra, a blockchain gaming hub. YGG’s questing systems will integrate into Iskra’s platform and they plan joint marketing and user engagement activities, including Discord events and AMA sessions.

Last year, YGG organized the Web3 Games Summit (W3GS) in Taguig City. The summit featured a Web3 Game Jam hackathon, a two-day conference, and a three-day expo, culminating in the XENO PRO TOUR MANILA 2023. The event garnered over 5,300 attendees and showcased insights from 90 international speakers. 

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