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What Are the Top Five Cryptocurrencies for 2021?


Like them or not, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. In fact, they are only growing in popularity as people are seeing them as a great investment. More businesses and websites are accepting digital currencies as payments, and there are a larger number of companies and countries that are producing these cryptocurrencies.

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In fact, it has become so popular and seen as such a lucrative idea that even companies like Facebook are jumping on board in producing their own digital currency.

When You Need Assistance

Because of the popularity of cryptocurrencies, it becomes more difficult for the average person to figure out which of these coins is of value to them. Most people have already been taken out of the market in terms of purchasing bitcoin because of the price of just one coin. This is several thousand dollars, far more than the average person can purchase.

Many are unaware of where they can get these digital currencies, so turning to a crypto broker like https://day-traders.net/cryptocurrency-broker/ can assist you in making the right choices.

They will not only know the price and trends related to each coin but will also have valuable information regarding the future of each of these currencies. It is a valuable resource at your disposal and something that costs a minimal price in comparison to the value they provide.

Expertise Is Needed

It is time, to be honest about getting involved with digital currencies. This is a market that is expanding at a rate not imagined when bitcoin first became available. At this current time, bitcoin is worth about $12,000 per coin, but there were some who were predicting that it would reach $100,000 per coin by the end of this year.

This late in the year it is virtually impossible for the crypto coin to reach that level, but it shows you that not every analyst has the right kind of information.

You need to be smart. You need to choose people who know what they are talking about. You need to choose analysts and online brokers who have established a solid reputation.

And the Top Five?

So, now it is time to look at the top five cryptocurrencies heading into 2021. Obviously, bitcoin has the highest value, but it is difficult to get in on this currency because of its price. Unless you have a significant amount of resources to mine for your own coins, this is one that most people are going to have to avoid.

So, we focus on five other choices. The first of these is Litecoin (LTC). This was created by Charlie Lee as a sort of light version of bitcoin. There are advantages and choosing LTC. Transactions occur much faster and it does not take special resources or large computer power to mine for this coin.

Ethereum is another great choice. This company is on the threshold of something huge, as they have expanded well beyond digital currencies. They are creating an entire platform using their own coding language, and investors make some big money.

Binance Coin went online in 2017 and they have taken a different pathway than Ethereum. They are looking to create a decentralized system that allows people to exchange any digital currency using their coin.

Chainlink is looking to fill a gap created by Ethereum. The problem with Ethereum is that their blockchain network only works on their platform. Chainlink is filling the gap, allowing smart contracts to be recorded and protected securely using their digital currency.

Tron is a great platform that could one day bring an end to companies like Netflix. They are a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that allows users to share content without being traced.

These five currencies are going to be a big thing in 2021. If you are looking for a smart investment, it is time to jump on board.

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