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Valve is planning to release Dota 2 spin-off game


Valve might be best known for the Steam platform, but they’ve been the developer behind loads of huge games, including Half-Life, Counter Strike, and Dota. It seems a new game is being added to their roster soon, Neon Prime. This is a title that is currently in development at Valve and new information on the project just came up, which might make it a must-play for esports fans.

The title looks set to take place in the world of one of Valve’s biggest esports. This game will be a spin-off of sorts, giving players the chance to explore the lore and world behind Dota. This is what we know about the game so far.

Neon Prime looks set to be the first Valve release as a game in quite a while. More excitingly, the game also looks like it’ll be the first Dota release since Underlords. Valve Software is currently in production, and information so far points towards this being a Dota game! Of a kind.

It’ll be a sci-fi style game set in the world of Dota, not a direct sequel. Speculation about Neon Prime and just what it is started when Valve began to register trademarks. They registered the title of this game, revealing Neon Prime to the world and setting off loads of speculation. At first, some thought this might be the much-requested follow-up to Half-Life or an entirely new IP from Valve.

According to some sources on the game, it’ll be specifically delving further into the lore of Dota. Along with projects like the Dota anime, this should provide a bigger exploration of the game’s world. That’s an area that players are keen to learn more about. Neon Prime should give players a deeper look.

What is Neon Prime about?
General information on Neon Prime is lacking right now, with Valve keeping the project firmly under their hats at this early stage in development. The game is supposed to be exploring dimensions and elements in the game’s lore. It’ll go into the Continuum or Ultoria or entirely new lore locations.

We do know a few bits about the game. The title is being developed by IceFrog, the once lead developer on both Dota titles. This gives him a good pedigree for helming this latest game in the Dota world. The other main bit of information about the game so far is that it isn’t an FPS! This might come as a relief to some Dota fans, concerned a shooter spin-off would be the next addition to the series.

This latest game joins Half Life: Citadel, another unrelated project currently in development. It looks like Valve is delving further into a lot of their big-name franchises.

The information on Neon Prime comes from a fairly prominent source for Valve. He’s produced advanced information about other titles, like Half-Life Alyx in the past significantly before the game was announced.

In terms of when we can expect to hear more about Neon Prime, it could be a while. The game might be pretty early in development so far. Fans will have to watch out and see what happens with the title, and if it gets an official reveal soon.It’s very likely that Neon Prime will become an esports title, just like Dota 2. If you are interested in Dota 2 betting, make sure to check out our betting page where you can find the best offers and sign-up deals available!


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