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Worlds 2021 Quarterfinals Preview: DK vs MAD


In this carry top meta, Khan is having the tournament of his career. The DAMWON top laner is on a mission to claim international glory in what is likely his last Worlds before retiring. He either leads or is top 3 among top laners in all laning and damage stats. His champion pool is perfect for the current meta, and he has shown his ability to win both sides of potential top lane matchups. In addition, his team provides him the resources to carry games, which is demonstrated by his first blood stat, which is the highest among all players.

Although Armut has looked uncomfortable on specific picks, he has been playing, despite catastrophic laning phases (specifically that LNG game). When Armut does lock in his comfort picks, like the Gnar and Wukong, he looks like a completely different player, capable of living up to the MAD Lion teamfighting reputation. However, the absence of meta top picks like Jayce and Graves are somewhat worrying for his matchup against Khan.

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  • Source: https://esportsone.com/worlds-2021-quarterfinals-preview-dk-vs-mad/

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