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Every Free Item In The Overwatch 2 Season 7 Battle Pass


Everybody likes getting stuff for free, especially in video games. Another Overwatch 2 Season came and went bringing about another battle pass. There are players out there who like playing Overwatch 2 without spending any money and the Season 7 battle pass has tons of free items to offer. So here’s every free item in the Overwatch 2 Season 7 Battle Pass.

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Overwatch 2 Season 7 Free Battle Pass Items

  • Tier 2: Victorian Hat Lucio Player Icon
  • Tier 5: Here’s My Knife Junker Queen Victory Pose
  • Tier 8: Death Scroll Reaper Emote
  • Tier 10: Victorian Ghost Lucio Epic Skin
  • Tier 13: Trick Spray
  • Tier 15: The Dead Hunger Name Card
  • Tier 18: Treat Spray
  • Tier 22: What Evil Dooms Orisa Voiceline
  • Tier 25: Light Reading Winston Victory Pose
  • Tier 28: The Only Ghosts Zenyatta Voiceline
  • Tier 31: Resolute Illari Victory Pose
  • Tier 33: No Tricks Cassidy Voiceline
  • Tier 35: Cute Bat Spray
  • Tier 37: Spike-O’-Lantern Player Icon
  • Tier 39: Patrol Baptise Highlight Intro
  • Tier 42: Take This Hand Spray
  • Tier 45: Treasure Goblin Souvenir
  • Tier 48: Crimson Clown Player Icon
  • Tier 52: Get Clowned On Spray
  • Tier 55: Ghostly Ring Weapon Charm
  • Tier 57: Grinning Candle Spray
  • Tier 62: Decay Wrecking Ball Voiceline
  • Tier 64: Beast Rising Name Card
  • Tier 66: Without You Ramattra Voiceline
  • Tier 68: Balloon Dog Souvenir
  • Tier 70: Crimson Clown Soldier 76 Epic Skin
  • Tier 73: Wilting Life Spray
  • Tier 75: Crimson Mirth Spray
  • Tier 77: Trick or Treat Mei Victory Pose
  • Tier 79: Up In Flames Ashe Emote

All of these items can be earned free of charge in the Overwatch 2 Season 7 battle pass.

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