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What is the Men of War 2 Release Date?


There are a lot of solid World War 2 games out there. Obviously, the Call of Duty franchise started because of its take on the war and so many other classic games have come from that genre. Now, one of the best RTS World War 2 games is getting its second version, Men of War 2. For fans of these games, this was a welcome announcement for the highly-anticipated series. Now they are going to want to know, what is the Men of War 2 Release Date?

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Men of War 2 Release Date

The Men of War 2 Release Date will be on May 15, 2024.

For those who were waiting on the sequel, your nearly 15 year wait is finally ending. To be clear, there is a difference between this game and Men of War 2 Assault Squad. This new game is a direct sequel to the first game from 2009 while Assault Squad 2 is a similar game it is more focused on Multiplayer than the main games.

Is Men of War 2 on Xbox Game Pass?

No, Men of War 2 will not be on Xbox Game Pass.

This is likely not a surprise as none of the Men of War games are on Xbox Game Pass. At least not as of the writing of this article.

The entire series is on PC so if the PX version of Game Pass was open to it along with the developers, it could be a great match. That being said, it seems unlikely that Men of War 2 will make its way over to Game Pass, at least for now.

Men of War 2 Gameplay

Men of War 2’s gameplay will be very similar to the first but this time the graphics will be enhanced exponentially and the AI will be much better.

This sequel will allow you to play all sides of the Second Great War and you will be challenged to win battles across multiple battlefields of Europe, Africa and Asia. This game will be much more story-driven and give you the experience from a top-down view of being a general during World War 2.

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