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Solana On the Verge of Major Price Movement

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UniSwap Price Prediction: What will happen to UNI in 2022?

Uniswap Technical Analysis

Uniswap price analysis is bullish today as we expect more upside to follow after the trend rejected a downside last midnight. UNI/USD has since tested upside, with the current number of buyers in the market. Probably, if buyers remain strong there is a high likelihood that the bullish trend will continue. Uniswap has recently been on a downtrend since mid-January, we are expecting a turn soon with the bullish trend in the cryptocurrency market currently. Uniswap price movement  in the last 24 hours: Uniswap retest downside, bullish trend continue UNI/USD  traded in a range of $9.18- $9.89, indicating a moderate spike over the last 24hours. Trading volume has declined by 8.22percent, totaling $225 million. UNI/USD 4-hour chart: UNI seems to have a bullish trend In the 4hour chart, we can see the Uniswap price setting a higher low and a lower high indicating consolidation in an increasingly narrow range. UNI prices saw a sharp reversal this week after a continuous downtrend. What do influencers think about the price direction of Uniswap? Popular youtube analyst  Crypto prince applauded Uniswap as one that was on its way to being the best altcoin. Uniswap operates on a  decentralized P2P  exchange automated market maker. The analyst also pointed out that the main feature that will contribute; to the rise of Uniswap is that being linked to  Ethereum enabled two smart contracts to earn interests and provide liquidity directly from the liquidity providers. Uniswap currently trades at almost six times more than starting in 2022 so the trend may be seen till December 2022. Should you invest in Uniswap in 2022? Uniswap is a decentralized exchange coin linked with  Ethereum. It has several unique features that enable it to provide liquidity directly from liquidity providers; therefore acting as a major catalyst in entirely removing the hurdle concerning token mining thus promoting transparency and eliminating the middlemen. Instead of the individual cryptocurrencies, the digital assets come in pairs hence the platform governs the liquidity for these parts;  accordingly as a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provisions on Ethereum. Uniswap launched this token during the pandemic on September 17, 2020; making millions for all those holding it. The vision of UNI stands tall and firm leaving behind footprints on the technological and functional eco-space.UNI nurtures hope along with convenience making the lives of the Uniswap users worldwide easy. The relationship between supply and demand is the age-old phenomenon of contradiction that works for UNI token whereby, traders come to the market with aspirations that the Uniswap cryptocurrency market they hold will promise great returns.  

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How Hoops Association proves that having “game” in the NFT space means more than just digital utility.

Nowadays, if you haven't at least heard of NFTs, well…you most likely are living under a rock. But with so many NFT projects focused on sports, what differentiates one project from another? Hoops Association is bringing old-school, real-life benefits to NFTs and wants to show Basketball fans what the crypto space can truly do for them (beyond just collecting fun GIFs)

Hoops Association is a collection of 10,000 unique ERC721 Hoops NFTs designed for basketball lovers, by basketball lovers. Conceived by Maso Rich, (Mason Richman) the art producer of the sold-out Golden State Warriors NFTs, Hoops Association is developing a basketball-centric club where members can participate in exclusive Association experiences and benefits.

But why is the Hoops Association different from other projects? Well to start, Hoops Association is your one-stop-shop for all-things basketball – on the blockchain, in the metaverse or in real life. The vibrant, active community has drawn fans on the cutting edge of sports and technology and is hosted by a team committed to keeping the project strong and the vibe going! This includes community competitions such as HOOPS MADNESS (Hoops' March Madness competition complete with AMAZING prizes), AMAs and Spaces with influencers in the basketball and crypto communities, and all the basketball news and conversation you can imagine!

And the real-life utility proves this isn't your usual NFT art collection! Each Hoops NFT comes with bonuses designed to benefit holders IMMEDIATELY. This includes:

  • Ticket Concierge services
  • Exclusive discounts on NBA tickets
  • Converse/Engage with NBA players

If that wasn't enough, in collaboration with Adam Richman and his company Medium-Rare, the team behind Shaq's Fun House, the Hoops Team is already curating the Association's first IRL event, Hoops Fest!

To top it all off, the project already boasts a fully-doxxed team of top-tier talent! 

Ali Rahmoun, the Art Director for Hoops, is the artist behind the sports design startup SportsTemplates. His 3D sports template designs have been used by over 10 NBA teams, ESPN, and many other design professionals in sports. 

Talent rounding out the Hoops team roster includes AJ Rompza, basketball trainer by day and viral TikTok star by night, and Crissa Jackson, the 13th woman to play for the legendary Harlem Globe Trotters with over 15M followers across social media. These two sit at the top of an ever-growing list of basketball influencers supporting the project. 

