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Tabletop Dungeon RPG ‘Demeo’ is Getting Separate PvP ‘Battles’ Game in November


Popular VR-optional tabletop dungeon board game Demeo lets four players dungeon dive together. But, come November 9th, players will be able to duke it out amongst one another when the separate PvP title Demeo Battles arrives.

Update (September 15th, 2023): The long-awaited Demeo Battles is almost here, now slated to arrive November 9th on PC and VR headsets, which includes Quest and, SteamVR. You can pre-order now on Quest, priced at $20, and wishlist on Steam. A playable demo is set to launch during Steam Next Fest on October 9th, so save the date.

Resolution Games also listed a few main features to the game, which is confirmed to be separate from the original Demeo (2021) game:

  • Turn-based Tactics: Battle your opponents in dungeons, forests and more as you square off against your enemies in grid-based action combat across 10 maps tailored for intense PvP competition — but don’t fall victim to “The Burn,” an ever-encroaching flood of lava that works its way towards the center of the board and causes immense damage to any player or monster caught in its path.
  • Monstrous Minions: Assemble an army of chaotic critters to fight alongside you — from rats and goblins to cave trolls to giant slimes — a rotating cast of 37 creatures to pick from at launch, all with a mind of their own!
  • Heroic Teamwork: Bring two champions to the battle in every match and leverage their synergies; control both heroes directly or partner up with another player to defeat competitors cooperatively.
  • Play Your Way: Choose a champion to match your play style from 7 classes —  hunter, sorcerer, assassin, guardian, bard, warlock or barbarian — to unleash magic, melee mayhem and more, with 89 possible cards to pick from when raining fury down on your opponents.

The studio also released a full play-through session, featuring Jerry Holkins (aka Tycho) and Mike Krahulik (aka Gabe) of Penny Arcade. The play session follows below this update.

[embedded content]

Original Article (December 15th, 2022): Demeo developer Resolution Games announced today that the game’s PVP is slated for 2023. The studio is calling it ‘Demeo Battles’.

Demeo lets up to four VR or non-VR players dungeon crawl through a tabletop board game where they face off against a range of deadly enemies.

After popular demand, the game will soon allow players to fight amongst each other. It appears that up to four players (on teams of two) will be supported in Demeo PVP, though it isn’t clear if free-for-all will be possible, or odd number teams (ie: 2v1).

Below we have the first look at the new PvP action where we can see that players will not only control their own characters, but also get to harness enemies they’ve fought in the cooperative mode. A ring of encroaching fire heats things up so you don’t dillydally on the board for too long.

The upcoming 2023 release for Demeo PVP is a delay from an initial estimate of 2022; and while we don’t have a hard release date yet, hopefully that means early 2023 rather than later.

In the meantime, take a look at some work-in-press footage of Demeo Battles gameplay in action below:

[embedded content]

Disclosure: Resolution Games assisted with travel & lodging expenses to an event where information for this article was gathered.




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