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Metaverse guild hub BlockchainSpace (BSPC) recently announced the listing of its utility token, $GUILD, on the global crypto exchange BitMart. The hub highlighted that this move signifies its progress in merging technology with culture. 

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GUILD on BitMart

The utility token GUILD will be available for trading against USDT on BitMart. The firm noted that the listing falls within BitMart’s designated trading zone for innovation, offering traders and investors the opportunity to engage with GUILD within a conducive environment for emerging technologies and digital assets.

“This listing is one of the many milestones in our 2024 journey. BlockchainSpace broadens $GUILD’s accessibility globally, opening up new avenues for investors and enthusiasts as we stay focused on empowering diverse communities in web2 and web3,” the hub posted on X.

According to the BSPC, the listing of $GUILD emphasizes its growing acceptance and invites potential investors and community members to become part of its flourishing ecosystem, which is dedicated to serving a wide range of communities across both web2 and web3 spheres, comprising brands, gamers, creators, and fandoms.

“Listing $GUILD on BitMart enriches the BlockchainSpace ecosystem, opening new gateways for investors and enthusiasts alike. This strategic move is part of our plan to improve the token’s liquidity and make it more accessible to a wider and more global audience. BitMart, known for its robust security and comprehensive trading options, aligns with our vision to offer $GUILD holders a reliable trading platform,” BSPC wrote.

BitMart is a global trading platform providing a wide array of services encompassing spot, futures, and over-the-counter (OTC) trading. 

What is GUILD?

GUILD is the utility token at the core of BlockchainSpace’s YEY ecosystem, designed to fuel various functionalities within the platform. 

As a utility token, GUILD serves multiple purposes, including facilitating community governance, enabling transactions between different guilds within the ecosystem, and powering esports league tournaments hosted on the YEY platform. 

With a fixed maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens and approximately 207,843,230 tokens currently in circulation, GUILD is actively used within the YEY ecosystem to incentivize user engagement and reward community contributors. 

Additionally, GUILD tokenomics involve innovative strategies, such as token burning and locking mechanisms tied to brand demand, to reduce the circulating supply and enhance the token’s intrinsic value over time. 

Other BSPC News

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BlockchainSpace Team

In late 2023, BlockchainSpace released the Version 2 of its $GUILD whitepaper, emphasizing its integration with the YEY platform.

The whitepaper outlines an economic model where revenue from brand activations is used to acquire and burn $GUILD tokens. YEY, residing on Polygon, offers engagement tracking and customized rewards. GUILD distribution includes public and private sales, team allocations, and staking. 

Moreover, the tokenomics is divided into three phases, with plans for speculative token-gated access, reserve utility-based liquidity boosting, and stakers platform voting by the first half of 2025.

Photo for the Article - BlockchainSpace Reveals More Updates About Guild Token

Last August, BlockchainSpace’s YEY platform partnered with Smart Communications for the FIBA World Cup 2023, providing exclusive Shiny non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for attendees. This collaboration aimed to enhance fan engagement and promote web3 adoption, with attendees receiving commemorative tokens for participation.

In May 2023, BSPC and Smart Communications partnered to facilitate community connections and explore Web3 solutions. As part of this collaboration, they introduced the Creator Circle program, aimed at helping content creators embrace web3 technology, build audience relationships, and gradually integrate blockchain solutions. 

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