Hoops NFTs will be minting in the next 4 weeks - a celebration of March Madness and just-in-time for the Playoffs. Whether you love basketball, are interested in the NFT space, or just need an AMAZING Father's Day gift for this year, you will not want to miss Hoops Association's first drop! It's your membership pass and investment to the future of basketball.

For more info visit: https://hoopsassociation.com/ or join the community on Discord

This NFT Marketplace Is Breaking Barriers


NFTs seems to be an unstoppable force. The latest in the blockchain world, NFTs have grown from being traded at $100 million in 2020 to $23 billion in 2021. The 230x increase has got crypto investors searching high and low for quality NFT projects to support. Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are a way for the…

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Viblos Announces the Launch of Its Decentralized Social Media Project

Tallin, Estonia, Mar 19, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - Viblos announces the launch of its decentralized social media project. Viblos is a next-generation decentralized social platform that aims to democratize social media networks in order to help consumers and content providers to build businesses and wealth. Viblos will move this vision forward by completing the following tasks:

  • Giving creators control over their own work.
  • Encouraging authors to create genuine content.
  • Eliminating fake news by providing a content creation and consumption system that's verifiable and transparent.
  • Enacting the right to erasure, which allows users to select whether or not their content should remain on

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Over the past decade, many prominent social media platforms have progressed from being basic entertainment venues to becoming a cornerstone in many communities' way of life. Today, these websites are owned by a small number of major platforms that have complete control over the internet. While these platforms undoubtedly provide a respectable service to their consumers, the benefits they provide come at an exorbitant price that most users are unaware of. This is primarily due to the fact that the vast majority of users don't actually read through all of the terms and conditions when joining a social media network. In addition to disregarding consumer privacy, the algorithms and political inclination of these platforms are skewed when it comes to ranking content.

Sharing is a fundamental human experience and the rise of social networks has provided new opportunities to do so. Because of the intimate experiences that social networks provide, their membership has exploded in the last ten years. According to DataReportal, there were 4.33 billion active social media users in the world as of 2021. This equates to more than 55 percent of the worldwide population and more than 90 per cent of active internet users. Furthermore, according to recent figures, the average user spent more than two hours and 25 minutes on social media in 2020, which is an increase compared to the two hours and 22 minutes the year before.

At the same time, mobile phones are used by around 67 per cent of the world's population, with smartphones accounting for more than 75 per cent of all mobile devices. Because most mobile phone users access these platforms through their phones, the development of mobile devices has spurred the expansion of social networks. The increasing amount of time spent on these networks has opened up new chances for advertisers and other campaigns, as well as offered useful insights into user behavior. When social networks first began, they relied heavily on advertising and sales to make money.

How Are Blockchain and Decentralization Changing Traditional Social Media?

Here are the five primary hurdles that conventional social media networks must overcome:

  • Unequal monetization strategy:According to Social Media Examiner, 3,500 advertising impressions (CPM) equals a measly US$8.75 per month for the content creator Some platforms don't compensate authors at all, or worse, stop monetizing them at all, simply because they express beliefs that are contrary to the platforms' political inclination.
  • Privacy concerns:While most networks allow users to select how their information is shared with third parties, this doesn't sufficiently protect the users' privacy. Weak user passwords, which hackers and organizations may readily exploit, exacerbate the situation. According to Pew Research, nearly four out of ten social media users use the same password for multiple accounts.
  • Government censorship:In most countries, social networks have essentially turned into public squares, and governments are taking a variety of measures to regulate them. Some administrations have used censorship to achieve their goals. Although users can circumvent prohibitions by using virtual private networks (VPNs), certain countries have cracked down on VPN services, making access to social media information impossible. Without access to social media, users in these nations become alienated as they are unable to communicate with their peers.
  • Security:Data leaked from these platforms have recently appeared on the dark web, resulting in an increase in crimes such as credential stuffing. Mainstream social networks collect data directly from users (information about themselves) and indirectly from other users when they post information about their friends. As a result, these networks end up sharing information about members which they themselves would never reveal.

In order to empower and build their enterprises, Viblos also plans to create a common thread and communication channel between celebrities and influencers and their networks. Simply put, we're a go-to platform where your wants and goals, whatever they may be, can come true. Our mantra is "one minute is enough; everything is possible within Viblos".

To find out more about Viblos, visit https://www.viblos.com/.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Viblos_platform
Telegram: https://t.me/vibloscommunity

Media Contact
Brand: Viblos
Contact: Juan Carlos Pérez Juárez
Email: info@viblos.com
Website: https://www.viblos.com

SOURCE: Viblos

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The International Summit MetaVentures Phuket will be held in Thailand

1MetaVentures is a unique event where you can immerse yourself in the unforgettable atmosphereof Metaverse, Digital Art and NFTs, keep ...


Axie Infinity Price Prediction: What will happen to the gaming token in 2022?

