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The Wuling COVID Testing Cars will be delivered at the end of May

HONG KONG, May 23, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - On May 13, Guo Yanhong, the supervisor of the Medical Administration and Hospital Authority of the National Health Commission,...

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Bitcoin Mining Pool Protocol Stratum V2 Is Making Progress

If widely adopted, this mining pool protocol could help Bitcoin become more robust and decentralized.

Trustedd Kickstarts its Google & Apple Web 3 Alternative with a 3D Art Avatar NFT Collection

Trustedd is proud to announce the release of its limited 3D Art Avatar NFT Collection designed to change the Face of Modern Business and Education.

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Trustedd is a new cutting-edge Web 3 Ecosystem dedicated to revolutionizing modern innovation and education by establishing a transparent and validated community that deems one another trustworthy. By doing so trustedd aims to solve misinformation and scams, especially in the crypto and blockchain realm. By creating this unique Gateway into Web 3, trustedd users have the opportunity to build a transparent trustedd score and safely connect with the right people, and find the exact services and products they are in need of within seconds.

To bring this vision to life in the fastest and most decentralized way possible, the trustedd Founding Members Collection will be marked as the foundation of the ecosystem. The Founding Member NFTs will be released on the Ethereum blockchain and come to life as an exclusive membership for the new Ecosystem, available to individuals, businesses, and brands alike who share the values and vision of trustedd. The Genesis Collection is limited to 10.000 Avatars, but there are millions of unique trustedd 3D avatars to come in the future.

"Any holder of the Founding Member NFT, no matter if a person, a business, a brand, or organization symbolizes that he or she wants to foster innovation and the adoption of new technologies through education and collaboration." - Christof Wallner, CEO & Founder

The Founding Members Avatars are created through machine-learning generated 3D Avatars that are both individually unique and come with a functional design. Like a fingerprint, every Avatar has its own uniquely generated design, making it easy to visually distinguish them from another, giving individuals and businesses the option to build a memorable and recognizable brand around their artwork.

To ensure utility trustedd 3D Avatars can be seen as the 'iPhone of NFTs'. Users can utilize their Avatars directly in Metaverses, Conference Calls like Zoom, and in the future even as your private Virtual Assistant as an alternative to current Voice Assistants within the trustedd Ecosystem.

As a demo, the first official trustedd video trailer, 'It is time to wake up!' was created with the 3D Avatar which will be available for Founding Member NFT Holders only a few days after the official NFT Sale.

Trustedd will implement a Dutch Auction system to launch its Genesis Collection in March 2022. That will allow the community to set the price of the NFTs. A Dutch Auction is a market structure in which the price of something offered is determined after all bids arrive at the highest price at which the total offering can be sold. The starting price for the auction will be 100 ETH and once the bidding begins, the price of the NFT will decrease by 1 ETH every 8 minutes until it is either sold out or hits the set floor price of 1 ETH.

The Founding Member NFT sales revenues will be used to build the planned Web 3 ecosystem, while parts of the sales revenue will go towards helping Ukraine. The trustedd ecosystem consists of a Web 3 platform accessible through any browser under trustedd.com and, in the future, of a native Operating System as an alternative to iOS, Android Operating Systems. The ecosystem and its content will then be curated and governed by its users under a legal Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
The generated proceeds from the NFT sale will be secured by an industry-leading Custody Provider. In addition, all transactions will be monitored by Chainanalysis, a leading KYT, to stay compliant with local and global regulations, and safely interact with emerging technology regulations.

Benefits of joining the Founding Members include an exclusive Membership, access to future NFT drops, an airdrop of trustedd's social token $trustedd, early access to contribution rights, new features on the ecosystem, exclusive invites to events, free and discounted Hardware, and much more. To be a part of the Founding Members is to be a part of an inner circle breaking ground on breakthrough innovations and next-gen developments.

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between blockchain technology and mainstream adoption, trustedd's purpose-driven vision can come to fruition with the release of the Founding Members NFTs.

