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Lies of P Best Starting Class


One of the bigger games coming out in 2023 is going to Lies of P. While many are clamoring about it, many have still never heard of it. This game is a Souls-like that is surrounding the story of Pinocchio. While that may seem odd, the game is certainly getting a lot of attention for how interesting it looks. Now players will start wanting to know the answers to some questions about the game. One will be, what is the Lies of P Best Starting Class?

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Lies of P Best Starting Class

The best Lies of P starting class is Path of the Sweeper: Strength.

While being able to attack swiftly can be nice this game is not made for players to be able to get a lot of attacks in. It feels more like being able to make each attack count is more important. Because of that having the extra ‘oompf’ behind the strike that can land makes things a bit easier.

Add onto this that players will get extra health along with the extra capacity for carrying and this feels like the slamdunk pick.

To be clear, both of the other classes can be fun and have their uses. But those should be reserved more for players who have more experience in souls-like games.

What are the Lies of P Classes?

Path of the Cricket: Balance

Below is a look at the initial stats for the class. As one can see this is more for the player who likes to be able to dance and strike with a purpose. It truly is a balanced kit as suggested and for players who have some experience in souls-like games it feels like it can be enjoyable.

Path of the Bastard: Dexterity

Below is a look at the initial stats for the class. Again this is for more experienced players. That being said, this is definitely one of the more fun classes. It combines speed with precision and allows players to dance around their opponents.

Path of the Sweper: Strength

Below is a look at the initial stats for the class. As stated above, this is generally the easier class. As spells are not as useful in this game and more straightforward combat is, this should be where newer players begin their first playthrough.

More about Lies of P

Lies of P being a Souls-like game was not expected initially. The idea of a mature Pinnochio game also seemed a bit farfetched mainly due to its origins being a children’s tale. Well, that is, unless people actually pay attention to the Disney film and its origins. That being said, this game looks to be extremely unique and one that players will likely flock to as another major Souls-like game has not been launched since Elden Ring.

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