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Chancer Announces First Product Update As Token Presale Passes $1.7 Million


Chancer Announces First Product Update As Token Presale Passes $1.7 Million

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Chancer, a first-of-its-kind platform where community-driven betting meets live streaming has released its first product update in its steps towards changing the betting space using blockchain.

This update aligns with its set-out vision and covers crucial progress on user profiles, betting mechanics, and how social sharing will work in the app. Chancer’s betting mechanism covers two approaches to betting, namely, conventional betting and social betting. Conventional betting includes betting on the outcome of an NBA game or known global event like elections, while social betting, also known as P2P betting, is a friendly competition between two players.

The team behind the project will initially focus on private bets like ringfenced to the bettor and whoever is added. Notably, the Chancer community has been excited about the social betting mechanism. Users are excited to bet with each other on anything verifiable, which opens up numerous possibilities for everyday scenarios. The product team also plans to deliver data validation with the node that will reportedly let people bet on global events.

The product team plans to add a Leaderboard UI to support a multitude of user cases, including globally broadcasted bets. So far the UI team has completed work on user profiles to support the Leaderboard feature. The profiles will help bettors during their engagements in private and public content. 

While commenting on the product update, Paul Kelbie, Chancer’s Head of Product, stated:

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“I am delighted to see the progress made by the development and UX teams here. This is a complex build with a range of exciting features. With this foundational work complete, we can begin work on the second phase of the product development in advance of our beta. Suffice it to say the team is hugely excited, and the community is buzzing! Can’t wait to crack on!”

The update comes as Chancer celebrates the success of its ongoing token sale that has raised over $1.7 million. Currently, the project is holding stage two of the token sale that is set to be completed imminently, with each token priced at $0.011. Stage 3 will end the presale with the token price increasing by 9% to $0.021.

Chancer is a Web3 peer-to-peer platform building a revolutionary new blockchain solution to flip the $80 billion global gambling industry. Chancer will disrupt the gambling industry by allowing its token holders to design and personalize P2P markets in real time based on their interests, social opportunities, and expertise. 

Chancer stands out for its commitment to decentralization and transparency. Chancer will reportedly be the first truly decentralized platform that supports markets, predictions, and the ability to live stream markets for users to watch and take chances. 

To celebrate these first milestones, the Chancer team is showcasing their progress on the Chancer website product page. The team also plans to release a series of updates, including AMAs, with its community throughout the month.  In addition, the team will share more details on the company socials.


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