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Worlds 2022 Top 30 Players


League of Legend Worlds 2022 is on its way. During it, players from different regions from all around the globe will be fighting for a chance to win the Summoners Cup. Of the many teams, there will be a plethora of great players. But who are the 30 best players attending Worlds in North America? TGH compiled a list of their Worlds 2022 Top 30 Players.

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Listed below are the top 30 players along with what team they play for.

  1. Tian (Top Esports)
  2. Chovy (Gen.G)
  3. Kanavi (JD Gaming)
  4. Ruler (Gen.G)
  5. 369 (JD Gaming)
  6. Peanut (Gen.G)
  7. Zeus (T1)
  8. Viper (EDward Gaming)
  9. Yagao (JD Gaming)
  10. Lehends (Gen.G)
  11. knight (Top Esports)
  12. JackeyLove (Top Esports)
  13. Keria (T1)
  14. Missing (JD Gaming)
  15. Scout (EDward Gaming)
  16. Xiaohu (RNG)
  17. Wayward (Top Esports)
  18. Canyon (DMW KIA)
  19. caPs (G2 Esports)
  20. Breathe (RNG)
  21. Jiejie (EDward Gaming)
  22. Meiko (EDward Gaming)
  23. ShowMaker (DWM KIA)
  24. Berserker (Cloud9)
  25. Faker (T1)
  26. Hope (JD Gaming)
  27. Mark (Top Esports)
  28. Deft (DRX)
  29. Comp (Rogue)
  30. Blaber (Cloud9)

Quick Breakdown

Here is a quick breakdown of which regions are supported and the teams as well.

LPL- 16

LCK- 10

LEC- 2

LCS- 2

JD Gaming- 5

Gen.G- 4

Rogue- 1

Cloud9- 2

Top Esports- 5

T1- 3

G2- 1

Edward Gaming- 4


RNG- 2

DRX- 1

Special thanks to Mike, Christian and JJ for participating in these rankings. Make sure to keep it here for all Worlds 2022 content. The Game Haus will be in person in New York, Atlanta and San Francisco so be on the lookout for interviews, predictions and more.

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