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I-Algorand: Ihhashi Elimnyama Lomhlaba We-Crypto



I-Algorand: Ihhashi Elimnyama Lomhlaba We-Crypto

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Ethereum continues to be the de facto choice for most crypto projects. However, its scalability limitation and overcrowding have forced many crypto projects, especially the DeFi ones, to seek other alternatives. Though there are several capable and attractive blockchain solutions available, Algorand has rather quickly grabbed many projects’ attention. Besides new projects opting for the ecosystem, older ones included Algorand realizing its potential. And Algorand is proving them right with regular essential feature updates.

The Underlying Technology of Algorand

Algorand employs the Pure Proof-of-Stake (PPoS) consensus mechanism, which is stake-independent, assuring equal selection chance. The block producers and validators are selected through lucky draws that ensure their identities stay hidden.

Algorand uniquely tuned with the following features –

  • High Speed & Throughput – The near-instant lottery, coupled with a block production completion rate of about 4 seconds, enables the mainnet to deliver an over 1000 TPS throughput.
  • Highly Scalable – Being totally independent of each other, multiple lucky draws are processed simultaneously. This grants a linearly scalable network.
  • Ezokuphepha - The complete random selection ensures all data remains tamperproof. The stake size-independent nature prevents lottery manipulation.
  • Proper Decentralization – The random selection of nodes and block contributors guarantees a high degree of decentralization.
  • No-fork Policy – In the Algorand blockchain, a block once attached to the chain cannot be altered in the future, promising no future forking.
  • Enterprise-grade Solution – Algorand is developed with DeFi in mind, and thus, naturally, the entire ecosystem is built to benefit big organizations in every way.

Algorand’s Important Feature Set

Just like other next-gen blockchain platforms, Algorand 2.0 has adopted a layer-1 focused service implementation policy. But the challenge here is optimizing all those services without sacrificing the speed and scalability Algorand promotes. However, subsequent feature addition on layer-1 showed the Algorand team’s expertise in finding innovative solutions to these complex problems.

The following three features helped Algorand bag some of its best, most important, and influential projects.


#1. Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs)

Introducing the standardization method enables the tokenization and issuance of any asset types on the platform. ASA supports the following token types –

  • Fungible assets – Cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and utility tokens
  • Non-fungible assets – Gold, a digital collectible, a single piece of jewelry
  • Restricted fungible assets – Security tokens, securities
  • Restricted non-fungible assets – Licenses, certifications

#2. Atomic Transactions

Atomic Transfers groups together fungible tokens of multiple parties and process them simultaneously, thus offering a fast, low cost, and secure solution. This benefits various daily trade activities such as –

  • Operate trades without trusted intermediaries in DEX
  • Simultaneous multi-party payments
  • Group payments facility where payments get approved only when everyone pays

#3. Algorand’s Smart Contracts (ASC1s)

Algorand first added stateless smart contact and then went on to add stateful versions, both on layer-1. For comparison, Ethereum offers just stateful smart contracts.

Stateless smart contracts bring efficiency and faster solution to the table as instructions/conditions are provided within each transaction itself. In Algorand’s version of stateful contracts, state data is supplied not with the transaction but with creator/user accounts. This method also offers concurrency and efficiency at a low cost. With both versions, Algorand presents the options of customizability and speedy solution.

Algorand uses a language called TEAL for writing smart contracts. With the introduction of PyTEAL support to both smart contracts, developers would easily write contracts in familiar Python code while it gets translated automatically into TEAL.

#4. Fast Catchup

This feature enables developers to begin working on their DApps without waiting for the entire blockchain to sync. This syncing process can take hours or even days, depending on the size. Developers can download either the entire blockchain or from a particular block where the previous blocks are hashed.

#5. Rekeying

Rekeying allows users to change the security or authorized spending anytime while keeping a single long-running public address. This also enables changing it from a single key to a multi-signatory key to a stateless smart contract with a built-in spending policy.

  • This benefits digital asset custodians where, for example, they can have a wallet of multiple private keys with different spending limits.
  • Automate crypto inheritance, which will be further enriched when Algorand introduces outside oracles
  • Allow you to give account access to other in a trustless manner while retaining the control

Algorand Partnerships

Within just two years, Algorand has garnered over 34 partnerships with many of them being important DeFi projects. This shows Algorand’s effectiveness.