About trustedd

Trustedd is a new and revolutionary ecosystem to easily onboard users into Web 3, which will transform into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization to give control and privacy back to the people. Founded by Christof Wallner, trustedd reimagines how modern business and education function to effectively usher in a new era of transparency, innovation, and trust using blockchain technology.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/trusteddcom

Discord: https://discord.gg/DMThwZ2nJN

Project Name: trustedd

Contact Name: Christof Wallner

Email: info@trustedd.com

Website: https://trustedd.com

Samurai Saga Is Set To Launch The ‘ONNA-BUGEISHA’ Drop Ahead Of The Launch Of Its First play-to-earn Game

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Llanelli, Wales, 15th March, 2022, Chainwire SAMURAI SAGA is not a typical NFT collection. It’s an entire ecosystem, developed and

The post has appeared first on thenewscrypto.com

CarNow and Cion Digital Partner to Provide Consumers Option to Purchase and Finance Cars with Crypto

CarNow, the automotive industry's leading digital retailing company, today announced a partnership with Cion Digital providing customers a way to purchase and finance vehicles using cryptocurrency via an integration with CarNow's Real-Time Retail™ platform.

Cion Digital's ready-to-deploy modular payments and lending platform provides companies with access to all the connectivity, infrastructure and support needed to rapidly deploy blockchain-based real-time payment and lending solutions, and to incorporate digital assets into existing traditional and legacy payment and financing systems.

This capability will be made available to CarNow's entire network of nearly 5,000 dealers and will include a first-of-a-kind crypto lending marketplace that will let car buyers use their crypto as collateral for loans at highly competitive rates.

Commenting on the partnership, Tim Cox, Co-founder and Chief Evangelist of CarNow said, "This partnership further demonstrates our commitment to providing our dealers and their clients with the most inclusive, dealer-friendly payment options. Now our dealers can better connect with a new kind of buyer who is looking to leverage next generation cryptocurrency payment options and create a more frictionless car buying journey. We're thrilled to be embarking on this alliance together as we look to transform the car-buying experience.”

Cion's Auto Dealership Cryptocurrency integration gives car buyers shopping at a dealership using CarNow flexible payment and lending options. Car buyers can choose to place a deposit on a vehicle with cryptocurrency, make a down payment, or pay for the vehicle in full. The platform allows for full payment in cryptocurrency, as well as options to combine both crypto and fiat currencies in the same transaction. Car buyers can also use cryptocurrency as collateral to qualify for a low-interest loan with one of several lenders in Cion Digital's lending marketplace - almost always at significantly better rates than traditional financing. Once a car buyer chooses how they want to pay, the order is ported from the CarNow platform to Cion Digital. The integration enables buyers to progress through identity verification (KYC) quickly and seamlessly and proceed to payment. 

Transactions are confirmed on the blockchain and transferred in compliance with AML and KYC regulations directly to the custodian in either crypto or fiat (as requested by the dealer) in just a few seconds. Dealers can then choose when they want to transfer settled funds via ACH into their bank account.

“Cion is excited to officially partner with CarNow to offer their dealer partners the ability for buyers to pay for vehicles in cryptocurrency or to use their cryptocurrency as collateral for what is often a lower cost loan,” said Fred Brothers, President and Co-founder of Cion Digital. “With more than half of Millennials now owning crypto, CarNow is increasing dealer capabilities for this fast-growing market of buyers who want more financing and purchasing options at the dealership.”

At rollout, buyers can select from the top 20 coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Tether, Litecoin, USDC, Polkadot and Dash. Future platform enhancements will include the ability to split the purchase price among multiple coins. 

Dealers interested in learning more about this partnership can visit CarNow at Booth #1771W at NADA 2022 for a demo or visit https://www.ciondigital.com/auto.

About CarNow

CarNow is a market leader in digital retailing solutions for the automotive industry. CarNow creates frictionless, real-time enterprise software solutions to facilitate the transaction between dealers and consumers. Through our solutions, shoppers receive enhanced virtual showroom services, live support at anytime, from anywhere, on any device. With over 5,000 dealership customers and over twenty manufacturer certifications, CarNow is one of the fastest growing companies in automotive. CarNow is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more at https://carnow.com

CarNow Media Contact

Lou Laste



About Cion Digital

Cion Digital's proprietary Blockchain Orchestration Platform allows institutions to build innovative finance solutions quickly, and to seamlessly connect their legacy systems with the complex and ever-changing world of decentralized finance. 

