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What is the Pokemon Unite Leafeon release date?


Yet another Eeveelution is joining Pokemon Unite: Leafon, marking the fifth eeveelution to join the game. According to game8, the Pokemon unite Leafeon release date was officially revealed in the a promotional post celebrating the Eeve festival. Umbreon is debuting first on May 25, with Leafeon joining soon after on June 8.

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Apparently Leafeon will play as a speedster, the very first speedster eeveelution. But as most members in the community know, this is just a label. Speedsters, attackers, and all-rounders all pretty much play to deal as much damage as possible, with just their label really different. Umbreon, on the other hand, is a defender.

For those familiar with Xayah from League of Legends and Wild Rift, Leafeon plays a little similarly to the marksmen. In essence, it leaves leaves all around the map, pun intended. Then Leafeon can bring in the plants, dealing damage to those hit by the trajectory. Of course, Leafeon has access to other moves, which prioritize mobility and dashes.

As with all eeveelutions, Pokemon Unite Leafeon starts off as Eevee, then evolves upon reaching level 4.

Check out game8’s website for more details, they do an excellent job breaking things down and showing off leaked gameplay as well. Keep in mind, these are datamined and leaked footage alongside moves, so the final product may very well look and play different.

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