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Worlds 2021 Quarterfinal Preview: RNG vs EDG


Since role-swapping, Xiaohu has become the main man for RNG. RNG funnels their draft and in-game resources to Xiaohu to set him up for success, and more often than not, he delivers, especially in teamfights around objectives. So far, at Worlds 2021, Xiaohu has put on the same performance, albeit with some missteps against FNC and HLE. On the other side of the rift, Flandre is a point of stability for EDG. While EDG does not camp Flandre the way RNG does for Xiaohu, they do not leave their top on an island. When their drafts require it, EDG gives Flandres attention and resources, and Flandre often uses his lead to generate pressure in sidelanes, leading to him garnering the highest CSPM among top laners.

At Worlds 2021, the main point of contention between these two players is their champion pool. So far, Xiaohu has played six unique champions, with unique counter picks like the Syndra and Lucian. Flandre has only played Graves and Jayce three times each so far. With how the role of top lane developed in the 2021 Worlds meta, it will be interesting to see if Flandre has any other picks in stock to prevent Xiaohu’s champion ocean from overwhelming EDG.

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  • Source: https://esportsone.com/worlds-2021-quarterfinal-preview-rng-vs-edg/

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