Our Blockchain Orchestration Platform enables auto dealers and other big-ticket retailers to accept cryptocurrency transactions. We've built the ultimate crypto dealership platform to provide car payment and lending solutions unmatched in the industry. For more information visit us athttps://www.ciondigital.com/auto

Connect with us: Twitter | LinkedIn

Cion Digital Contact

Katie Robinson


Pacmanverse Announces Play-to-Earn Games

The Pacmanverse team is pleased to announce its play-to-earn game that is designed to reduce the unemployment rates across the globe. The team is passionate about leveraging the power of the blockchain to create a source of income for online game players. 

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According to the team, “The world of the play-to-earn token is increasingly important and looks carefully at the future evolutions of the blockchain and the world economic system. With the ever-increasing loss of jobs, Pacmanverse goal is to allow people to earn by playing a game that even the “less” experienced can do. With this, we will be able to reach a much greater audience than our competitors and allow everyone to earn a passive income.”

The team has rolled out multiple income-generating offers for players. Some of these include:

Ready-to-play games

Unlike some projects that keep their users waiting for months before rolling out their games, Pacmanverse has already created its play-to-earn games. Prospective players are encouraged to visit their website and check their demo games out, a way to feel the game and check its features out before committing themselves to them.

Passive source of income

Pacmanverse also allows its users to make money passively. Each token holder will receive BUSD each time a transaction is made on the platform, each time a user plays, and for each operation a user makes on the marketplace. Users are offered multiple ways to generate an income passively while using the platform.

Meme, NFT, and branding potential 

The team explained that it already has the NFTs ready and promised to make them visible to users before the official launch. Their unique NFTs are integrated into the blockchain and game and can be used as avatars.

Besides that, the NFTs will offer rewards multipliers, a special in-game bonuses while users are allowed to sell and buy NFTs they earn within the marketplace, another income-generating opportunity they can take advantage of to multiply their earnings.


The Pacmanverse token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000. The token type will soon be made public.

Buying and selling on the platform attract a 10% fee. Rewards fee is pegged at 4% while auto liquidity and marketing fees stand at 2% and 4% respectively.

It should be noted that the integration of the first game with blockchain should be ready tomorrow with rewards staking in Pacman. This will be followed with the pinball the next day.

The team also explained that it has started the development of flappy Pacman and will inform its community of users as events unfold.


• Presale: 30%.
• Burned: 6%.
• Private sale: 8.3%.
• Team locked: 10%.
• Liquidity: 15.8%.
• Stacking reward and CEX: 30%.

Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pacman_verse 

Telegram: https://t.me/PacmanVerse_official

Github: https://github.com/freshcoins/Smart-Contract-Audits/blob/main/PACMANVERSE_0x6c7a5AE0AAFdc77E5CaE19B5630a95B14D61C45c.pdf

Media Details:

Company Name: Pacmanverse

Email: marketing@pacmanverse.com

Website: https://pacmanverse.com/ 

DeFi, NFTs, and More: Upstate Interactive Unveils New Website Featuring Recent Blockchain Advancements and Behind-The-Scenes Video

Upstate Interactive, a women-owned Web3 software development and consulting company, has launched its new website unveiling recent blockchain projects, extensive technical expertise, and a behind-the-scenes company video.

The new site focuses on the company's passion for Web3 and provides insight into how they help organizations discover, implement, and experience the benefits of public blockchain solutions. In addition to its recent work alongside companies in the blockchain space, the company showcases its team members and overall purpose across its new digital presence.

“Our Web3 expertise allows us to help organizations navigate the blockchain space through consulting, custom smart contract development, and dApp creation,” said Zoe Koulouris Augustinos, Partner and Co-founder of Upstate Interactive. “Our new website is a true reflection of that expertise and experience, and we invite everyone to see what we're about and what makes us different.”

With revamped designs, an inventive user experience, and a high-level development process overview, organizations can visit upstateinteractive.io to see how the UI team is building the future of Web3, today.

About Upstate Interactive

Founded in 2016, Upstate Interactive is a women-owned Web3 software development and consulting company focused on building a better world with decentralized technology. With experience in blockchain and custom software development, the versatile team builds distributed applications and smart contracts on Ethereum, supporting DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and diverse software projects for the modern enterprise. For more information on Upstate Interactive, please visit upstateinteractive.io

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MetFX: What Dreams May Become

Across the horizon, the metallic body of a car gleams at the light of the dying day. Its contours are soft, bearing no trace of the old industrial world. Its resplendent dark finish almost hides it from the eyes of those who look on from the ground as night settles into the city. From afar, multitudes of other vehicles enjoy the freedom of the air, alongside friendly dragons whose majestic wings spread into the neon-splashed night—all removed from the former hustle and bustle of the cesspool that was the modern world. With buildings of glass, metal, and neon shooting into the heavens, this new and better world is framed as what future dreams are made of.

