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Lies of P Pre Order Bonus: What All Do You Get?


One of the bigger games coming out in 2023 is going to Lies of P. While many are clamoring about it, many have still never heard of it. This game is a Souls-like that is surrounding the story of Pinocchio. While that may seem odd, the game is certainly getting a lot of attention for how interesting it looks. Now players will start wanting to know the answers to some questions about the game. One thing they will want to know is what is the Lies of P Pre Order Bonus?

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Lies of P Pre Order Bonus

Below is a look at the Lies of P Pre Order Bonus which is a skin for P called the Mischievous Puppet’s Clothes and Parade Hat.

This is to make P look more like the Pinnochio that people remember. More specifically like the one that is seen in the classic Disney film.

Lies of P Release Date

The Lies of P Release Date has been revealed to be September 19, 2023.

This game will be one of the first major games to come out during gaming’s busiest time of year. While many major games come out in the fourth quarter, it seems like September is starting to gain even more traction.

More about Lies of P

Lies of P being a Souls-like game was not expected initially. The idea of a mature Pinnochio game also seemed a bit farfetched mainly due to its origins being a children’s tale. Well, that is, unless people actually pay attention to the Disney film and its origins. That being said, this game looks to be extremely unique and one that players will likely flock to as another major Souls-like game has not been launched since Elden Ring.

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