  • Tether – With the launch of USDT, the leading stablecoin by market cap, on the Algorand blockchain, Tether became the first stablecoin firm to partner with Algorand.
  • Circle – Following Tether’s footstep, Circle entered into a partnership with Algorand for its USDC, the fastest-growing and number two stablecoin.
  • International Blockchain Monetary Reserve (IBMR) – IBMR.io selected the Algorand platform to launch the Southeast Asia Microfinance Platform (ARC.one) and create ARCC stablecoin on Algorand. Their focus is to support the financial inclusion of the urban-class poor in Southeast Asia.
  • SFB Technologies – The firm tasked with developing Marshall Islands’ Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Marshallese Sovereign (SOV), narrowed down Algorand as the underlying blockchain infrastructure.
  • IDEX – IDEX partnered with Algorand to offer its next-gen solutions and cash on ALgorand’s growing popularity.
  • Verady – With this collaboration, Algorand benefits from crypto tax and accounting software firm Verady’s Ledgible platform for internal accounting and auditing.
  • AssetBlock: The real estate startup project selected Algorand to launch its tokenized property investment service
  • Meld – This collaboration project uses Algorand’s ASA to tokenize the Australian gold reserve, issue stablecoin, and track it across the supply chain.
  • Stonize – It has launched its secure, decentralized, and customized digital security services on the Algorand blockchain.
  • FIDE – FIDE online, the digital wing of World chess (FIDE), has selected the Algorand blockchain to store all online official tournament data and player rankings there.
  • PlanetWatch – The first “CERN Spin-off-labeled” organization is set to develop the world’s first immutable air quality ledger on the Algorand blockchain incorporating IoT technologies to monitor the environments.


Algorand is feature-rich and its approach to offer a complete solution for enterprises is proving its mettle. Though starting as a dark horse, it is coming out to be a major player, especially in the DeFi space, going toe-to-toe with Ethereum. Don’t get surprised if Algorand becomes the dominant DeFi platform in the near future.

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nesitatimende Funda kabanzi

Imibono evezwe ku-athikili yileyombhali ngokuphelele futhi ayimeli leyo, futhi akufanele kuthiwe, yiZyCrypto. Le ndatshana ayenzelwe ukunikeza izeluleko zezezimali. Sicela uqhubeke nocwaningo lwakho ngaphambi kokutshala imali kunoma iyiphi i-cryptocurrencies ehlukahlukene etholakalayo.

Source: https://zycrypto.com/algorand-the-dark-horse-of-crypto-world/


Kugenciwe? I-Crypto Latform Platform Cred Imisa Amadiphozithi Nemali Ehoxiswayo Ngenkathi Kusebenziswana Neziphathimandla



Insizakalo edumile yokubolekwa kwemali ye-cryptocurrency i-Cred imemezele ukuthi imise okwesikhashana zonke izimali ezingenayo neziphumayo. Ngaphandle kokudalula imininingwane eminingi, ipulatifomu ithe iyabambisana nabaphathi bezomthetho ukuphenya isigameko.

I-Cred Imisa Imali Ehoxisiwe Kanye Nemali Ehoxisiwe

Ipulatifomu yokubolekisa nge-crypto esekwe e-United States, esanda kuvela kumemezela ukujoyina uhlelo lweVisa olusheshayo, kuvuselele amakhasimende alo ku-Twitter maqondana nentuthuko ehluphayo yakamuva ngomyalezo omfishane.

“Ngeshwa, asikwazi ukuphawula ngokuqhubekayo ngalesi sikhathi, kodwa sizozibophezela ukuhlinzeka ngesibuyekezo emasontweni amabili ezayo. Ngalesi sikhathi, konke ukungena nokuphuma kwemali kuzomiswa. ” - funda i- isitatimende.

Ukuhlala uthembekile emfashinini wayo, umphakathi we-cryptocurrency ukhwele wadilika kuCred nokungabi nayo imininingwane yokuthi kwenzekani. Lokhu kusabela kuholele umthetho olandelwayo wokubolekisa ku amazwana kwaphinda lokho. Okokuqala, uCred uxolisile ngokukhathazeka nokuphazamiseka akwenzile ngenkathi esahlola “umthelela webhizinisi ohlobene nesigameko sakamuva senkohliso.”