This whole new world is yours for the taking.

This is MetFX.

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MetFX: No Competition

A metaverse that has no competition, MetFX soars into the scene with its unique offering of a full 3D movie-going experience at the comfort of its users' home. Its captivating digital environment thrives with public showings of the latest blockbusters and real estate that users can buy to build their own screening rooms. The income avenues are limitless through MetFX's in-bound Play-to-Earn games and its provision for users to create, list, buy, and sell NFT avatars, accessories, structures, and equipment through the NFT marketplace. Creators and artists are open to earning royalties from the sales of their NFT assets.

While still at its infancy, MetFX's developers have ascertained its potential for further development, eventually expanding its services to include cutting edge AR and VR technology. As these are being undertaken behind the scenes, MetFX's marketing arm is whipping up sure-fire ways to attract and reach out to a wider audience. Suffice it to say, everything that the marketing team has in store is more than what you can expect from a metaverse.

Accessible across all platforms, the MetFX app may be downloaded to all types of mobile devices and even to one's personal computer.

Impresses Even Before Launch

MetFX is set to impress with a whopping 50,000 active participants upon its launch. And with the way things are looking now, that number is primed to increase. MetFX had participated in multiple IDOs, allowing the exposure it is due as it raises the funds that it needs to take it off the ground.

A Team Geared for Success

Fully-doxxed, MetFX's team leaves no room for unease and suspicion when it comes to its founders and movers. A team of talented and skilled professionals, MetFX's team is assured of success in this widely-anticipated project launch. Get to know each one of them by visiting MetFX website at http://www.metfx.io 

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More Than Just an Escape

Flipping that old Shakespearean line, "what dreams may come," MetFX bears the promise of what human interaction may culminate into. To say that immersing yourself in MetaFX's metaverse is a form of escape may hold a truth in it. But mind you, MetFX is more than just that; it is a venue where your dreams may come into fruition as you recover your sense of self that has gotten lost in the cacophony of the real world.


MetFx's integrated ecosystem is designed to encourage utilization across all sections of the platform, creating a closed-loop and growing economy that drives the value of MetFx tokens. They have also set out the following design principles for developing the integrated ecosystem:


Transparency and traceability are the key advantages of using a blockchain in MetFx's ecosystem. These provide MetFx with the ability to ensure that MFX transactions are properly authenticated and reconcilable. However, the use of cryptocurrencies can be challenging for new users. Therefore, it was crucial for MetFx to optimize the user experience of utilizing MFX within MetFx's integrated ecosystem to achieve high usability.


MetFx's integrated ecosystem is built with a long-term strategic view to ensure the sustainability of the business model. All new business models will undergo a business development process within MetFx for research and exploration by qualified individuals before implementation. This is important to ensure that the business model remains viable for the long term.


The development of an integrated ecosystem will be a massive undertaking. Scalability designs will be an important Day 1 consideration for software design because MetFx will be accessible to a worldwide user base. In addition, the platform is designed in a way that is capable of horizontal scaling as new content and functionalities are added to the ecosystem.

Social Connection

Above all things, health and wellness, and safety are always held as the top priority. It goes without saying that the pandemic had highlighted this, leading world leaders, in their attempt to combat the spread of the corona-virus, to mandate nationwide lock-downs. This directed social interaction to the digital realm. Should there be a need for an individual to venture outside, stringent social distancing protocols are implemented. This is especially challenging as humans are naturally social beings.

In the MetFX metaverse, there is no need to establish social distancing. You can interact with your family, friends, and colleagues in movie theaters, parks, and even on the moon if you so desire. If you are feeling adventurous, you can go hunting, fishing, or explore the many worlds in the MetFx metaverse.

Even in times of uncertainty, with the war between Russia and Ukraine, a person can easily escape their environment with the MetFX metaverse. Teleport yourself into a dream world, and do not be limited by your current environment. This is the power of MetFX! 

