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VALORANT Premier Release Date


VALORANT has certainly taken the gaming world by storm as one of the best up-and-coming shooters. The past two year it has been clear that the VALORANT team has had a plan. They are now enacting it in a big way with the additions coming in 2023. One of them is a true way to go from a no one to a someone. Here is the potential VALORANT Premier Release Date.

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The VALORANT Premier Release Date is not officially known outside of the fact that it should be coming in 2023. That said, there are two time periods to be watching for.

The first will be with VALORANT Episode 7 which is likely to be coming out in early July. Riot Games and VALORANT like to do big announcements together with other big events. Generally, the middle of the year is actually on of Riot’s biggest times. A new episode to launch with a new agent and potentially a new map would be a great time for VALORANT Premier to debut. Add onto this that school is out for the summer and it just seems to work great.

The second date would be at the end of VALORANT Episode 7 and it would come with Act 3 at the beginning of November. It would lead right into the end of the year and launch when many other big games launch. This is also the last major update of 2023, so it is kind of the only time left.

That being said, the first date seems like it would be more likely than the second. There is a chance they do it at the end of Episode 6 with its Act 3 in May as well but that feels too soon and like they would already announce it considering it is already the end of May.

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