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Vertical Search & Ai. or Delegate.Cash Will Allow Warm Wallet Usage: BAYC


  1. or delegate.Cash will allow warm wallet usage.
  2. Users are advised to be on guard for scams.
  3. can be incorporated into login flows.

The giant NFT collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club, has released a new report in which it reveals that users will be able to utilize a warm wallet by going to or  This makes reference to the anticipated mint that will take place the following week.

Following this report, users are advised to be on guard for scams that happen around upcoming mints. Additionally, users are advised to head over to the official BAYC discord and open a support ticket in case of queries.

The development team behind claims that Warm gives customers the ability to utilize their hot wallets as if they were the owner of the assets stored in their cold wallets. 

In practical terms, it enables individuals to engage confidently with web3 applications without the anxiety that comes with the risk of revealing their precious assets. The only thing that users need to do is link their hot wallets and connect with the wallet that they wish to use as their cold wallet.

The warm wallet platform will also offer additional tools to help users manage their collections and explore the best options for their investments.

On the other hand, can be incorporated into login flows, token-gated minting & claiming, gaming actions, DAO governance, and more, according to their whitepaper. 

By integrating the registry, the user`s product improves by derisking new user acquisition from those who have already delegated; and by making it safer and easier for existing users to interact with their app from hot/mobile wallets without risking security. 

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