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Quantum News briefs: March 23, 2024: University of Arizona Quantum Tech Generates $220m for the Region According to Rounds Consulting Group Report; “2 Quantum Computing Stocks To Watch In Mid-March 2024”; “Wall Street’s Favorite Quantum Computing Stocks? 3 Names That Could Make You Filthy Rich”  – Inside Quantum Technology


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By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 23 Mar 2024

Quantum News Briefs: March 23, 2024: 

University of Arizona Quantum Tech Generates $220m for the Region According to Rounds Consulting Group Report

The University of Arizona’s pioneering efforts in quantum technologies, notably through its Center for Quantum Networks (CQN), are forecasted to generate approximately $220 million for Southern Arizona’s economy over the next decade. This optimistic economic impact comes from a report by the Rounds Consulting Group, highlighting the university’s crucial role in this significant financial infusion. Founded in 2020 with a substantial grant from the National Science Foundation, CQN aims to establish the first U.S. quantum network, marking a revolutionary step in secure information exchange over long distances. This initiative not only underscores the potential of quantum technology but also emphasizes the university’s early leadership and ongoing commitment to this cutting-edge field. Collaborations with top universities and the engagement of various stakeholders, including government and industry, alongside efforts to promote quantum education among underrepresented groups signify the broad, transformative impact of UArizona’s quantum research and development. With projections suggesting the creation of over 1,220 jobs and significant contributions to public and private investments, labor income, and tax revenues, the future of quantum technology in Arizona promises substantial economic and societal benefits, potentially exceeding current expectations.

In Other News: Amadeus and Friends podcast: “Photonic’s Quantum Leap: an interview with Stef Simmons and Hermann Hauser”

In the latest episode of “Amadeus and Friends,” Manjari Chandran-Ramesh from the Early Stage investment team explores the frontiers of quantum computing with Professor Stephanie Simmons of Photonic Inc. and Hermann Hauser, co-founder of Amadeus. The discussion reveals the complexities and prospects of quantum computing, comparing its evolution to classical computing and emphasizing its potential to revolutionize fields like material discovery, computational chemistry, drug development, and secure communications. Photonic, a company supported by Amadeus, is at the forefront of creating advanced, fault-tolerant quantum computers, promising to solve challenges that are currently beyond the reach of traditional computing methods.

In Other News: Nasdaq article: “2 Quantum Computing Stocks To Watch In Mid-March 2024”

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At the forefront of technological innovation, the quantum computing sector leverages quantum theory principles to build computers that use qubits instead of traditional bits, enabling them to process certain problems significantly faster. This emerging field, driven by startups, tech giants, and academic efforts, presents a high-risk, high-reward opportunity for investors, offering potential transformative impacts across cryptography, drug discovery, and complex simulations, highlights a recent Nasdaq article. However, the sector’s experimental nature and the substantial R&D costs make such investments speculative. Notably, Honeywell International Inc. (HON), a diversified conglomerate, recently announced a quarterly dividend, reflecting its financial health amidst a modest year-to-date stock performance. Meanwhile, IonQ Inc. (IONQ), a leader in quantum computing development, has partnered with South Carolina Quantum to enhance quantum computing resources and workforce development, despite facing a year-to-date stock decline. Both companies exemplify the sector’s investment prospects and challenges.

In Other News: Investor Place article: “Wall Street’s Favorite Quantum Computing Stocks? 3 Names That Could Make You Filthy Rich”

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Wall Street is showing keen interest in three promising quantum computing companies: IonQ, Rigetti Computing, and D-Wave Quantum, all of which stand at the forefront of the sector’s groundbreaking advancements, states a recent Investor Place article. IonQ is making strides with its Enterprise Forte system, expected to start deliveries by the end of 2024, leveraging trapped-ion technology to achieve a quantum capacity of 32 qubits. Rigetti Computing, a vertically integrated firm, recently announced its 84-qubit Ankaa-2 system, available through its cloud service, following a successful Q4 with earnings surpassing Wall Street expectations. D-Wave Quantum, known for its quantum annealing approach and possessing machines with over 5,000 qubits, has seen its shares soar by 147% in 2024, showcasing the robust potential of quantum computing to revolutionize various industries with its unparalleled computational capabilities. These companies, each contributing uniquely to the quantum computing landscape, present intriguing investment opportunities as the sector continues to evolve and expand its influence.

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