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What Is CyberFrogs?


CyberFrogs aims to be an NFT project that is unlike any you have seen. It’s said to push the boundaries and know no limits to provide one of the most revolutionary projects that ever landed on the Solana blockchain.

Currently, the floor price for CyberFrogs is at 12.43 SOL which has slipped by -8.20% as seen in the past 24 hours. CyberFrogs currently has over 298 NFTs listed with a total volume spotted at around 81238.12.

What is CyberFrogs?

The CyberFrogs collection has over 8888 unique and randomly generated frog NFTs minted on October 5, 2021, at the starting price of 1 SOL. The CyberFrogs collection beaming of over 130 rare traits is all securely stored on the Solana blockchain.

The CyberFrogs platform is open to everyone from long-term traders and investors to degens who flip, or turn figures.


Thor is a fully automated and user-friendly trading bot that boasts historical trading data profiles and diverse risk profiles or assessments spanning over 10 years.

Thor is seen to be unrelenting and powerful in terms of performance and functionality. Moreover, Thor also provides an entire slew of additional services including but not limited to futures, stocks, CFDs, and forex.

Additionally, Thor also offers a set of plugins and APIs as well as journals, trading software solutions, and more analyzing statistics that can easily mesh into the platform.


Speed is one of the superpowers of Sniper, coined as the fastest NFT bot for Solana. Users can easily snipe depending on the floor price, automatic bids based on new listings, and individual traits. Once you buy a frog, you immediately gain access to the premium sniper.


CyberFrogs boasts of a non-custodial and non-escrow staking functionality that enables NFT staking and earning of emissions. Basically, your NFT stays in your wallet where it’s deemed the safest.

Frog Machine

One of the best tools you can find on the Solana blockchain will have to be the Frog Machine. It works by allowing the meshing or fusion of two NFTs while also having the ability to choose rarity levels and traits, Staking Modifier, PFP Customizer, Dynamic Ranking, Metadata Modifier, and others.


CyberFrog market has a top-notch Raffle System, NFT Marketplace, and Auction House that you can find right on Solana. In the NFT Marketplace, you can use $FLYZ for buying real-world assets, attribute updates, and also for joining community raffles. In addition, you also have the option to list your own items on the P2P marketplace opening up more revenue-generating opportunities for users.

Token Market

At the Token Marketplace, sales transactions or the buy and sell of your utility token is made a breeze. More so, P2P transaction facilities are also high-performing, fast, streamlined, and secure within the Token Marketplace.

Project Insight

CyberFrogs will be providing users with a diverse and comprehensive trading view for all NFT projects in the platform. Essentially, the skeletal or most basic trading view will provide a data-driven analysis of the floor price. Additional information will be offered such as the floor price for every unique trait, active wallet holder, Twitter profile, and other significant social metrics or data points.


There are basically three missions to choose from – Police Mission, Ronin Mission, and Yakuza Mission. Each of these factions portrays a robust sense of community. More so, each faction also provides you access to varied automated trading pools that have their own distinct or respective risk tolerances or appetites as well as investment strategies.

When choosing a faction, it’s important to consider the specific character traits of each one because this will be a part of your unique identity in the community that requires your loyalty.

The Index

This is one of the most powerful tools on the platform that can proverbially show off the strength of the community. Basically, the Index provides users figures decoding whether or not an NFT project can be tagged as a GMI.

​It is important to note that the Index number is generated based on different data types or mostly on social metrics.

Questions like these would usually pop in to quantify the Index number:

Is there a social buzz around the project? Is the Discord channel active? How is Twitter analytics performing?


With this feature, you can trade against NFT projects including crypto or stocks. You have the option to short or long these assets and in the coming days, futures will eventually be added to the investment portfolio.

In more ways than one, CyberFrogs is bent to overhaul and improve the way you speculate, trade, or invest in an NFT project.

Project Degen

With project Degen, you get access to instant loans for approved projects plus also join the P2P loan marketplace. With that in mind, the platform facilitates fully integrated lending that bolsters peer-to-peer NFT loans using smart contracts.

Apart from the P2P loans, users can also tap on loans for NFT collections using specific or predefined borrowing or loan metrics.

LEGZ Token

Once you choose your desired frog and blend it with the Frog Machine, this can now be mixed with the LEGZ token spawning your very own CyberFrog.


CyberFrogs pumps up your user experience by becoming a memorable brand that you can use every day. CyberFrogs features a wide variety of merchandise that you can choose from. There are shirts, hoodies, hats, and other items.

Some of the iconic merch you should definitely check out on their official store is the Official Cyber Frogs Hoodie Galaxy (Black) that you can buy for $42.99, the Official Cyber Frogs Hat for $19.99, and Official Cyber Frogs T-Shirt (White) for $29.99; among others.

Meet the Frog Mob Team

CEO & Chief Visionary: Andy

CTO & Lead Developer: Sile

Chief Administrator: Swatgoblin

Administrator: Sally

Marketing Director: Crypto Monster

Head Moderator: Shimizu

Partnership Manager: Mazz

Social Media Manager: Sghetti

Community Lead: Velosi

Advisor: Lena

Advisor: Executive Frog


Overall, the CyberFrogs community is composed of degens, builders, and traders that are committed to everything CyberFrogs, thus, providing immense value in terms of utility to each holder. More so, this is an innovative trading platform and utility for both professionals and degens who are looking for riveting trading and staking experience.


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