Ngaphezu kwalokho, okuthunyelwe kuchaze ukuthi uCred njengamanje usebenzisana nabaphathi bezomthetho. Kodwa-ke, inikeze iziqinisekiso ezithile zokuthi "ayikho imininingwane yomuntu siqu yeklayenti noma imininingwane ye-akhawunti eye yathikamezeka."

Kubalulekile ukuthi wazi ukuthi iwebhusayithi kaCred ifundeka ukuthi ipulatifomu isebenza "nabavikeli abathenjiwe kanye nabahlinzeki bomshuwalense iFireblocks kanye neLockton ukuqinisekisa ukuthi amafa edijithali wamakhasimende ethu anokuvikeleka kwebhizinisi." Yize kunjalo, amalungu amaningi omphakathi abuze isimo sokubamba kwabo emsamo, njengoba bengagculisekanga ngezibuyekezo ezimfushane zikaCred.

Ukubambisana Okuqediwe Kubone Lokhu Kuza?

Yize kungakaqinisekiswa uma lokho okubizwa ngokuthi “isehlakalo” kuyimpicabadala ngempela, kubukeka sengathi izingqinamba seziqhubeke isikhashana manje. Ezinsukwini ezimbalwa ngaphambi kokuthi iCred imise ukubekwa kwemali nokukhishwa kwemali, omunye wabalingani bayo waqeda ubudlelwane bayo neprotocol yokubolekisa.

Isikhwama se-cryptocurrency nesikhulumi sokuhweba, Uphold, kumemezela ngeSonto ukuthi abasebenzisi bebengasakwazi ukuxhumanisa izikhwama zabo ze-Uphold kumhlinzeki wokubolekwa kwe-crypto ovela eceleni.

Ngesikhathi sokubhalwa kwalokhu, abakwa-Uphold no-Cred abadalulanga ukuthi kungani isivumelwano sabo sobambiswano siphelile.


I-Binance futures 50 USDT Voucher EMAHALA: Sebenzisa lesi sixhumanisi ukubhalisa & uthole u-10% wemali ekhishwayo kanye ne-50 USDT lapho uhweba i-500 USDT (ukunikezwa okukhawulelwe).


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Umbhali owaziwayo waseMelika-waseMelika u-Deepak Chopra Angathenga i-Bitcoin



Igama likaDeepak Chopra lifana nokuzindla, ukucabanga nokwelashwa ngokuphila okunempilo. Futhi ngokusho kokubuyekezwa kwakamuva, umbhali owaziwa umhlaba wonke nomholi wokucabanga ucabanga ukuthenga i-bitcoin. UMnu Chopra naye usezokwethula i-'Love in Action, 'ithokheni lakhe elisuselwa ku-blockchain.

UDeepak Chopra Ungena Ngokusemthethweni Esikhaleni SeBlockchain

Kubalulekile ukuqaphela ukuthi uMnu Chopra wayesevele enqume ukuthukuthela kwama-Ethereum bigwigs eminyakeni engaphezu kwengu-2 eyedlule ngokumenyezelwa njengesikhulumi engqungqutheleni yase-Ethereal eNew York e-2018. Twitter. Yize kunjalo, inkulumo ihambe kahle, ngokusho kukaMnu Chopra.

Ngokushesha phambili ku-2020, isikhulumi somphakathi esihlonishwa umhlaba wonke sinakho kumemezela izinhlelo zakhe zokwethula ngokusemthethweni ithokheni lakhe ngokusemthethweni. Igama elibizwa ngokuthi 'Uthando Olusebenzayo,' ukwethulwa kwalo kuzoqondana neSonto Lokuvimbela Ukuzibulala. NgokwamaChopra Foundation, uphawu "ngumkhankaso womhlaba wonke wokulapha umhlaba."