Partnerships With Meaning

MetFX has partnered up with several huge companies in the industry to guarantee their success. A deal with the full marketing agency of Crypto Kid Finance (http://www.cryptokidfinance.com) has been set in place. Crypto Kid Finance will help assist with day to day marketing, including: 

AMAs with big known communities, multiple  press release media drops, trending on all the major sites, partnerships to be formed, full staffing (mods and shillers) and much more! In addition, MetFX has a deal with Orbit Digital Marketing (https://t.me/orbitdigitalmarketing) who owns thousands of billboard locations, and who have access to many influencers in the crypto space. Orbit has been apart of many successful projects and expect MetFX to be added to that list. Moreover, a partnership with the betting platform of Betswamp (http://www.betswamp.com) – who will be doing a relaunch in the coming weeks, has been formed. 

How To Get Invested In MetFX?

With an expected launch date at the end of April, investing in MetFX is what thousands of investors have been trying to do! Spots are very limited since MetFX will be taking the route of a tier-1 IDO launchpad service, such as a Seedify, DAO Maker, Trust Pad. However, investors are encouraged to try to get in before the IDO announcement by visiting MetFX telegram (https://t.me/MetFXWORLD) and signing up for their whitelist event. For those lucky investors who are able to get in, MetFX presents them an opportunity like no other! Launch is set for April 2022 (exact date TBA). 


Website: http://www.metfx.io

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/metfxmetaverse

Telegram: https://t.me/MetFXWORLD


Crypto Kid Finance: https://t.me/cryptokidfinance

Orbit Digital Marketing: https://t.me/orbitdigitalmarketing

Betswamp: http://www.betswamp.com 

Media Contact: Info@Metfx.io


The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

Submitted by Newscall


PotionLabs Kicks Off Auction for ‘Potion Unlock’ — a Novel NFT Game to Open Source a DeFi Protocol

PotionLabs, the developers of the new risk management layer Potion Protocol, have announced the launch of the Potion UnlockNFT auction. Those who purchase NFTs in the auction will be able to participate in the Potion Unlock game, working with other community members to release the Potion Protocol into the public domain. With this one-of-a-kind strategy based on “aggressive decentralization”, Potion Labs seeks to avoid the dangers of a traditional project launch and to maximize community involvement. 

The mechanics of the game are simple. The codebase of the entire project has been stored in IPFS and protected with a strong password. This password has then been split into segments of various lengths and will be distributed across 10,000 unique NFTs.

In order for the code to be finally decrypted and made public, participants will have to collaborate to bring enough of the pieces together. The game itself is totally open-ended: players will have to self-coordinate - without the input of Potion Labs - to find their own solution to the problem. 

Once the protocol's file is decrypted and released into the public domain, a community with ‘skin in the game' and web3 operational capabilities will have been formed. This community will then have power and stewardship over the future of the Potion Protocol as a public good.

How Can Players Participate in the Potion Unlock Game? 

The majority of Potion NFTs will be sold to the public via a Dutch-style Potion NFT auction, from March 14 until March 24 starting February 28th, where high profile DeFi and NFT participants are expected to take part. Whitelisting is already live.

To strengthen the participating community, two Potion NFT rarities (Kelly Knights and Wise Wizards), have already been distributed through a $12M private sale last January. These were bought by prominent DeFi players such as Polychain, Placeholder, Maven 11, Pantera, The LAO, MetaCartel, Parafi, Spartan, Robert Leshner, Fernando Martinelli, Synthetix founders, Crypto Plaza, Roble VC, CULTUR3, Lemniscap, Zee, and beToken Capital, among others.

Finally, Potion's early community members (OGs or Original Gangsters), also received a generous allocation of Potion OG NFTs at no cost, in recognition for their early community support and inspiration. A significant number of OG NFTs have also been made available in the form of airdrops to 1,000 leading members of prominent DAOs, with the goal of building a high-quality community around the project. 

What is the Symbolism of the Potion NFT Design? 

Potion Unlock NFTs commemorate the release of the Lab's Kelly Machine and its key technical breakthrough: the synthesis of the Kelly Criterion into a bonding curve. To celebrate this, each NFT symbolically and artistically represents a different insurance contract. Various characteristic artifacts are used in each NFT to represent the specific parameters of an insurance contract. 

The collection of NFTs is made up of 10,000 unique pieces, which together embody one of the first artistic renderings of a financial product as well as providing a dictionary of Kelly Criterion bonding curves. Importantly, Potion NFTs are digital collectibles, not financial instruments: only the original NFT minters can participate in the Potion Unlock game. 

