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US Cyber Command Completes 2-Month Long Defensive Mission In Lithuania


Tyler Cross Tyler Cross
Published on: September 15, 2023
US Cyber Command Completes 2-Month Long Defensive Mission In Lithuania

US Cyber Command (CYBERCOM) recently disclosed that it completed a two-month-long defensive hunt in Lithuania, coming to the aid of its NATO allies.

This operation marks the second time that America has gone to the aid of its Lithuanian allies since May of last year. The first mission was shortly after the beginning of the Russian-Ukraine war. At that time, US forces spent 3 months helping their ally increase its national security, bolstering it against cyber attacks.

CYBERCOM has carried out dozens of independent missions to US allies around the world, strengthening various nations’ defenses and stopping large-scale cybersecurity attacks. Its goal is to thwart, disrupt, and prevent cybersecurity attacks on a national scale.

The US performing these operations is a signal of international unity among NATO allies.

“Ultimately, what impacts one nation or network can impact us all and that is why we are fortunate to have opportunities such as these to work side by side with trusted partners in Lithuania,” stated CNMF chief Army Maj. Gen. Joe Hartman.

In this case, they worked alongside Lithuania’s Information Technology and Communications Department for the 2-month period, analyzing key networks to uncover evidence of malicious cybersecurity attacks.

Unfortunately, fine details on the operation, such as why it took place and the procedures that the joint forces used are unknown. However, we know that these “Hunts” are carried out whenever there is reasonable concern that large amounts of malicious activity are targeting a given country.

“We need to develop competences and be more resilient to cyberattacks. The war in Ukraine has shown that cyberattacks are a powerful tool of modern warfare, so it is extremely important to be prepared and to ensure the security of our networks,” vice-minister of the interior Arnoldas Abramavičius said in a statement.

Ultimately global cybersecurity attacks are on the rise and it’s important to see successful defensive missions.


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