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Terra Classic Core Dev Suggests Eliminating Canonical LUNC Repo


  • Terra Classic core developer has proposed eliminating the canonical LUNC repository.
  • Edward Kim opened the floor to a conversation about his proposal.
  • If this passes, the Classic repo will no longer serve as the canonical repository.

Edward Kim, a developer for Terra Classic and an associate professor at Drexel University, has advocated doing away with the canonical repository currently in use for the Terra Classic network. 

Following this, the active validator set, rather than a centralized authority, will be responsible for monitoring any modifications to the code that developers make; this will promote the cause of decentralization.

On Thursday, Ed presented the idea to the community and opened the floor to a conversation about it by describing its components and the thinking that went into developing it. 

Ed claims that engineers working on Terra Classic are still dealing with the problem that arose back when Terraform Labs had complete control over any modifications made to the code that was stored on the blockchain.

He pointed out that the developers who are working on the chain at the moment do not have written access to the current canonical repository for the blockchain, which is known as “Classic.”

If the proposal is approved, the Classic repo will no longer serve as the canonical repository, and the community will be responsible for monitoring and approving any updates that are made to the Terra Classic blockchain. 

According to Ed, these upgrades need to include commit hashes that specify the changes that were made and should always begin with the active or most recent commit hash on the chain.

As a result, the proposal has been well received by the cryptocurrency community, with many people thinking that it will benefit the blockchain. Several others concur that it would be a significant step in the direction of decentralization. 

On the other hand, decentralized network proponents are hopeful that this development will eventually lead to greater adoption of blockchain technology, increasing public interest in blockchain projects.

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