What are Potion NFT Rarities?

There are 6 NFT types or “rarities” in the game, each with a different “decryption power”, giving the various players different capabilities and powers. Each NFT rarity will also have a different “redundancy” level, so no single holder can block the resolution of the game. 

What is The Motivation Behind the Project?

PotionLabs is seeking to accomplish several goals with this launch model. The developers are deep believers in decentralization and designed Potion Unlock to transfer control of the Potion Protocol to the community. In this way, the approach delivers “aggressive decentralization' and avoids power becoming concentrated in the hands of the few, ensuring that it is instead spread across the community.

This form of protocol release is also meant to create a commercially viable way for PotionLabs to continue to finance its research work while operating within clear regulatory guidelines. PotionLabs also hopes this novel release model can be of use for other Web3 projects.

What Does the Team Have to Say?

“We are excited about the opportunity to introduce a new class of services built from the ground up by the community for the community. We believe in a community-first approach to creating radically new technology aimed at helping users in DeFi manage the risk of their assets in a simple and reliable way,” said Guillem Mosquera, PotionLabs Co-founder, and CTO.

"We are deeply grateful to the community around the project who decided to support our vision and team. We are experimenting with new approaches to open source development for web3 and are lucky to have a visionary community willing to fuel and support our exploration. We are excited for them to continue playing a key role in the project's community," said Jordi Muñoz, PotionLabs Co-founder and CEO.

"Extremely sophisticated on the backend, surprisingly simple on the frontend, Potion ushers in a new era of risk management for DeFi liquidity providers (LPs) and consumers. By using the Kelly Criterion, Potion allows LPs to optimally price options according to their desired risk and yield parameters. Then, by aggregating all individual LP curves, Potion offers the best-priced options to the consumer. When people say DeFi 2.0, Potion sits at the top of that list", said Chris Burniske, Partner at Placeholder.


About Potion Labs

PotionLabs is a web3-native research and software development company that has developed a robust risk management layer for crypto assets, the Potion Protocol. It pioneers a new risk pricing model based on the Kelly Criterion, that results in long-term survival mathematical expectations for LPs and deeper, more reliable liquidity markets for users. The release of the Protocol's code is launching shortly through the Potion NFT Unlock game. More on Potion.Finance here: https://potion.fi & https://potion.auction

PotionLabs Contact


Tasmanian Devils NFT Announces Project Milestones and Plans to Save Devils

According to the project's developers, the Tasmanian Devils are carnivorous animals initially found in the islands of Tasmania. In recent years, these animals have been introduced to other parts of the globe, including Australia. 

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However, the Tasmanian Devil's global population has vastly reduced in the past two decades, and there is fear that the creatures are on the brink of extinction. The population reduction is because of infectious cancer called Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD). Hence, the Tasmanian Devils NFT network is on a mission to collect funds and protect these little devils, launching an NFT collection with around 5000 unique devils. The 5000 devils are distinct in utility. 

According to the Tasmanian Devils NFT network, each NFT has eight traits and bears benefits to holders. They can give special access to the discord channel, and help holders get exclusive merchandise. You can also participate in exclusive airdrops and stand a chance to win $50k and some art. 

Profits generated within this project will be used to save the creatures. For instance, the profits fund research projects that find cures for the DFTD disease. The Tasmanian Devils network will donate $50 thousand to 'The Tasmanian Devil Appeal' after successfully selling out, and they will be expanding their support for Tasmanian protection as it grows. 

The Discord Milestone and Whitelisting

While they announce their project, the Tasmanian Devil NFT network also announces their recent discord milestone. According to their Twitter page, the Tasmanian Devil network reached 1000 OG members on March 5th, 2022. The network began inviting people to their discord server on February 24th, and by March 5th, the OG spots were full.

Tasmanian Devils NFT network planned to make their discord open for the public once they reached 1000 OG members. Hence, anyone can join their discord channel and interact with the community. Moreover, by joining the Tasmanian Devil discord and following instructions issued in the channel, one may have a higher chance of getting whitelisted. Consequently, being whitelisted gives you an early chance to mint NFTs.