UDeepak Chopra. Isithombe: CNBC

Lapho umlawuli we-ex-United States (FDIC) ephenduka umhlaziyi we-blockchain umthetho Jason Bretts eshaya uChopra ngemininingwane yobuchwepheshe mayelana nophawu, owokugcina wathi:

Njengamanje sisebenzela uhla lwethu lomgwaqo lwethokheni 'ye-Love In Action'. Inhloso yethu ukusebenzisa 'ubufakazi besimo / umsebenzi' epulatifomu yeHedera ukukhuthaza imikhuba enempilo nokukhuthaza impilo enhle ngophawu. Sizoqala sisebenzise i-hbar njengemali bese siguqulela kweyethu imali engxenyeni yokugcina ka-2021.

UMnu Chopra Ucabanga Nokuthenga I-Bitcoin

Ethatha izingxoxo ezingxoxweni ezidumile zikaMnu Chopra no-Oprah Winfrey, uJason wamangala ngombono wokuthi uDeakak athumele okuthile kumbungazi wezinhlelo zezinkulumo zosaziwayo. Wayecabanga ukuthi ukutholwa kwabantu abaningi kwaqalwa yilowo mcimbi owodwa, ekhumbula umgomo wakhe oyinhloko wokukholisa umkhulu wokuzindla ukuthi athenge i-BTC.

Ngenkathi uMongameli weValue Technology Foundation ekugcineni ebuza uMnu. Chopra ngezimpahla zakhe ze-bitcoin, owokugcina waphendula wathi:

Angikathengi i-Bitcoin kuze kube manje, kepha bengilangazelela imali ye-idijithali nokuthi ingasetshenziswa kanjani.

Udokotela ophulukisa umzimba uthe futhi akanazo izithiyo, uphawu lwendabuko lwe-blockchain protocol, ezonika amandla iphrojekthi yakhe ye-DLT.

UBrett, kundatshana yakhe, uphawula ukuthi akukhona ukuthi wonke umuntu athenge i-bitcoin noma enye i-cryptocurrency yalolo daba. Kungaba futhi nangokusebenzisa ubuchwepheshe obuyisisekelo bokuzuzisa inhlalo, okuthe endabeni kaMnu Chopra, kubandakanya ukuthuthukisa inhlalakahle yabantu ngokwengqondo.

Okokugcina, lowo owayeyinxusa lenqubomgomo ye-ConsenSys wayazisa imizamo kaMnu Chopra yokusebenzisa blockchain ukusiza abantu baphile kangcono. Uthe:

Ku-degree blockchain kungasetshenziswa ochwepheshe bezempilo yengqondo - noma noma yimuphi uchwepheshe - ukusiza ukuqinisekisa iqiniso lesitifiketi somuntu noma ukuqinisekisa inhlalakahle yomuntu kubonakala njengokulisebenzisa okuhle kakhulu.

Izithombe ezifakiwe ngoncedo lwe-CNBC


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Umthombo: https://cryptopotato.com/renowned-indian-american-author-deepak-chopra-may-buy-bitcoin/

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Ukuhlaziywa Kwentengo Ye-Ripple: I-XRP Ibona Iminyaka Engu-3 Lows Against Bitcoin, Ngaphezulu Phambi Kwayo?



I-XRP / USD - Izinkunzi Ezilwela Ukuvikela i-EMA yezinsuku eziyi-100

Amazinga Okusekelwa Akhiye: $ 0.24, $ 0.23, $ 0.228.
Amazinga Okumelana Nokubalulekile: $ 0.251, $ 0.261, $ 0.271.

I-XRP ibinenkinga yokwephula ulayini wokuthambekela kokuwa ekuqaleni kwesonto - kusondele ku- $ 0.26. Ngenxa yalokho, imali yaqala ukwehla ezinsukwini ezimbalwa ezedlule. Yize iye yehla ngaphansi, abathengi bavikele i-EMA yezinsuku eziyi-100 ngentengo yokuvala nsuku zonke kuleli sonto.

Unxantathu odlule ulungiswe kabusha ngokuqhubeka kokuhamba eceleni futhi iXRP isathengisa ngaphakathi kwemingcele. Ikhefu elingaphansi kwalo nxantathu kungenzeka lithumele i-XRP emuva ngasezindongeni zikaSepthemba ku- $ 0.22.

