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Unique Ertha Land NFTs Are Flying off the Shelves

Unique Ertha Land NFTs Are Flying off the Shelves Blockchain, Featured, Home CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass Adoption

The cryptocurrency market is at an all-time high and the NFT world is booming. ERTHA is one of the hottest P2E (play to earn) gaming Metaverse projects and is still in the private NFT sale round, but has already achieved incredible product-market fit.

Erthaverse is a 3D virtual representation of a futuristic planet Earth, divided into 350,000 unique land plot NFTs, differing in resources and features. Landowners are joining a persistent, life-like simulation to build their homes, customize their environment, participate in politics, and earn real income by creating and driving the in-game economy.

More than 2000 Hexs have already been sold to individual owners in the first few days of a private sale. Saudi Arabia in the Ertha world, representing an oil-rich country in the real Earth, was sold out in a few hours, demonstrating the tremendous hype around owning NFT land in Ertha.

The future income and opportunities are the main criteria when purchasing. Investors are acquiring massive plots of land — whole regions and even countries. The demand thus far has vastly exceeded expectations, as smart investors and gamers take advantage of the rare opportunity to acquire more valuable HEX NFT land plots at the lower prices of this first private sale round.

Ertha’s unique P2E and P2L (Play-to-Learn) combination, stimulates the adrenaline receptors of future gamers and gets them thinking about upcoming strategies. The first in-game unions and clans are already signed and eagerly anticipate taking part in this lucrative and rewarding metaverse, triggering the latecomers’ rush to snatch the most attractive HEX Land NFTs.

Ertha will encompass multiple detail-oriented features, making player decisions dynamically impactful in the metaverse.

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