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What is the Manor Lords Release Date?


A new city-building strategy game is coming to PC fans soon. The highly anticipated Manor Lords seeks to bring the city-building and army strategy world together in a major way. This game was originally made by one developer and has since picked up a lot of hype and potentially even outside funding. With that, many PC strategy and city-building fans are going to be wondering, what is the Manor Lords Release Date?

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The Manor Lords Release Date is Finally Here

After so much anticipation and waiting, fans who have bookmarked Manor Lords finally have a release date of April 26, 2024.

This is a lot sooner than players may have been thinking. This is especially true since again, this game has been created from scratch by basically one developer. The developer has obviously had some help but the vision, scope and even many of the mechanics have been made by just one person.

Will Manor Lords be on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, Manor Lords will be on Xbox Game Pass. The best part about that is Manor Lords will be available to players on Day One of release. So for those who may want to give it a try before buying it so they can keep it, Manor Lords will be ready to download right away.

It will be interesting to see if there are different servers for Manor Lords based on being a part of Game Pass or not. We recently saw this with Palworld where Steam players and Game Pass players were originally on different servers. It feels like Manor Lords may have a smaller but very dedicated online player base.

Manor Lords Gameplay

The beauty of this game for so many people is that while it is based in history, it will be historical fiction where you get to build out your own empire. Instead of just being able to build your city and manage resources, you also get to build out your army based on the people in your city and use strategy like in the Total War games to fight battles and take territory.

While games like Farthest Frontier have done this to a lesser degree, Manor Lords puts it all together and promises a much stronger combat portion of the game. It is easy to see why fans of both genres are looking forward to this game.

Make sure to Wishlist Manor Lords so you do not miss its release.

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