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Instagram Verification: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide


Get Verified on Instagram

Want to know how to get Instagram verification? In the ever-evolving world of social media, few things command as much attention and respect as the elusive blue verification badge on Instagram. This tiny blue checkmark is more than just a status symbol; it is a testament to authenticity, influence, and credibility. In this blog, you will understand the process of getting verified on Instagram and some tips to maximize your chances of verification.

What Does Instagram Verification Mean?

Instagram verification holds the key to authenticity in the digital realm. It is that elusive blue checkmark badge that signifies an account’s credibility and genuine identity. Similar to other platforms, Instagram’s verification is a stamp of approval from the platform itself, indicating that an account truly represents the individual, brand, or entity it claims to be. This verification badge is more than just a status symbol; it ensures users that they are interacting with legitimate profiles amidst the sea of impersonators. For influencers, businesses, celebrities, and public figures, the blue checkmark is a mark of trust, confirming their relevance and prominence. It is a digital assurance that the content and engagements come from the real deal. In essence, Instagram verification is a seal that sets genuine profiles apart and boosts confidence among followers and potential collaborators. If you want to get verified on Instagram, then you first need to know who are the people who can get verified on Instagram.

Who Can Get Verified on Instagram?

While the blue checkmark holds an allure for many, Instagram’s verification process is selective and tailored to specific criteria. According to Instagram, verification is reserved for “public figures, celebrities, and brands” that are at risk of being impersonated. To be eligible for verification, your account must meet these key criteria:

  • Authentic Accounts: Accounts representing real individuals, registered businesses, or recognized brands can seek verification.
  • Uniqueness: Only one account per person or business can obtain the Instagram verification badge, with specific allowances for language-specific accounts.
  • Public Visibility: Private accounts are not eligible for verification; only public accounts can apply to get verified on Instagram.
  • Completeness: Profiles must have a comprehensive bio, profile picture, and at least one post.
  • Notability: Accounts must demonstrate a notable presence, often determined by being “well-known” and “highly searched for”.

Instagram verification is designed to safeguard users’ interactions by identifying and elevating accounts of significance and authenticity. While anyone can apply, the badges are reserved for those who meet stringent criteria, making them a symbol of distinction in the digital landscape.

Why is it essential to get verified on Instagram?

In a digital realm filled with identities, the value of Instagram verification is more profound than meets the eye. Originally conceived as a shield against impersonation and inspiration of authenticity, the iconic blue checkmark symbolized a commitment to safeguarding high-profile accounts and fostering trust among followers. Introduced in 2018, this verification badge emerged as a testament to legitimacy and credibility.

However, the narrative around Instagram verification has evolved. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the Meta Verified program, accompanying a paradigm shift. This program highlights a pay-to-play technique, enabling individuals to secure the blue badge for a fee, irrespective of their level of notability.

The question then arises: Why is attaining Instagram verification so imperative?

The answer lies in the amplified visibility, enhanced credibility, and augmented engagement it offers. A verified account stands out amidst a sea of profiles, asserting your genuineness to an audience that is increasingly cautious. This badge resonates with users, signifying that your content is authentic, valuable, and deserving of their attention. Moreover, getting verified on Instagram transcends digital boundaries, opening doors to collaborations, partnerships, and opportunities that extend beyond the screen.

In a landscape where trust and legitimacy are paramount, Instagram verification is not just a badge—it is your passport to a realm where your influence and impact are recognized and revered.

6 Steps on How to Get Verified on Instagram

Blue check on Instagram

Obtaining the blue verification badge on Instagram is a mark of authenticity and prestige. It signifies that your account is legitimate and owned by a noteworthy individual, brand, or organization. While the verification process might seem mysterious, breaking it down into six comprehensive steps can reveal the journey to get verified on Instagram so that you will easily understand how to get a blue check on Instagram.

Step 1: Navigate to Your Instagram Profile Settings

To initiate the verification process, begin by logging into your Instagram account and navigating to your profile. In the top right corner, you will find the familiar three-line icon. Tap on it to access your profile settings.

Step 2: Enter the Account Settings

Within the profile settings, locate and tap on the “Settings” option. This will lead you to a screen where you can customize various aspects of your Instagram experience.

Step 3: Access the Request Verification Option

Scroll through the settings until you find the “Account” section. Within this section, there should be an option labeled “Request Verification”. Tap on it to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Complete the Verification Application Form

If you want to get verified on Instagram, then this step is crucial. Upon selecting the “Request Verification” option, you will be presented with an application form that needs to be completed accurately. The form requires some essential information:

  • Your legal name: This is the name by which you are officially recognized.
  • Your “known as” or working name (if applicable): If you are known by a different name professionally, ensure to provide it.
  • Category or industry: Specify the category that best describes your role or field (e.g., blogger/influencer, business/brand, sports, news/media, etc.).

