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TramsToken (TRAMS): A Rising Star of the Fast Moving DeFi Space


TramsToken (TRAMS): A Rising Star of the Fast Moving DeFi Space Home CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass Adoption

When discussing Defi, Uniswap, undoubtedly, tops most conversations. Currently having the highest total value locked (TVL), Uniswap’s staying power should also deserve recognition. In a recent overthrow attempt by the Japanese themed fork, the team took back control with a counteroffer, UNI tokens. Many other related forks thereafter faced a similar crash and burn storyline.

Through careful observation and analysis, most of the forks’ failures stem from simply forking the incentivized liquidity mining mechanism without underlying utility for the tokens they offer. Additionally, most of the forks failed to harness the ingenuity of the underlying concept. As all successful enterprises take time to solidly grow, it has taken Uniswap since November 2, 2018, over 2 years, to achieve their much-deserved success.

Amidst the vampiric forks, there rises a promising protocol that attempts to propel the Defi space by utilizing the underlying ingenuity of Uniswap, an on-ramp for global liquidity access. As competition fosters innovation, this much needed decentralized exchange alternative focuses on a complete Defi banking ecosystem with its token as the core utility mechanism.

This rising star: Trams DEX, focuses on cultivating Defi users and participants with much more than community engagements. The protocol directly engages in Defi project developments with their most recent includes the L.A.B.S. group and Huntrecht Pty Ltd, the renowned Hong Kong real estate investment trust through Defi partnership and a $100 million SME funding solution initiative, respectively.

Unlike most Uniswap forks, Trams DEX’s token, “TRAMS”, has risen from a modest start, where most begins high then crashes. Its founder and CEO, William Tien, and managing team, with strong community support, withstood the price scalping opportunists plaguing the cryptocurrency space. Although menacing and detrimental to positive growth, the Trams team and their loyal community proved resilient and TRAMS prices have rebounded, currently appreciating steadily as the Trams project and community grows.

The steady growth recovery in price could be credited to a combination of factors; the Trams community’s determination for the protocol’s success and the underlying mechanisms employed.

TramsToken (TRAMS): A Rising Star of the Fast Moving DeFi Space Home CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass Adoption

As a traditional banking alternative, TramsToken (TRAMS) was designed to facilitate services and transactions between three core structures within the Trams Defi Banking protocol:

  • Phase 1: constant liquidity access using swaps (Trams DEX)
  • Phase 2: non-discriminative borrowing and lending (Trams Finance)
  • Phase 3: direct asset commercialization using NFTs (Trams Assets)

Additional price appreciation instrument includes a deflationary mechanism design with a limited total supply factor of ~20,000,000 tokens. A lesson reigned supreme by Bitcoin.
Aside from the fundamentals, the Trams protocol also has an engaging community and leading media attractions. From great community managers liaising between thousands of Tram’s community members to impactful media partners across the globe like the US-based Coingenius and the Japan team coordination with Coinbase Japan and Yahoo Finance.

With constant innovative product rollouts to complete the Defi banking initiative, this rising star holds much promise for providing decentralized finance alternative banking solutions to those who are underserved by the traditional banking industry, and provide much-needed value and utility for TramsToken (TRAMS). With much growth ahead, the current price appreciation signals great community sentiments of great things to come.

Stay tuned for the updated Trams DEX interface going live soon and much more through Trams media channels.


Source: Trams.io

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