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Howso Launches Open-Source AI Engine, a Powerful Alternative to Black-Box AI


Starting today, Howso Engine will be available for free download on GitHub. This open-source offering will be initially aimed at data scientists, developers, academics, researchers, students and anyone interested building apps and models based on fully explainable AI.

Howso Engine is built on instance-based learning (IBL). Unlike with neural networks, AI built with IBL is fully explainable. Every prediction, label, and generative output of Howso Engine can give exact attribution back to the data used for constructing the output, allowing users to audit and interrogate outcomes and intervene to correct mistakes and bias. Such control is impossible with black-box AI frameworks like PyTorch and JAX. Howso’s scalable IBL-based technology framework is already used by global financial institutions, health care systems, and governments committed to responsible, understandable AI.

“While recent advances in AI are tantalizingly powerful, they also threaten extraordinary harm. We’ve been working to address these risks for over a decade in developing Howso Engine,” said Dr. Chris Hazard, CTO and co-founder of Howso. “Yes, it’s audacious for us advance an alternative to deeply entrenched AI methodologies, but we refuse to compromise on AI that sacrifices integrity for power, and I’m thrilled to have the open-source community join us in building truly trustworthy AI.”

About Howso

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Mike Capps, Dr. Chris Hazard, and Mike Resnick, Howso seeks to change the trajectory of AI by making it more transparent and trustworthy. The company’s core development platform, Howso Engine, is built using instance-based learning (IBL). It is an understandable and auditable alternative to black-box AI development platforms such as PyTorch and JAX. Howso Engine is already used by global financial institutions, healthcare systems, and governments committed to understandable AI. Howso is backed by leading investors including Calibrate Ventures, Shield Capital, and Mastercard. For more information, visit

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