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The Sandbox Hosts Regal Hotel’s Latest Expansion⁠—MetaGreen


Regal Hotels is hosting the first eco-friendly hotel in MetaGreen. The hotel will showcase a 360-degree view of the green metropolis scenery, along with luxury suites, bars, restaurants, wellness zones, and more.

Players can explore the eco-friendly hotel, gain awareness about sustainable living via NPC interactions, and enjoy an immersive hotel experience by playing games.

In collaboration with Hang Seng Bank, Regal Hotels is launching the Hong Kong-based bank’s metaverse brand in MetaGreen. Players can explore the double-story bank branch, interact with NPCs, and learn about ESG investments.

Players can participate in exciting mini-games, learn about green NFTs, and get a chance to earn rewards upon completion.

In partnership with UOB Hong Kong, MetaGreen will host the art academy’s coveted art space in the metropolis. Players can participate in the experience by helping NPCs to find missing artwork and win rewards. Besides the mini-games, the experience will showcase NFT artwork created by winners of the UOB Art in Ink Awards.

To raise awareness of ‘crafting a better lifestyle,’ City Super Group is joining hands with MetaGreen to host interactive games to educate users about a sustainable lifestyle, responsible shopping, and more.

Finally, in partnership with The Mills, MetaGreen will host MetaGreen Mall. The experience will educate players about tech-style innovations that minimize garment waste, reduce production pollution, and more. Players can participate in fun treasure hunts, complete quests, earn rewards, and redeem up to $150 worth of e-coupons.


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