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Bitcoin Options Expire

The bitcoin and ethereum options on Deribit, one of the largest crypto derivatives exchange, expired earlier today. This month saw the largest open interest in...

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This Billionaire Warned Against Algorithmic Stablecoins in 2021, What’s Next?

Despite criticism from various quarters, the phenomenon of algorithmic stablecoins continued to gain popularity until recent past. After the massive decline in $UST’s value...

Asian equities follow Wall Street lower

Asian markets fall, ex-China Wall Street suffered another day...

Crude prices tumble, gold vulnerable to more pain

Oil slides on China jitters Oil prices are dropping...

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits Record High

The mining difficulty of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has reached a lifetime high of 29.79 trillion. Bitcoin has withstood an onslaught of sellers...

20 Cryptocurrency Acronyms and Terminologies You Must Know in 2022


One of the biggest buzzwords in the technology space at the moment has to be Cryptocurrency. So big, the entire cryptocurrency space is currently worth $1.89 Trillion as of the time of writing the article. If the cryptocurrency market was a stock market operated by a country, it would be the 18th largest stock exchange by market cap in the world. But very few know how cryptocurrency works or what it’s used for. According to a recent survey done by Cardify, only 16.9% of investors who have bought crypto “fully understand” the value and potential of cryptocurrency, while 33.5% of buyers have either zero knowledge about the space or would call their level of understanding “emerging.”  Even fewer know about the larger ecosystem that exists beyond the cryptocurrency space which includes Blockchain, Decentralised Finance, Web3, Smart Contract and so much more. In this article, we will break down all the terminologies and jargon around the cryptocurrency space into much simpler and more digestible bits using related anecdotes. Let’s go!   Crypto and Blockchain Predictions for 2022 1. Satoshi Nakamoto What better way to start than with the man who is presumed to be the brains behind the creation of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency. Many folks in the crypto space believe he’s a pseudonym that represents the original creator(s) of Bitcoin.  Whatever and wherever he is, dead or alive, the name has made history as being the pioneer of the most disruptive technology innovation at the moment. Given the price of BTC today, Satoshi would be a billionaire. In addition, the poor (rich) lad also exists as a token called Satoshi and currently trades on the Coinmarketcap with the price set at $0.000412.  2. Blockchain Blockchain is a combination of computer networks that transparently stores all the information about a crypto transaction. Visualize several series of blocks that contain the information in a space connected by endless chains.  Blockchain is the technology that powers all cryptocurrency transactions, for without it there won’t be any cryptocurrencies in existence. Its mission is to ‘wrestle power’ from centralized and opaque organizations like banks, government, lawyers, Insurance companies, etc and put it in the safe and transparent hands of ordinary folks like you and me, hence decentralizing the whole process of money exchange (a classic tale of Robinhood). 3. Bitcoin As you probably have noticed, decentralization is ironically the central theme for cryptocurrency, and no other token, coin, or terminology represents this theme like Bitcoin.  Bitcoin is a virtual or digital token that can only be used on the internet. Unlike the physical currencies e.g the US dollar and UK Pound Sterling which are controlled by the government, Bitcoin is controlled by anyone. And like the traditional currencies which are stored in physical wallets, Bitcoin can also be stored in wallets called digital wallets (We will talk more about this). Bitcoin is the first and most valuable cryptocurrency with the price currently at $38,230.  4. Ethereum Ethereum is the second most popular and valuable cryptocurrency but it has a more unique usage than Bitcoin.  The former serves as a medium of exchange and technology within the blockchain where other decentralized applications like Defi, Smart Contracts, NFT can be built on while the latter is only used as a medium of exchange.  Think of Ethereum as the Gold of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin as the dollar.  Ethereum can also be referred to as an alternative coin to Bitcoin. 5. Blockchain wallet The blockchain wallet acts the same way as your physical wallet which is used to store cash and cards except it is used online to store digital currencies like Bitcoin.  It is very secure and can only be accessed by a key unique only to the wallet online (unlike the physical wallet that can be ‘accessed’ by boys under the bridge). 6. Address An Address is a string of characters in a wallet that can send and receive cryptocurrency. It is synonymous with a real-life address or an email. Just like a physical address where no two houses can share the same numbers, each address on the blockchain is unique and marks the location of a wallet. 7. Altcoins Short form for alternative coins, Altcoins refer to any type of cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. Altcoins were created to serve a much better purpose to cryptocurrency users than Bitcoin.  Ethereum was the first-ever altcoin created. Other examples of altcoin include Solana, Bitcoin Cash (which is the 3rd most valuable cryptocurrency), XRP, Cardano, etc. 8. Shitcoins Shitcoins are altcoins that are fraudulently created and serve no intrinsic value to users. They are truly shitty by every definition of the word. Examples of shitcoins include Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Safe Moon, Magic Internet Money, etc. 9. Cryptocurrency Exchanges Crypto Exchanges are platforms where digital currency owners can buy or sell cryptocurrency … Continued

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Top Crypto Analyst Says Pair of Indicators Are Bullish for Crypto Markets, Examines Bitcoin (BTC) and VeChain (VET)

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A leading crypto analyst says Tether (USDT) dominance and the US dollar index (DXY) are flashing major bullish signs for crypto. In a new tweet, Justin Bennett shows his 99,000 followers a chart depicting the relative market dominance of USDT. Bennett says USDT’s recent drop relative market dominance is bullish for cryptos. “First lower low from USDT.D […]

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Bukele Slams The US Bill That Targeted His Bitcoin Law

Bukele slams the US bill that targeted his Bitcoin law while the US Senators try to understand the effects that the bill has on the country but also on the US dollar so let’s read more in today’s latest Bitcoin news. The US lawmakers introduced a new bill to examine and to develop a plan […]

Bitcoin touches $45k amid ‘PetroBitcoin’ sentiment

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Bitcoin broke above key resistance levels to touch highs last seen in February, with…

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US Senators Will Investigate The Effects Of El Salvador’s BTC Experiment

The US Senators will investigate the effects of El Salvador’s BTC experiment and how making it a legal tender affected the country and the effect it had on the US dollar so let’s read further in today’s latest Bitcoin news. It will appear that the US Congress is getting more interested in El Salvador’s adoption […]

Japanese yen rebounds

The Japanese yen has managed to stem the bleeding today, as USD/JPY is trading at 121.66, down 0.54%. USD/JPY climbed almost 1% on Thursday, breaking above the 122 line for the first time since December 2015. Yen pummelled by rate differential March has been miserable for the Japanese yen, which is down a staggering 5.83% […]

Oil declines, gold edges upwards

Oil prices slide overnight Oil prices slid overnight after another very volatile day of price action with very wide ranges. Brent crude finished 2.60% lower at USD 118.20 a barrel, and WTI fell 2.75% to USD 111.30 a barrel. The EU declining to sanction Russian oil has been given as the main reason, but I […]

Currency markets remain in holding pattern

Currency markets looking for direction The currency space remained on the sidelines overnight, content to wait and watch for developments elsewhere for its next directional cues. The dollar index rose just 0.16% to 98.77. It has reversed in Asia, falling by 0.34% to 98.44 as Japanese officials talked the yen higher. 97.70 and 99.50 remain […]
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