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Tekken Talk – Eddy Gordo Reveal Trailer and Release Date


It has been a little more than 40 days since the last “Tekken Talk”. This time around, the developers come with new announcements, fixes, and patch notes. 

Firstly, there has been a wide range of temporary and permanent bans for, but not limited to, the following reasons

  • Intentional Glitching and cheating
  • Intentional disconnections
  • Rank boosting
  • Inappropriate in-game and chat behavior
  • Inappropriate usernames and customizations

The action is said to target “users who violated the End User License Agreement (EULA) after being reported multiple times. They also will continue account suspensions after April. 

The third update of the game will be released on April 2 (April 1 PDT). Which will include adjustment behavior and properties of some moves for characters. Feature improvements and bug fixes and new items added to the Tekken Shop.

Online and Tekken Shop

The developers also showed what characters were used the most in online modes. Reina was number one throughout all online modes. However, in Tekken God ranks, Reina was the fourth highest and Dragonov was number 1. The list varies for the characters.

The fourth update will be in May and after the conclusion of EVO Japan 2024.

The Tekken Shop will feature a new “Cyper pack 01 and 02” available for all playable characters. Yoshimitsu will receive a legacy costume and Eddy Gordo will receive an avatar skin for players to use in the Tekken Fight Lounge.

Speaking of Eddy Gordo, the longtime Tekken fighter got footage showcasing a pretty awesome fight between himself and Azucena, another capoeira fighter. Showcasing his move set, introductions, rage art, and heat smash, Eddy looks like a fun and fresh introduction to Tekken 8. 

Fans can watch the reveal trailer on Bandai Namco Europe’s official YouTube channel. Eddy Gordo will be released on April 5 (CEST), with early access starting on April 2 (CEST). 

The Tekken World Tour will be kicking off on April 13. There are two paths to the Tekken World Tour Finals. The regional path lets players fight off in their region and the number one player will get an invitation to the finals. And the global leaderboard, where certain ranks of players will also get invited. 

The fifteen regions invited to compete are:

  • North, Central, and South America
  • West Europe and East Europe
  • West Africa and South Africa
  • North and East Africa
  • Middle East
  • Pakistan
  • Central and South Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Oceania
  • Korea
  • Japan

Different events give players different points, scores, and so on. For example, a “master” event includes something like EVO 2024, EVO Japan 2024, or CEO 2024. Those tournaments are considered very high-tier tournaments with many professional players attending. More information can be found on the Tekken World Tour website.

Challenger events include events like Dreamhack, Second Wind 2024, and UFA 2024.

There are pre-orders for the vinyl record set. The vinyl record set contains the 42-track album of Tekken 8. A rigid board slipcase and deluxe spined disc sleeves. Pre-orders go live April 4 (2 PM BST)

Lastly, and perhaps a little odd, there will be a collaboration with Chipotle, the Mexican fast-food chain, and Tekken 8. It will launch on April 8, with more information to be released later.

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