In addition to these details, Instagram requires verification applicants to submit a photo of their official government ID, which can be a driver’s license or passport for individuals or relevant official documents for businesses.

Step 5: Review and Submit the Application

Before you proceed, double-check that all the provided information is accurate and up-to-date. Ensure that the documents you are submitting are clear and legible. Once you are satisfied with the accuracy of your application, hit the “Send” button to submit it. If all the credentials are accurate and up to the mark, you will get verified on Instagram.

Step 6: Wait for Instagram’s Response

After submitting your application, the waiting game begins. Instagram’s team will carefully review your application to determine if you meet their criteria for verification. The response will appear in your notifications tab.

It is important to note that Instagram will never send you emails or ask for money during this process. Be cautious of any external parties claiming to expedite the verification process for a fee.

Within a few days to potentially a few weeks, you will receive a direct response. If your application is approved, you will notice a blue checkmark appearing next to your account name. After seeing a blue check Instagram on your account, this means that you are now Instagram verified. If, unfortunately, your application is declined, remember that you can always reapply in the future after addressing any potential issues that might have led to the rejection. After receiving a notification from Instagram that your account does not meet the criteria for verification, you can submit another request to get verified on Instagram in 30 days.

9 Tips to Maximize Your Chances of Instagram Verification

Maximize Your Chances of Instagram Verification

If you are aiming to establish your brand’s utmost credibility on social media, understanding the process of getting verified on Instagram is crucial. Attaining that blue check on Instagram signifies that your account is genuine and authentic, making it evident to everyone that your presence is legitimate and trustworthy. There are 9 proven tips to get verified on Instagram.

1. Champion Authenticity: The Bedrock of Verification

At the core of the verification process lies authenticity. You must ensure that your Instagram account genuinely represents you, your brand, or your organization. It is not about mirages or illusions as Instagram only values the real people and not the fake accounts. Then only there is a chance to get verified on Instagram.

Establishing a robust online presence across various platforms can significantly strengthen your case for Instagram verification. If you are widely recognized across the digital landscape, you are likelier to stand out to Instagram’s scrutinizing eyes.

3. Conquer the Notability Factor

Instagram explicitly states that verified accounts need to be “notable”. This means your brand, persona, or organization should be widely recognized and talked about. You need to put effort into making a significant impact in your field to get verified on Instagram with a blue checkmark.

4. Keep Your Profile Complete and Pristine

Having a complete and well-crafted Instagram profile is non-negotiable. This includes a concise yet comprehensive bio, a high-quality profile picture, and a consistent aesthetic. This tip is your digital calling card to achieve a blue tick next to your Instagram account name.

5. Trim the Impersonator Growth

Instagram’s mission is to distinguish the authentic from the counterfeit. If you have had to secure your Instagram account from impersonators or fake accounts, your chances of getting verified on Instagram become stronger. You need to document such instances for reference. This proactive step showcases your commitment to maintaining a genuine online presence.

6. Amplify Your Follower Count Organically

While numbers are not everything, a substantial follower count does lend credibility to your influence. Focus on attracting genuine followers who resonate with your content rather than resorting to shortcuts. Building an engaged and authentic community around your account not only enhances your chances of Instagram verification but also strengthens your overall online presence. There is no shortcut way to get real followers. If you try to buy followers on your Instagram account and then request Instagram to examine your account for verification. After doing this, you will not get verified on Instagram despite there may be chances that your account gets shut down.

You need to ensure that the links in your profile adhere to Instagram’s guidelines. This is an essential step to get verified on Instagram. Avoid cross-platform links that could redirect users to other social media platforms. Your main focus should be restricted to authenticating your Instagram presence.

8. Captivate the Media’s Attention

Media coverage can act as a powerful catalyst for verification. If you are featured in reputable news outlets or publications, you reinforce your position as a noteworthy individual or brand.

9. Reapply and Refine Your Approach

Rejection is not the end of the road. If your initial verification attempt falls short, don’t be disheartened. Reevaluate your strategy, fine-tune your online presence, and reapply with stronger credentials. To get verified on Instagram, you can reapply after 30 days. So, yes, anyone can apply for verification on Instagram. But actually, getting approved is a lot tougher.

You can examine all the best practices that will maximize your chances of getting verified as you move forward with your quest to prove your brand’s noteworthiness. With these 9 strategic tips in your collection, you can navigate the verification journey with purpose and determination. The blue verification badge is not just an emblem, it is a testament to your impact and significance within the dynamic realm of Instagram.


In a world where authenticity and trust are paramount, the pursuit of Instagram verification takes on profound significance. The blue checkmark signifies more than a mere symbol; it’s a seal of credibility and legitimacy that sets you apart in the digital realm. Through this comprehensive guide, you’ve gained insights into the intricate process of attaining Instagram verification, as well as valuable tips to enhance your chances of success.

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