Axie Infinity Guild CGU

What is Axie Infinity? The Axie Infinity coin is the native token of the Axie Infinity ecosystem. A platform that allows traders and gamers to battle and gain NFT rewards. The game follows the plot of popular games such as Tamagotchi and Pokemon. Gamers collect and breed creatures known as Axies, which they use to battle against other traders and players.  Current Axie Infinity price action Axie Infinity price kicked off the second of March at a low of $44. Within a day, the price had skyrocketed all the way to $48.9 on the 15th, before correcting downwards to $47. The bulls had attempted to break past the $50 mark but faced huge resistance from break-even sellers. As of this writing, the price of the AXS token is trading at $47.005. Another attempt by buyers to break past the $48.9 mark was met by a barrier of $48.462.  Axie Infinity is only 4 years old and has managed to gain traction within that short duration; as a result of the increasing hype surrounding NFTs and the metaverse. Most of the ecosystem’s senior developers have a track record of experience in gaming and virtual reality. Today, the token commands a market capitalization of $2.8 billion and has a coin market rank of 44. Also, note that the total supply of AXS tokens is at 270 million. Already, 53.5 million of those tokens are circulating across the cryptocurrency market. What do Influencers think about the price direction of Axie Infinity? Popular Youtube crypto analyst CoinBureau applauded Axie Infinity as one token whose price couldn’t fall into manipulation by whales. The analyst said this while comparing Axie Infinity’s price to the price performance of SLP. He notes that AXS/USD could double or triple in the next few months, attributing its performance to a quality early start and in-demand use cases.  Crypto Pal, another crypto Youtuber, thinks the price of AXS will surpass $1000 in case the development team is able to actualize its roadmap. The analyst attributed the success of the project to the increasing demand for NFTs and blockchain gaming.  Max Maher was also overwhelmed by the ability to earn from playing a game. The popular cryptocurrency analyst noted that the token was going to disrupt crypto for good, as dubbed on the video’s title. In the video, Maher pinpoints the value of NFTs and how the technology is actually going to drive Axie Infinity price higher.  Should you invest in Axie Infinity in 2022?  Axie Infinity is a quality project owing to its experienced team of developers. In case, the team is able to execute its outlined roadmap, there are high chances of gaining deeper traction and attracting more investors. Also note the increasing hype surrounding NFTs, blockchain gaming, and the metaverse; all of which the Axie Infinity project hopes to support.  As more people enter these emerging industries, the adoption of the AXS token will keep growing; hence its price. Remember, that the overall direction of the cryptocurrency market follows the direction of Bitcoin. Therefore, if Bitcoin rises in price, the price of AXS and other in-sync altcoin markets are going to grow.  Meanwhile, we also urge our readers not to treat this price prediction as investment advice but rather as a starting guide on what projects matter in the blockchain space. Conduct your own research and consult with experts so as to make an informed decision before investing in any digital asset. 

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TheRandomDao (RND) Goes Live on Crypto Exchange LBank

TheRandomDao (RND) Goes Live on Crypto Exchange LBank
The renowned global crypto-trading platform LBbank Exchange has listed TheRandomDao on its platform. The brain behind the smart contract project is Huang Zheng, a 12-year old Chinese boy who’s been learning programming since the age of six. Huang surprised the crypto community when he recorded himself and then uploaded a video of himself working on […]

Crypto.com Price Prediction: What to Expect of Crypto.com Coin in 2022?

crypto.com launches global awareness

What is Crypto.com Coin? The Crypto.com coin is also referred to as the Cronos coin. Cronos is the blockchain behind it, which serves as a dedicated financial payments solution. Kris Marszalek and three other co-founders built the Cronos chain as a way of increasing the adoption of digital currencies, enhancing user privacy and scaling global payments. Furthermore, the chain also acts as a bridge to the Crypto.com payments application, which is available on Android and IOS. Current Crypto.com Coin price action Today the Crypto.com coin price managed to break past the 5-day barrier at $0.3909. Enabling the buyers to set a weekly high of $0.4041. The price action has formed a double bottom for the last 2-days, around $0.3718. In case the buyers are unable to sustain support for the weekly high, the sellers are likely to retrace back and complete another bottom around $0.3718.  7 out of the 26 major indicators are indicating a buy signal. While 10 of the remaining indicators show a sell signal. While 9 of them are showing a neutral signal on the weekly Crypto.com coin chart.  The moving averages are bearish, with 10 of them supporting sellers, while only 5 are bullish.  Trending news surrounding the CRO coin includes the launch of its exchange platform in the United States, which commenced on 15th March. The platform announced that the exchange would only be available to its waitlist in its initial phase. Meanwhile, we are hoping that the rollout will increase the utility and adoption of the CRO coin; which could potentially drive its price higher.  What do Influencers think about the price direction of Crypto.com Coin? Colton Lukey Investing Guide urged his Youtube followers not to compare the price performance of CRO, with that of BNB; just because they are both exchange tokens. The analyst predicted that in case a bull rally takes place, the price of Crypto.com (CRO) would test $5.  Moon Market ran a survey of what his followers thought would be the price direction of CRO. In the comment section, the majority of the respondents said the price of the coin had the potential to trade between $1.2 – $5.0. According to Digital Coin Price, CRO has the potential to reach $2.11. Check out the price prediction table below for up to 2031. Should you invest in Crypto.com Coin in 2022?  With the high demand for inclusivity in the global payments industry, the adoption of Crypto.com coin is highly likely to grow. The blockchain behind the crypto is built for high-speed transactions, with an ever-reducing block duration. We think that the price of the Crypto.com coin is going to grow and therefore rank it among worthy investments in 2022. However, we recommend that you dig deeper and find more information about the digital asset before investing. Do not treat this price prediction as investment advice.

