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Media Shower Unveils New Blockchain-Based Reward Program


Boston-based communications firm Media Shower has unveiled its new BMJ Reward Token, a blockchain-focused reward system that provides digital rewards to the paid, premium subscribers of its Bitcoin Market Journal (BMJ) newsletter.

Media Shower Is Delivering a New Kind of Digital Rewards Token

Media Shower has spent the last several months developing real-time rewards for its users. Many of these rewards include uniquely branded clothing items like hoodies, shirts, socks, and hats. The items feature the logos or names of some of the world’s top cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano.

All paid subscribers of the Bitcoin Market Journal newsletter receive as many as ten separate units of the token each month into their digital wallets so long as they continue their subscriptions. They can then redeem these tokens for physical rewards like those mentioned above.

Media Shower CEO John Hargrave made it clear in a recent interview that these tokens are not speculative investments, but rather legitimate reward tools that can be used to garner unique merchandise only available through a BMJ subscription. Hargrave stated:

This is a huge step forward for the blockchain industry. Our BMJ Reward Tokens are freely viewable on the Ethereum blockchain, creating a level of transparency and accountability that this industry needs. It’s the next evolution of loyalty programs.

While crypto rewards are nothing new, it’s rare to see them handled in such a way. For example, over two years ago, Kroger – one of America’s leading grocery brands – partnered with bitcoin rewards enterprise Lolli to establish a BTC reward program for shoppers in which all who purchased goods from Kroger stores could earn as much as 1.5 percent back in BTC.

From there, the money could be stored and saved to give consumers opportunities to engage in crypto trades and learn about the benefits of digital currencies. While the program was indeed a positive move forward, it did not allow bitcoin to be utilized as a payment tool, which is what BTC was initially designed for.

While it may be difficult to remember, crypto assets were initially built to replace items like checks, credit cards, and potentially fiat currencies to serve as leading payment options for those seeking goods and services. Media Shower’s latest endeavor comes very close to this vision in that the digital tokens can be traded for merchandise. In a way, customers who receive the tokens are using them to pay for real-life rewards.

Nearly 30 Years in Business

Hargrave continued his interview with:

This is a game-changer. Everyone knows the frustration of belonging to twelve loyalty programs that don’t talk to each other. We are setting them free on the blockchain, making rewards programs interoperable and kickstarting the next wave of growth in the blockchain industry.

Media Shower was founded in 1995.

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