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Web3 Update: Another CryptoPunk Sold For $16 Million – CryptoInfoNet


Two weeks after a CryptoPunks NFT sold for $16 million, a punk has sold for $16 million once again.

Punk #7084, which changed hands for $16.42 million on Wednesday, is one of nine blueish-skinned alien punks, which are the collection’s most highly-coveted pieces. It narrowly topped the other alien punk that sold this month to become the second-largest CryptoPunk sale ever.

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The sale appears to have been directly brokered between buyer and seller.

The punk’s apparent seller, known on X as Peruggia, said he “felt like an imposter” owning punk #7084 without “elevating” the collectible.

“After over a year of looking around I feel I’ve found the right buyer with the right vision to appropriately elevate this asset,” Peruggia added. Peruggia walks away with quite the windfall, having acquired the NFT for $7.57 million in 2021.

“Legend,” Pudgy Penguins CEO Luca Netz replied.

First minted in 2017, CryptoPunks were ascendent during the NFT craze of 2021 and remain popular today. The cheapest punk on offer from the 10,000-piece set costs $166,242, and it’s the largest NFT collection by market capitalization, according to NFT Price Floor.

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