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Party Animals: Does Party Animals Have Cross-Progression?


Party Animals is currently available on Xbox Series X|S consoles along with PC. The animal beat ’em up title even features a crossplay functionality allowing players from different systems to play with each other at ease. With this being available for players, does this mean Party Animals has cross-progression?

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Does Party Animals Have Cross-Progression?

Unfortunately, even with cross-play, Party Animals at the moment doesn’t have a cross-progression included with the title. This means that unless players want to start over, they can’t switch platforms whenever they feel like. Whatever system they start playing on, they have to stick with it.

Is Party Animals Coming to Nintendo Switch?

There has been no official announcement made on when Nintendo Switch users will see Party Animals on the platform. However, it shouldn’t be ruled out as the game is currently gaining traction since its initial release. There always is a possibility that the game will be ported to the system in the future.

Is Party Animals Coming to PS5?

As it currently stands right now, there aren’t any plans for Party Animals to be released on PS5 consoles. Of course that might change in the future as time goes on and the title receives more traction. Titles such as Roblox and Cuphead that were on Xbox made their way to PS5 consoles eventually so there’s no need to rule out the possibility.

How to Get Nemo Bucks In Party Animals?

So in order to earn Nemo Bucks you have a few different options. In Party Animals you can use real-life money. Nemo Bucks act as a premium currency that can primarily be obtained through this method. The rates on Nemo Bucks are as follows. You can also earn Nemo Bucks through the in-game battle pass system as well. They can also be obtained through challenges. It is more effective to just purchase it though.

  • 240 Nemo Bucks – $1.79
  • 1200 Nemo Bucks – $8.99
  • 3000 Nemo Bucks – $22.49
  • 6000 Nemo Bucks – $44.99

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