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Wild Rift news: Community disappointed by Riot’s leadership


Since its release, Wild Rift has always struggled with community engagement. With no promotions for its creators, the mobile game fell behind a lot of its competitors, such as Mobile Legends, when it came to bringing the players together.

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But in the official Wild Rift news for the month of May, Riot finally began sharing some YouTube content creators — which should have thereby helped mitigate the issue. Unfortunately, this was not the case. In fact, it only brought more disappointment from the community.

In their official Wild rift news for May, they promoted content creators Học Viện Tốc Chiến, Bractwo Rift, and Skratitv, stating that these creators would share the best new builds and provide great analysis. This seems like a move in the right direction, but fact of the matter is two of the three content creators are massively under qualified.

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Of the two, Bractwo Rift hasn’t posted content in literally five months, while Skratitv doesn’t even create Wild Rift content. Only Học Viện Tốc Chiến seems to be actively creating Wild Rift content.

Therefore, the community became outraged. There are plenty of Wild Rift content creators committed to the game, serving as great exemplary examples for the community to learn from. But rather than opting to promote such creators, who have shown time and time again their love for Wild Rift, Riot decided to promote seemingly random creators.

“I’m probably one of the main ADC content creators but I’ve never been on this page once,” iTzSTU4RT commented, expressing his disappointment.

“Yeah but to be fair that guy is probably REALLY good at Last Day on Earth,” one Twitter user joked.

Perhaps this is a 10,000 IQ move from Riot to grow the game’s smaller content creators. But one thing is for sure: this decision has left many members of the community baffled.

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