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What is process automation?


One of the biggest goals of BPA is to increase overall customer satisfaction. With an automation system in place, you can take care of your customers’ queries faster than ever. This saves both your and your customer’s time. It also applies to many other aspects of customer interaction, including payment systems, order processing, etc.

Moreover, good customer satisfaction can very quickly elevate your brand image in the digital space.

If your end goal is to scale your business to the next level, then process automation can do wonders. For example, when you are dealing with invoice issuing for 50 different orders, this might not seem like something tough to handle. But wonder if you have to do it for 5,000 orders?

This is where RPA can help you scale instead of bottlenecking your business and having to hire a massive number of employees for tedious tasks.

Reduction in Manual Errors

Lastly, process automation helps you minimize errors by a significant amount. Regardless of how attentive and talented your employees are, every human is prone to making errors. Mistakes are bound to happen now and then. But sometimes, a small mistake can seriously impact the organization due to a butterfly effect.

Process automation tools like process Nanonets, Asana and more can minimize the error and help you take your business to the next level.

How Can You Implement Process Automation?

The process automation implementation requires you to follow certain steps to ensure the maximum yield. Here is an overall guideline on the implementation process.

Make a list of your automation requirements

The first step is to list what processes you need to automate in your specific business. In today’s digital world, almost every aspect of a business can be fully automated with the right investment. That being said, not all automation does not offer the same return on investment or complexity.

So the first step is to figure out which aspect of your business will benefit the most from process automation.

Feasibility Assessment

After listing out which aspects of the business can be automated, it is time to think about to what extent automation will be feasible. Again, an SME and RPE expert should work together on this assessment and decide the level of automation before implementation.

User Experience

Gather experiences from the user and see what aspect of the customer side they want automated. A business needs to think from the user’s perspective and see how automation can eventually help the employees and the customers in the long run.


After everything has been adequately planned, it is time to start the development process. Developers can utilize tools like Nanonets to integrate their existing softwares and automate mundane processes like invoices processing, onboarding employees or more. In addition, there are various other process automation tools you will be able to find on the market.

However, each tool is specifically designed to focus on a unique part of your business. So it would help if you implemented the tool that resonates with your business requires the most.


Hold testing sessions and study the performance of the RPA tool in all possible scenarios. This will enable the developers to improve the system further and take care of any potential issues or bugs testing might find.

Deploying your process automation tools

Once the testing and reconfirming are done and you are happy with the outcome, it is time to deploy the process automation solution.

When should you use process automation in your organization?

With such a massive potential of BPA, the stakes are always high. However, certain challenges can make or break the outcome. Being aware of these challenges will enable you and your team to rise above them.

Keeping that in mind, we will shed light on some of the most significant changes for process automation and how to solve them.

BPA is not an answer to solving a lousy process

You need to understand that although business process automation can do wonders for your organization, what it is not capable of doing is repairing bad processes. If the overall process has a bad design, automating those processes will not help you out.

The solution to these challenges lies in mapping your processes before implementing processes. Make sure what you want to automate is top-notch and is entirely error-free to get the best yield out of your system.

Difficulty in scaling

Remember that scaling can stumble quite easily if you do not have a clear picture when implementing. For example, suppose your project is only designed to serve a specific number of users and does not have scalable infrastructure. In that case, it might be extremely difficult to scale in the future.

To solve these issues, you can switch to cloud platforms that offer you the ability to scale up as your business evolves.

Goal Management

Using powerful process automation tools can easily be tempting to tackle large and complex issues. But sometimes, this goal can be too much for the business, resulting in a demotivated workforce and frustrating workflow.

To solve these challenges, start small. Give your organization time to evolve and take on more significant challenges as time goes by. Being introduced to a potent BPA does not mean you have to use it to its maximum potential right away.

How to Find The best Process Automation vendor and RPA Tool for Your Organization?

There is more to selecting a process automation vendor than meets the eye. Process automation implementation can be a big commitment. And you should go through adequate steps to find the right one that suits your business goals.

Here are some of the tips on finding the best Process Automation vendor.

Understand the landscape

Automation is an emerging technology and therefore, most of the vendor tools are either evolving or a best fit for your particular use case. So before choosing your vendor, you need to research and understand the vendor landscape.

This includes everything from comparing your vendors to evaluating them in the field of technological innovation.

Choosing a PA solution that resonates with your requirements

Before choosing a suitable vendor, it is wise to understand which processes are excellent candidates for your organization. If you do not have the resources to pick the right pieces, you can order from various RPA consulting services to do that on your behalf.

Shortlist your RPA Tools

You can check out various RPA software rankings according to their objective and performance metrics to shortlist the top ones.

Reduce the list by selecting the ones operating in your area of expertise.

Most process automation vendors are breaking the geographical barriers rapidly. However, it is always good to start working with vendors offering services from your country. It will allow you to have in-hand expertise and significantly reduce implementation time and error.

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What is an example of process automation?

A real-world example of process automation will be your everyday customer support software. This software takes care of your complaints and offers you the answers you need to solve the problem.

Why is process automation important?

Process automation is a vital part of any business because it removes any form of the bottleneck which can cause time and revenue loss.

How does process automation work?

Process automation works by letting the software handle rule-based tasks automatically. This software handles the data in real-life scenarios according to the given instructions.

With all of your knowledge, we hope that your journey toward automating complex business processes becomes easier than ever. Stay tuned for more updates.’

Nanonets online OCR & OCR API have many interesting use cases that could optimize your business performance, save costs and boost growth. Find out how Nanonets’ use cases can apply to your product.

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