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European Financial Regulators Publish Warning on The Risks of Crypto Assets

A group of European financial regulators have issued another formal warning to consumers about the risks of cryptocurrency. In a new report, the European Supervisory Authorities, which includes the European Securities and Markets Authorities (ESMA), the European Banking Authority, and the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority, warned consumers that crypto assets are “highly risky […]

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Verse Estate Announces Launch of its Platform

Dubai, UAE, Mar 17, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - Verse Estate, the first real estate agency in the Metaverse, has announced the launch of its platform. Verse Estate aims at bridging both the physical and digital worlds by providing hyper-realistic and fully customisable luxury products in the metaverse. As a real estate agency in the Metaverse, Verse Estate allows users to buy properties that are linked to an NFT. The NFT acts as a digital key to the owner's private luxury estate, where they can display their digital assets on the walls, invite up to 100 friends, stream Netflix on their TV and for the first time, users can even play VR Games without ever leaving their estate. They also help brands and celebrities transition to the Metaverse by creating state-of-the art immersive experiences, bringing user experience to a whole new level.

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Users will be able to explore properties bought on Verse Estate through the Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets. Users can directly access the app through the Oculus store. Verse Estate has set the bar high in the Metaverse world, with an unprecedented customer service, they don't just sell NFT's, but they accompany the users every step of the way to maximize their comfort in their journey with Verse Estate.

A Passive Income Source

Verse Estate has gathered a team of high quality professionals with years of experience and proven track record to nurture this company to life, thus blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds now more than ever before. Verse will not only offer its users a new kind of immersive experience, but they also provide a true utility - a viable passive income source, proposing a true investment opportunity. Users can rent their acquired properties and earn income on a regular basis.

Property owners will become members of an exclusive community which includes celebrities and influencers such as the renowned French artist Vincent Faudemer. Vincent Faudemer has not only purchased land in Verse Estate, but he launched, in partnership with Verse, a limited edition collection of metaverse villas in Los Angeles, with an integrated VR Game that will allow users to interact with his art sculptures. The estates sold out in under minutes.

In this Web 3 revolution, it is companies like Verse Estate who are shaping the future of the metaverse and driving innovation in this sector. The Metaverse is expected to be worth well over $30 trillion before the end of 2035. It will truly change the way people work, play, shop, and interact on a daily basis.

Verse Estate is adopting a fully decentralized approach, where the platform is governed by its users and has a highly scalable model which aims to unlock access to truly luxurious products to the masses.

The possibilities with Verse Estate are endless, and will enable users to do almost anything in the Metaverse such as live concerts, shopping, working, creating businesses, etc.

What Verse Estate has to say

Mickael Reignier, Co-Founder and CEO at Verse Estate said "Here at Verse Estate we don't just sell you a villa or a private jet, we give you the opportunity to make your wildest dreams come true. Come build a life of true luxury and make the impossible possible."

Verse Estate sold out their private sale of LA Villas, in collaboration with Vincent Faudemer, but do not worry, their public sale will be taking place towards the end of March. You can keep up to date with the latest news and updates by following them on their social platforms.

Social Links
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VerseEstate
Instagram: https://instagram.com/verse.estate?utm_medium=copy_link

Media Contact
Company Name: Verse Estate
Company Contact Person: Mickael Reignier, Co-founder and CEO
Company Website: https://verse-estate.com/
Company Email: contact@verse-estate.com

SOURCE: Verse Estate

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Trescon’s 22nd World Blockchain Summit Appoints CoinQuora as Official Media Partner

Tag Template - News Hub PRO CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass AdoptionThe Palm, Dubai, the World Blockchain Summit will bring together some of the world’s leading blockchain & FinTech thought leaders, ...


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