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Worlds 2021 Semifinals Preview: T1 vs DK


The T1 mid laner had some of the lowest laning and damage stats among mid laners during the group stage. However, Faker showed us he can still put up the numbers in the quarterfinals. ShowMaker also showed some dominant laning phases, particularly on Syndra. As a result, unlike some of the recent mid-lane matchups, this one won’t be defined and ended by laning alone.

Both mids play for the top lane, seeking roam timers to snowball their All-Star top laners. Both players have also shown they have counterpicks ready for meta picks, like Faker’s Lissandra and ShowMaker’s Kassadin. However, relatively, Faker has played much more selflessly to facilitate his rookie teammates. Comparatively, ShowMaker has been more likely to take matters into his own hands, roaming for his team and prioritizing his needs if the situation demands them.

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  • Source: https://esportsone.com/worlds-2021-semifinals-preview-t1-vs-dk/

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