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How Old is Mercy in Overwatch 2?


Look, I know why you guys are asking this question and I don’t like it one bit. “How Old is Mercy in Overwatch 2” may seem like an innocent question enough, but I know what you’re doing there. I’m going just act stupid this time around but if I see this trending again I’m going go to disappointed. Canonically, Mercy is 39 years old. You’ll find this info pretty easily on the official Overwatch 2 page by heading over to Mercy’s section. The Swiss healer remains one of the most popular characters in Overwatch 2, for whatever reason. So there you go, there’s your answer for how old Mercy is inside Overwatch 2.

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Alright this piece needs another 200 words or so, or else my editor is going to yell at me – so I’m just going to talk about Mercy’s place in the meta at the moment until we can all go home.

Mercy sits in an interesting spot where she remains one of the most obnoxious characters to kill across all skill levels, making her a unique pocket pick that most teams don’t utilize. In the metal ranks, Mercy is a safe pick for players that don’t possess the aiming skill needed to excel on other healers like Ana or Baptiste. But she also is the target for criticism as an “unfair” hero, mainly as she is paired often with Pharah. In those ranks it’s “unfair” because they are flying, and that really is the crux of the complaints. They are simply harder to hit since, and I mean this nicely, people can’t really aim well in lower ranks.

Then as you progress through the ranks, Mercy remains obnoxious because she empowers the opposing damage dealers, which increases the chances for an early pick which then increases the odds for a fight win. We don’t see Mercy much in pro play because the current damage dealers don’t get the best benefit from Mercy’s play style. She also struggles to keep players up due to her single-target healing.

This is all to say, Mercy remains a tough character to get right in 5v5 thanks to her popularity and her character identity. It’ll be interesting to watch her development going forward, but for now Mercy will likely remain one of the face characters for Overwatch 2 for some time.

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