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Trevor Jones: How He Started With NFT – CryptoInfoNet


The Cryptonomist had the chance to go to the Castle Party 2023, an event around NFTs organized by the famous artist Trevor Jones.

So we sat down with him, speaking about his career, his events and his plans for the future.

The idea of Castle Party came about in 2021 after the Bitcoin Angel drop. One of my big collectors jokingly said “you should have a castle party” and I had a laugh. But the next day I thought it was actually not a bad idea. It can be a way of celebrating and giving back to the community and to the collectors so I got a huge team of 2 people and we decided to start looking for a castle and that was in 2021. We decided to start looking around the UK, and we spoiled a castle in Scotland. It was an amazing place and a fantastic event with 350 people from all over the world. 

But the problem was that it was just 1 night, because it was open to the public so people would leave at 5 in the afternoon and we had just a couple of hours to set up, have a big party and leave by midnight. So we decided to have another castle party in another country and find something where we could do 3-5 nights, so as to have more time. 

Plus you could have drinks and enjoy the night of fun. So we started looking around the whole Europe and it was hard to find a place not open to the public. So we decided to book this one to have 400 people, to have an intimate party.


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