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Insights on Uniswap’s Upcoming V4 Upgrade & the Explosive Potential of this New AI Altcoin


Automated market maker and decentralized crypto exchange UniSwap (UNI) shot to the limelight recently after announcing an upcoming launch. Called the UniSwap version 4 protocol or ‘V4’, the upgrade is scheduled to be rolled out in the third quarter of the year. 

Considered to be one of the best crypto investments of this year, UniSwap’s overhaul will amp up the modularity of its framework. Using the ‘hooks’ feature, UniSwap users will have more room for customization of liquidity pools.

Another good crypto to buy currently is InQubeta (QUBE). The cryptocurrency is built on Ethereum and connects AI-focused startups with investors. The platform presale growth has reached $10.4 million and experts suggest that the crypto project is set for new gains in the coming months.

InQubeta: Helping AI startups shore up their fortunes

Scaling a startup might not be a cakewalk, but with InQubeta innovators can find the right resources to get the job done well. The platform collates business development resources and makes them more accessible for AI-centric enterprises using a DeFi model. 

Starting from crowdfunding to accounting and finance to social media marketing, InQubeta’s services aim to help a project’s all-round development.

To streamline all transactions within its network, the platform has a native cryptocurrency, the QUBE token. The native token is created using the ERC-20 standard and has a supply of 1.5 billion. 

Around 65% of the coin’s stock is for the ICO, which has already crossed $10.3 million. The feat has granted it direct entry to veteran analysts’ list of recommended presales.

The QUBE token opens the doors to a straightforward mechanism for crypto users interested in investing in AI projects. The pitch decks of startup projects are converted into NFTs and then sold on InQubeta’s online marketplace. 

The portal allows fractional investment, so crypto users can spread their investments across multiple projects. If they are convinced about a project’s potential, they can buy its NFT with the QUBE token. 

For crypto users who like to take things slow, InQubeta’s staking service is ideal. The service allows them to lock their tokens in liquidity pools for as long as they want while earning rewards throughout the period. 

These rewards are distributed from a pool created exclusively for staking and are funded through tax collections. 

UniSwap’s UNI.ETH domains to simplify Ethereum domains

Uniswap is a leading crypto exchange that leverages smart contracts for facilitating trading and swapping of tokens. By eliminating intermediaries, the platform makes it more cost-effective and safe to trade crypto assets. 

The open-source platform is used exclusively for trading ERC-20 tokens. It has rolled out a native token called UNI for all on-chain transactions on its platform. As a cutting-edge automated market maker, it’s one of the best altcoins to buy now.

It’s not just crypto users who are among Uniswap’s fans. Its scalable protocol powers multiple dApps. The platform has in store a trove of tooling and documentation that can be used for deploying diverse dApps. 

Developers can participate in UniSwap’s grant program to build innovative projects with its protocol. They can also spot bugs in its security mechanism to win rewards.

The exchange has been in the news because of its governance overhaul. The revamp is part of the Uniswap version 4 protocol that is expected to be released in the third quarter. One of the key features of the upgrade is the ‘hooks’ which people can use for tweaking liquidity pools.

Continuing its zeal for making Ethereum addresses more accessible, UniSwap recently rolled out UNI.ETH domains. The service allows crypto users to convert long and hexadecimal strings of an Ethereum address into one that can be read by humans.


Up until a few days ago, the crypto market was obsessed with discussions on ETF acceptance criteria and what it holds for the future. 

Now, it’s UniSwap and InQubeta that are attracting attention and new buyers. The two crypto projects have drawn praise for the way they are expanding the horizons of the DeFi space with innovation. 

With their decentralized models, the two tokens have built an eager community of crypto users who are working together for its growth. They act as gatekeepers who turn down unnecessary protocol changes and ensure the best interests of the two platforms.

Analysts are excited about the prospects of these top crypto coins and how they have simplified the DeFi sector for different user groups.

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