Community is the Center

Tasmanian Devils NFT network notes that while the animals are the heart of this project, the community is the backbone. The Tasmanian Devils community will make major decisions on an upcoming comic story. The Tasmanian Devils community will make major decisions. The network also partners with celebrities and other networks to achieve objectives. 

About Tasmanian Devil NFT

Tasmanian Devil NFT is a blockchain-based NFT platform created to help in protecting Tasmanian devils from extinction. This platform introduces a vast collection of features to help generate funds for research on the disease that is killing Tasmanian devils. The team, which involves Oliver Walker, Peter Cooper, and Leo Cooper, focuses on protecting the little carnivorous creatures.

| Website | Discord | Twitter | Instagram

Wladimir Klitschko Joins with the Artist WhIsBe for an Historic NFT Series Benefiting People of Ukraine

 – March 8, 2022 – Metacurio, the leading NFT creative agency for A-list talent and global brands, today announced it is producing an historic NFT collaboration with Ukrainian star Wladimir Klitschko and legendary artist WhIsBe. The NFT series, which drops Wednesday, features four NFT editions of the artist's “Vandal Gummy” bears in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The collection will be titled “Vandalz for Ukraine: WhIsBe x Wladimir Klitschko.”

Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea will be hosting the drop. Three editions of “Vandal Gummy” bear NFTs will be available at different price points of $100, $1,000, and $10,000. There will be a 1-of-1 NFT selling for $1MM. All funds from the drop will go directly toward supporting the people of Ukraine during this crisis, with participating partners waiving their fees. The drop sale will last for three weeks starting tomorrow.

“This is not just a chance to own an astonishing piece of art history but, more importantly, an easy way to directly support the people of Ukraine who are in crisis right now,” said Metacurio Founders Sophie Watts and Jeff Hood in a joint statement. “We are humbled to support this cause in every way possible.” 

“It is a magnificent initiative: a support through art, a superb "suppart" at the service of people who suffer,” says Wladimir Klitschko. “Art can be beautiful on many levels when used to serve humanity.”

“I'm grateful for the opportunity to be of service for the greater good,” noted WhIsBe. “It's incredible to be able to use my art and this emerging technology to help others in need and provide immediate relief to any location in the world.”

Wladimir Klitschko, founder, lecturer and longest-reigning heavyweight boxing world champion, and his brother Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of Kyiv and former world boxing champion, have been the faces of Ukrainian resistance to Russia's invasion along with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. All proceeds will go to Red Cross Ukraine and UNICEF, ensuring that funds from the NFT sale go directly to the resources most direly needed by Ukraine in its current defense against Russian forces. 

Contemporary artist WhIsBe has established a formidable reputation in not just the renegade world of street art, but also the mainstream art world encompassing the museum, gallery and arena of public installations. WhIsBe entered into the crypto space back in 2017 and became one of the first fine artists to enter into the NFT space in early 2020. He has since made his mark in the community by selling the first non-auction 7 figure NFT and becoming one of the top 10 NFT artists in the world. His moniker, shorthand for “What is Beauty,” is at once innocuous and sweet, while introducing more substantive themes of cultural examination and subversion that underline much of his body of work.

About Metacurio

Metacurio is the world's leading web3 creative agency for leading A-list talent and global brands. The company partners with clients to create boundary-pushing NFT experiences and delivers full-service infrastructure, strategy, and support for each drop. Established in 2021, Metacurio was founded by Blocksquared founder Jeff Hood and former STX Entertainment President Sophie Watts.

Media contact: metacurio@transformgroup.com

Company contact: press@metacurio.com

HonestNFT Launches Vigilante Army NFT Drop

-- March 7, 2022 -- HonestNFT (https://honestnft.xyz/), the community focused on making NFT drops fair and equitable, today announced its own NFT drop, the Vigilantes, to help support its mission as well as compensate its community of analysts and coders who are identifying NFT shortcomings and other bad actors. Both the presale price and the Dutch Auction reserve, or minimum, price for purchasing a Vigilante NFT will be 0.1 ETH.

The drop will consist of 3,777 unique masked NFTs with varying traits available for purchase with both masculine and feminine versions of the NFT “Vigilantes.” These are the only NFTs in HonestNFT's Vigilante Army collection that are available for purchase and tradable. Starting on Monday, March 7, and lasting 48 hours, the first run of 600 Vigilante NFTs will be available for minting. The remaining Vigilante NFTs will be available for purchase in the public sale starting on Wednesday, March 9, and will last until supply runs out.

