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Predictions: Real Estate Before And After Hyperbitcoinization

If bitcoin truly becomes the standard, and we denominate all value in bitcoin, what would the real estate market look like?

On The Ground In El Salvador With Samson Mow And The Volcano Bitcoin Bond

Bitcoin Magazine got an exclusive interview with Blockstream's Samson Mow to discuss El Salvador's new Volcano Bitcoin Bond.

Crypto suffers $200 billion drawdown, what’s happening?

Thursday evening (GMT) saw the start of the crypto market slide.

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Central Bank of Iran sees cryptocurrency ‘as a solution’ for these problems…

The U.S imposed an almost total economic embargo on Iran a while back, including a ban on all Iranian imports and sanctions on Iranian financial institutions. Oil exports plummeted > 70% over the past decade, leaving the country in a deep recession with soaring unemployment and periods of civil unrest. In the face of these […]

January Proves Turbulent For Investors But NFT And GameFi Seems To Be Eating Good

NFTs existed prior to 2021, but it was last year that digital art exploded in the blockchain space, and digital artists shone in the NFT spotlight. While the crypto world became an exciting place to be, a new generation of NFT artists entered the world’s largest artistic movement to date. Crypto investors are having a difficult time in January 2022, as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies continues to fluctuate wildly. Some have blamed the drop on the Federal Reserve’s recent announcement of additional rate hikes, as well as political unrest in Kazakhstan, which drastically reduced Bitcoin’s hash rate. The price of Bitcoin fell below $42,000 on January 14 as traders hoped for bullish signals. It appears that while the crypto market continues to struggle, the NFT space  is witnessing incredible surge in trading volumes and interest. NFT & GameFi In Sweet Month A new report has shown that NFT and GameFi transactions continued to rise despite falling crypto prices. The report by Dappradar noted that “the number of UAW connected to Ethereum NFT DApps has grown by 43% since Q3 2021,” according to the research. The money generated by NFT trading increased from $10.7 billion in Q3 2021 to $11.9 billion in the first ten days of 2022, according to the research. This rise could also be attributed to recent advancements in the NFT arena, such as the establishment of the LooksRare marketplace. “Blockchain games continue to be widely used,” according to the report, noting that they “represent 52% of the industry’s usage.” The case for blockchain games to continue developing during 2022 has been enhanced by expanding metaverse technologies and the growing success of the play-to-earn model. Data from Dune Analytics revealed OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace, generated approximately $2.7 billion in volume in the first half of January, on track to beat the $3.4 billion high it set in August. OpenSea had its highest single-day volume of $261 million dollars on January 9. So far in January, OpenSea has surpassed $150 million in trade volume on a daily basis. OpenSea daily volume on Ethereum. Source: Dune Analytics   Related article | OpenSea Transaction Volume Shows That NFTs Are Not Slowing Mason Nystrom, a senior research analyst at Messari, believes the NFT market is in a better position than recent cryptocurrency price moves suggest. Nystrom noted that: “The cryptomarkets are fairly correlated – the market tends to rise and fall with Bitcoin. This has made it surprisingly interesting over the recent downturn as the NFT market has continued to increase in volumes. OpenSea has recorded $2.3 billion in NFT volume in January so far, on pace to break its monthly volume record if volumes continue.” Market Reflects Growing Interest During this market downturn, Chinese consumers have shown a growing interest in NFTs and blockchain gaming, which aligns with recent Chinese announcements that the government will begin building its own non-crypto NFT. “China is now the country with the most extensive user base…increasing 166 percent from the numbers registered in November,” according to DappRadar’s research. Crypto Market Cap Stands at $2 trillion. Source: TradingView Despite the near-term volatility that NFTs may experience as a result of current market conditions, the nature of these digital assets may lead to a decoupling of prices within crypto marketplaces. Despite the fact that the United States is currently ranked second in terms of overall traffic, the country added 175,000 new members to the NFT ecosystem, representing a 38 percent increase. This is due in part to a rise in interest among younger audiences, as Millennials and Generation Z begin to account for a larger share of traffic. Related article | a16z, Mark Cuban invest $23 million in NFT platform OpenSea Featured Image from Unsplash | Charts by Dune Analytics, and TradingView

Solo Bitcoin miners are solving blocks with just a handful of rigs

Two Bitcoin miners defied the odds this week by solving blocks solo within days of each other, collecting most of the rewards for themselves.

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Bitcoin Plebs Together Are Strong — Independently

Bitcoin plebs, as individual nodes in the Bitcoin community, represent a decentralized force of sovereignty minded people.

The Situation Surrounding BTC in Kazakhstan Is Getting Worse

Kazakhstan is experiencing civil unrest after a major internet shutdown resulted in many businesses – including crypto mining projects – unable to operate appropriately. Kazakhstan Internet Outage Results in Rioting Kazakhstan has become a new bitcoin mining hub over the past several months following the major China shutdown that occurred in the summer. China announced...

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The State Of Bitcoin Mining In Kazakhstan

The industry is filled with uncertainty as unrest spread throughout the country after an energy crisis prompted a series of protests last week.

The Crypto Pullback Worsens As Bitcoin Falls Below $40K

The crypto pullback worsens as Bitcoin falls below $40,000 and Ethereum dropped below $3000 continuing the new year market slump so let’s read further in today’s cryptocurrency news. Bitcoin had a difficult start to the new year and it now dropped below $40,000 for the first time since August 2021 so now the world’s biggest […]

Bitcoin’s Hashrate Slides 15% in 10 Days, Price and Difficulty Puts Pressure on BTC Miners

Tag Template - News Hub PRO CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass AdoptionThe price of bitcoin has been on a long losing streak since November 10, 2021, when the leading crypto asset tapped an all-time high at $69K per unit. During the last two weeks, bitcoin has shed more than 19% in value, and the network’s hashrate has dropped from over 200 exahash per second (EH/s) to […]

Here Is Why Bitcoin Plummeted And How To Profit In The Red Market

Bitcoin Red

The post Here Is Why Bitcoin Plummeted And How To Profit In The Red Market appeared first on Coinpedia - Fintech & Cryptocurreny News Media| Crypto Guide

Bitcoin (BTC) begins its first full week of 2022 in familiar territory below $50,000. Since the end of December 2021, bitcoin has experienced several declines of varying degrees. On Jan. 5, it even plunged to below $43,000, plummeting near 10% within only 8 hours. Bitcoin is finally making some big moves and we can expect …

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