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UK Bans Russian Oil


The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just announced the United Kingdom will no longer import oil from Russia.

The Business Secretary will give further details tomorrow, Mr Johnson said after listening to an address by Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky.

“The question for us is now to be or not to be,” Zelensky said. “I can give you a definite answer, it is yes, to be.”

“We will not give up and we will not lose, we will fight until the end at sea, in the air, on the forests, in the shores, on the streets,” Zelensky told the British people.

The leader of the opposition, Labour, and that of the third party in parliament the SNP, both made clear their commitment by stating in Parliament “Slava Ukraini,” Glory to Ukraine.

We must continue increasing the pressure with sanctions, we will keep arming Ukraine, Mr Johnson said.

That follows an announcement by US president Joe Biden that Russian oil, gas, and all energy imports are now barred.

The leaders of Europe are to meet in Versailles on Thursday, the first time at such palace in living memory.

The European Union as a whole imports far more from Russia than UK or US, a dependence that is set to end with Zelensky stating 50 children have been killed so far.

He was welcomed with a rare standing ovation (pictured) in the world’s oldest still fully functioning Parliament, and the conclusion of his speech was greeted with a standing ovation too.

Making it all clear there can be no doubt whatever that Ukraine has the full support of the United Kingdom.

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