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Lies of P Victor Weakness: Guide


One of the bigger games coming out in 2023 is going to Lies of P. While many are clamoring about it, many have still never heard of it. This game is a Souls-like that is surrounding the story of Pinocchio. While that may seem odd, the game is certainly getting a lot of attention for how interesting it looks. Now players will start wanting to know the answers to some questions about the game. What is the Lies of P Victor Weakness? Here is a quick guide to beat him

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Lies of P Victor Weakness

When looking at Victor there is only one known weakness, Fire. There are a couple of ways to use fire to fight Victor.

The first is to simply find and use the Salamander Dagger. This can be found in the Workshop Union Entrance. Use this quick guide for Where is the Salamander Dagger in Lies of P.

Players can also choose the Fire path from Vamos. This will Fire Damage to all weapons. This is a great choice for those who are newer to Lies of P of Souls-like games in general.

How to Beat Lies of P Champion Victor

When fighting Victor players should be able to pick up on his combos pretty easily. He is mainly just a punching and kicking boss and normally does everything in patterns of two or three.

Initially, players will want to just run from his charges. He will indicate these by doing a quick wind up. then once he is seen punching be ready for a second or third one directly after.

Then once players get him to about half health he will go into a second part. This will see him attack in a similar manner but he gets a few buffs. Instead, he will be faster, hit harder and heal while players are not attacking him.

His time when he is vulnerable will also be lower. This means to be care when Victor goes down on one knee. He has a random number of attacks he could do including faking an attack and grabbing the player.

Make sure to play at a distance and study the patterns and likely die once or twice. Once a player figures out the patterns and gets to blocking timers down which are a bit awkward for Victor at first, they should be able to take him down with patience.

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