“As NFTs become more popular, bad actors are tipping the scales in their favor to receive an increased chance of receiving rare NFTs, undermining hard-working creators and honest investors,” said Ricardo Rosales, CEO of Convex Labs. “We want to build a community that fights such exploits, while making NFTs more equitable, and the Vigilante NFT will help directly contribute to future activities serving HonestNFT's mission, while scaling up both the numbers in our community and the numbers of NFT campaigns we can target.”

HonestNFT's code can be used to examine NFT launches and grade them based on a metric developed by HonestNFT called HonestScore. Modeled after the Ethereum bug bounty program, the HonestNFT community of crypto technologists can earn ETH, NFTs, and other rewards for finding dishonest drops or improving the project's codebase. HonestNFT has also open-sourced its code (https://github.com/Convex-Labs) to help everyone within the NFT community identify bad actors.

HonestNFT was incubated out of Convex Labs, a crypto innovation network led by former and current leaders of the Stanford Blockchain Club with expertise in blockchain forensics, quant trading, organizational design, and venture capital. Over the last several months, in pre-launch, the project has been releasing guides, frameworks, audits, and case studies to help NFT creators and collectors better understand NFT vulnerabilities. As part of its campaign for full transparency, HonestNFT has posted and will continue to post bad actors it has identified on the Convex Labs Medium page.

To learn more, please visit the HonestNFT website, Discord, Twitter, or GitHub.

About HonestNFT

HonestNFT is the premier community for making NFT drops fair and equitable. It is the first project incubated out of Convex Labs, a crypto innovation network led by former and current leaders of the Stanford Blockchain Club with expertise in blockchain forensics, quant trading, organizational design, and venture capital. For more information, please visit https://honestnft.xyz.

About Convex Labs

Convex Labs is building a crypto network reshaping the future of innovation and work. The company is founded by former and current leaders of the Stanford Blockchain Club with expertise in Blockchain Forensics, Quant Trading, Organizational Design, and Venture Capital. The network members conduct research and generate insights that are commercialized through market-making, investing, development consulting, and incubation. At the moment, the team conducts research with focus on identifying security vulnerabilities and inefficiencies in the ever-evolving world of public blockchains. They've started there because they believe that though blockchains enable trust-less interactions, the industry has a major trust problem. They envision a future where public blockchains are robust enough to solve some of society's most important issues.

Media contact: honestNFT@transformgroup.com

Company contact: hello@convexlabs.xyz

CryptoHero Recognized as a 2022 Top Performer in Crypto Trading Bot by SourceForge

7 March 2022– Novum Global Ventures Pte Ltd, the company behind CryptoHero (www.cryptohero.ai), today announced that it has been awarded a Winter 2022 Top Performer Award by SourceForge, the world's largest software review and comparison website. This award recognizes exceptional companies and products with a significant amount of recent favorable user reviews that puts them in the top tenth percentile of highly reviewed products on SourceForge.

To win the Winter 2022 Top Performer award, each winner had to receive enough high-rated user reviews to place the winning product in the top 10% of favorably reviewed products on SourceForge, which demonstrates the utmost quality that CryptoHero delivers to customers.

“The entire CryptoHero team is excited to accept the SourceForge Winter 2022 Top Performer Award. We do our best to provide a best-in-class product, and we're happy to see our users rewarding us with good reviews. We're honored to be valued by our customers and to be recognized by SourceForge.”, said Christopher Low, CEO of Novum Global Ventures.

CryptoHero is a Software-as-a-Service that automates trades through intelligent crypto trading bots. Launched in early 2021, CryptoHero has grown rapidly in the last one year.

About Novum Global Ventures

Novum Global Ventures is a leading investment and technology company involved in innovative blockchain technologies. Its focus is in financial software, Defi and Gamefi. Novum is headquartered in Singapore with offices throughout Southeast Asia.

About SourceForge

SourceForge.net is the world's largest software comparison directory, serving nearly 30 million users every month and featuring user reviews, product comparisons, software guides, and more. SourceForge's mission is to help businesses find the best software to fit their needs and their budget. There are a variety of software tools available to businesses, and there are tools in almost every category and niche, each serving a slightly different purpose. SourceForge also powers the Slashdot.org/software/ business software and services directory.

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