Ishadi Lansuku zonke le-XRP / USD. Umthombo: TradingView

I-XRP-USD Ukubikezela Ngezwi Elifushane

Uma ubheka phambili, uma abathengisi becindezela ngaphansi kwe-EMA yezinsuku eziyi-100 kanye nomngcele ophansi wonxantathu, izinga lokuqala lokusekelwa lilele ku- $ 0.24 (200-days EMA). Ngaphansi kwalokhu, ukusekelwa kulele ku- $ 0.23, $ 0.228 (.618 Fib), naku- $ 0.22 (Septhemba lows).

Ngakolunye uhlangothi, izinga lokuqala lokumelana lilele ku- $ 0.251 (bearish .382 Fib). Ngaphezulu kwalokhu, ukumelana kulele emngceleni ongenhla kanxantathu, $ 0.261 (bearish .5 Fib), kanye ne- $ 0.271 (bearish .618 Fib).

I-RSI manje isicwile ngaphansi komugqa ophakathi nendawo ukukhombisa ukuthi abathengisi sebengamele umfutho wemakethe. Uma iqhubeka nokuwa, umfutho wokuthengisa uzokwanda futhi ucindezele i-XRP ngaphansi kwe-100-days EMA.

I-XRP / BTC - I-XRP Ishaya i-34-Month Low Against Bitcoin

Amazinga Okusekelwa Akhiye: I-1800 SAT, 1780 SAT, 1755 SAT.
Amazinga Okumelana Nokubalulekile: I-1865 SAT, 1900 SAT, 1950 SAT.

Isimo se-XRP ngokumelene ne-BTC sisesimweni esihluke ngokuphelele. Uhlamvu lwemali lwehle ngaphansi kokusekelwa ngo-1950 SAT ezinsukwini ezimbalwa ezedlule lwaya ezingeni le-1810 SAT namuhla. Ngokwenza kanjalo, i-XRP manje isifinyelele emazingeni aphansi angakaze abonwe kusukela ngoDisemba 2017.

Njengoba uhlamvu lwemali lubukeka lukhulu kakhulu, akunakwenzeka ukuthi ukwehla kuzoma lapha, futhi kungenzeka sikubone kubheke ku-1700 SAT ezinsukwini ezizayo.

Ishadi Lansuku zonke le-XRP / BTC. Umthombo: TradingView

I-XRP-BTC Ukubikezela Ngezwi Elifushane

Uma ubheka phambili, lapho abathengisi sebephusha i-1810 SAT edlule badlula ngaphansi kwe-1800 SAT, izinga lokuqala lokusekelwa lilele ku-1780 SAT. Ngaphansi kwalokhu, ukusekelwa okungeziwe kulele ku-1755 SAT, 1730 SAT, naku-1700 SAT.

Ngakolunye uhlangothi, izinga lokuqala lokumelana lilele ku-1865 SAT. Lokhu kulandelwa ukumelana ngo-1900 SAT (Julayi 20 'Low), ngo-1950 SAT, nango-2000 SAT.

Kokubili i-RSI ne-Stochastic RSI ibukiwe ngendlela emangalisayo. I-crossover ye-bullish kwi-Stochastic RSI ingaba yisignali yokuqala yokuthi uhlamvu lwemali selukulungele ukubuya.


I-Binance futures 50 USDT Voucher EMAHALA: Sebenzisa lesi sixhumanisi ukubhalisa & uthole u-10% wemali ekhishwayo kanye ne-50 USDT lapho uhweba i-500 USDT (ukunikezwa okukhawulelwe).

Ukuzikhulula: Imininingwane etholakala ku-CryptoPotato yile yababhali abacashunwe. Akumeleli imibono ye-CryptoPotato yokuthi uthenge, uthengise noma ubambe noma yikuphi ukutshalwa kwezimali. Uyelulekwa ukuthi wenze ucwaningo lwakho ngaphambi kokwenza izinqumo zokutshala imali. Sebenzisa imininingwane enikeziwe ngengozi yakho. Bheka Ukuzikhulula ukuze uthole imininingwane engaphezulu.

Amashadi we-Cryptocurrency ngo-TradingView.

Umthombo: https://cryptopotato.com/ripple-price-analysis-xrp-sees-3-year-lows-against-bitcoin-more-downside-ahead/

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