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“Proof-of-Nuclear-Bombs”: a most reliable design for stablecoin utility (Part I)

Proof-of-Nuclear-Bombs & the Nixon ShockWhile I was traveling from eastern Turkey to Georgia in 2015, I met some truck drivers coming from Iran...

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Underwear brands are having a bit of a moment in the venture capital world.

The SEC has the Munchees: Eating away at the “utility token” theory

Yesterday, the SEC issued an enforcement order regarding Munchee’s token offering and SEC Chairman Jay Clayton released a general public statement on cryptocurrencies and ICOs. ...

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Digital Horizon proves immigrants ‘get the job done’ as Fund II...

Private equity fundraising is gathering pace once again as firms look to press on from the panicked months of the COVID-19 pandemic – and the need to stand out has once again become paramount. Specialist investor Digital Horizon has just thrown its hat into the ring by launching a $200m-targeting sophomore fund. Founder and managing partner Alan Vaksman revealed to AltAssets the two unique strategies he believes will underpin a successful raise. 

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