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The Music of the LEC, Ranked


With the release of a new LEC song ahead of LEC Winter 2023, it is time to evaluate the entire LEC talent’s song portfolio. Throughout the past four years, the LEC talent became the gold standard in esports broadcasting throughout the world. That growth is attributed to not only the on-screen talent but the talent themselves being willing content creators. The most prominent content coming out of the crew in Berlin is their music and rap battles. For this list, only the music will be considered and not the rap battles due to the difficulty of grading them comparably. Thus, here are the LEC songs ranked from worst to best.

8) We Are EU

[embedded content][embedded content]

This song was made under the most complicated circumstances of all the LEC songs. It came out in April of 2020 during the rapid explosion of COVID-19 globally. Despite that, the LEC managed to produce a very solid effort. The result, “We Are EU”, and its almost choral rock chorus is a tough song to place in this exercise. It lacks tonal depth and has a simple beat throughout, but the beat is strong despite its simplicity. It is a fun time piece, but lacks the staying power of songs higher on the list.

7) Crown

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The LEC’s song for the 2022 Spring Playoffs is an uneven, but compelling effort by the crew. The chorus features strong harmonies on top of a very alt-rock beat that sync together really well. The issue lies in that during Drakos’ verses, the beat, particularly the drums, is overbearing to the point where it diminishes his vocals. Their sophomore rock effort fell under the weight of expectations following “Rekkless with my heart”.

6) Wildfire (ft Against the Current)

[embedded content][embedded content]

While the music video itself has a very strong aesthetic, the song itself is lacks the punch necessary to be higher on the list. The pop-rock beat feels like it took the modern pop philosophy of using familiar chords and progressions that landed on the Billboard Hot 100. Drakos attempts to save it with his rap bridge, but it doesn’t do enough to salvage the song overall. The issue lies in the fact that, compared to its competition, it lacks a sense of character makes most music great. It is a well made song, it is simply not compelling enough, which is a shame given ATC’s talent. “Legends Never Die” is a much better showcase of what the band does at their best in the League of Legends space..

5) Edge of Infinity

[embedded content][embedded content]

This synth-pop flashback is a interesting take on the genre. It takes the iconic ’80s synth-pop beat and adds a compelling guitar solo alongside motivational lyrics. All these factors combined create a song that feels worthy of being in a Rocky sequel film. After all, the song does feel similar to something like Hearts on Fire from Rocky IV. While so may call it cringe or corny, I think that is very much in line the genre they are utilizing for the song. While everyone remembers ageless classics like Everybody Want To Rule The World, but songs like Safety Dance fall closer to Edge of Infinity.

4) Reckless with my heart

[embedded content][embedded content]

The original emo effort by Ender, Vedius and Darkos was an evolution in the LEC’s musical style. Their song about Rekkless’s departure from Fnatic is a strong effort but has its minor flaws. The primary issue of the song is the need for Vedius to sing such low notes during parts of the verses. It does not fully suit his voice, and it can be heard in the song. Despite that flaw, this song manages to be a strong step forward in the stylings of the LEC crew. It helps define a new styling that the LEC crew can play with going forward. It utilizes the nostalgia for emo and alt rock that many people have from their childhoods. Along with that, as a purely League of Legends song, this is one of their most inventive tracks. Rekkless and Fnatic became synonymous with each other, so his departure did truly feel like a betrayal.

3) I Want The LEC Back!

[embedded content][embedded content]

In the last video before COVID hit, the LEC crew went for it with an indie rock slant. They pair an insanely danceable drum beat with a simple but effective collection of guitars to create one of the most catchy LEC songs. In terms of vocals, this song features a very strong vocal balance between Drakos, Vedius and a scarily beardless Medic.

2) Dance With Me

[embedded content][embedded content]

In this LEC modern pop music swing, the LEC crew put together what can only be called the most catchy song they have ever made. The beat for each verse is perfectly crafted to suit each person, while Sjokz kills the choruses with a Dua Lipa-like vocal track. It is the song that may be best crafted from top to bottom with an amazing music video and dance to boot. But it is not number one.

1) Heartbreaker

[embedded content][embedded content]

The newest LEC song feels like an actual song that could chart on the modern rock charts today. It is so perfectly crafted that if the LEC branding was replaced by a generic band name, no one would know the difference. They take the emo-sound they found in “Reckless with my heart” and produce a song with shades of Sum 41, We The Kings and Black Veil Brides. Its central guitar riff and drum beat meld together to create a familiar but new sound. Instrumentals aside, this was a defining performance by Vedius. His balance between light, ethereal singing and the more traditional rock vocals is reminiscent of Evanescence. That is why this song is the best LEC song.

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