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Worst Primetime Games of the 2022 NFL Season


The primetime games have been set, and it’s time to take a look at what could be the least exciting matchups in those coveted time slots. Here are three of the worst, most potentially boring inter-division and inter-conference matchups of the 2022 NFL season.

Washington Commanders vs. Chicago Bears

Week 6 – TNF – Thursday, Oct. 13

The Washington Commanders made a move for Carson Wentz in the offseason, in a desperate attempt to try and breathe life into the franchise, which does have some talent. The problem is that Wentz has not been anywhere near his MVP-level play since he was injured the year that the Eagles won the Super Bowl. Washington is about as aimless as an organization could be without being outright bad.

Chicago, on the other hand, is in a full rebuild. Not just on the field, but in the front office. They lost their best receiver, and gave their second-year quarterback Justin Fields no help on the offensive line. Their draft also ranked near the bottom in most experts’ eyes.

This game will probably be ugly, boring and full of mistakes on both sides of the football. It also won’t mean much to either team as far as playoff contention goes.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers

Week 10 – TNF – Thursday, Nov. 10

A divisional matchup usually has more on the line than an average game. This one, however, will not have much of anything on the line.

Atlanta is now in a strange rebuild, as they got rid of their generationally talented quarterback in Matt Ryan, but did not replace him with a rookie. They picked up a stop-gap quarterback in Marcus Mariota. The Falcons have a great new threat in tight end Kyle Pitts, but also lost Russell Gage and will not have Calvin Ridley due to suspension. Much like the Commanders, the Falcons feel aimless and probably will not be very competitive.

Meanwhile the Panthers have a head coach on thin ice due to poor records and an impatient owner. Their move for Sam Darnold has not worked out, and Christian McCaffrey cannot seem to stay healthy. They have next to no plan at quarterback, even if they do manage to grab someone like Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garappolo. The defense is decent, but these two NFC South teams have nothing to play for here in Week 10.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Jets

Week 15 – TNF – Thursday, Dec. 15

Out of all three of these games, this one has the best potential to actually be decent. But probably not.

These two teams had a combined seven wins in 2021. The Jaguars dealt with an incompetent and maybe even abusive head coach while battling injuries and a below average roster. The Jets, however, had next to no talent and a rookie quarterback of their own who was certainly more raw than a prospect like Trevor Lawrence.

With that being said, both of these teams had good drafts (especially the Jets), and they both have the potential to double their win total, which could make for an exciting game. But these two teams have a long way to go and a sloppy game is much more likely.

Featured image courtesy of New York Jets

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