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Solana On the Verge of Major Price Movement

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Binance Launches First DeFi Project on Mobile Platform

Cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, Binance recently announced that the company has launched the first DeFi project on its mobile platform, the PancakeSwap Mini Program.

Wolf BTC, a new smart and secure crypto asset that reward it’s holders in Bitcoin.

Wolf BTC, A smart and secure crypto asset that designed from scratch by a group of cryptocurrency development, marketing and trading experts to provide the maximum benefits and rewards as possible.

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The developers are a group of cryptocurrency development, marketing and trading experts. The coincidence and the shared thoughts of making the cryptocurrency's world more secure and serious brought them together. So, together they worked and developed Wolf BTC from scratch after planning for a long time to make it really powerful and profitable to the community. Wolf BTC reward it's holders in Bitcoin but it is not the first of its kind, so what makes it so unique?

1- Small total supply, small total supply make it easy for the coin price to go high, higher price = higher rewards value to the holders. In an easy way, the holders will receive 4% of each transaction, as higher the value of the transaction as higher the rewards value will be.

2- Low tax but high rewards, at this point, things must be carefully calculated, holders will love higher tax to earn higher rewards, but new buyers will prefer low tax, the developers started from themselves, marketing tax is the lowest among all other coins, just 1%, Liquidity tax also 1% but for the holders is 4% rewards tax.

3- Limited eligible holders, usually the rewards are divided among the holders, the higher the number of holders, the lower the value of the reward for each holder, so the developers set a minimum required holding amount to receive rewards (1M), in this case the maximum eligible holders for the rewards will be 1000 holders.

4- Rewards in BEP20 Bitcoin, there have been many coins that reward their holders with other crypto assets, but the fees for selling or exchanging these rewards are more than twice the value of the reward, because that the developers used Bitcoin on Binance Smart Chain as rewards because of the cheap sell / exchange fees.

More info about Wolf BTC:

Coin Name: Wolf BTC

Coin Symbol: WB

Total Supply:

Contract Address: 0x44D18E737fB36D898E3245Fd9fcC840E3B2A70BF

Dividend Tracker Address: 0x88319f1ECa53C3EaB86dafC31E9379b515C13309

Disable, blacklist or mint functions: No.

Limits: No limits on buying or selling, no permission to set limits.

Buy Tax: 6% total buy tax, 4% holders rewards + 1% marketing + 1% Liquidity Pool.

Sell Tax: 6% total Sell tax, 4% holders rewards + 1% marketing + 1% Liquidity Pool.

Tax change permission: Yes, maximum 8%.

Liquidity division:

47.5% Fair Launch on Pinksale. Fair launch page (soon).

47.5% PancakeSwap 1000 Years locked Liquidity Pool. Lock page (soon).

5% Unlocked.

The Fair launch will start on 29.03.2022 at 15:00 UTC.


How to Add BSC to MetaMask A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Binance Smart Chain With MetaMask

This primer will show you one of the most popular moves in DeFi.

CyberVerse Presale Begins On 24th March

In a bid to contribute its quota to the crypto gaming world, the team at CyberVerse is pleased to announce its token sale, which begins on 24th March 2PM UTC. CyberVerse is a P2E NFT game that will revolutionize the NFT ecosystem. Users can join the world of CyberVerse, and participate in the IDO.

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CyberVerse Presale

CyberVerse Presale can be joined through https://presale.CyberVerse.money. In order to participate, users must connect a supported wallet and purchase the minimum number of tokens required. The details of the pre-sale are as follow:

• HardCap: 4,000 BNB
• PreSale Price: 12,500 CBV Per 1BNB
• Launch Price: 5,000 CBV Per 1BNB
• Min Contribute: 0.05 BNB Per Wallet
• Max Contribute: 10 BNB Per Wallet

The Presale Begins From 24th March 2PM UTC.

CyberVerse Features


In the game, you will explore modern neon cities laden with mystic creatures lurking at nights. You will battle to defeat these enemies. There are in-game assets that you can take advantage of to build a strong character.


Prove to the world that you are a fighter! Become the best in your field by fighting your way to the top. Keep in mind that there's a leaderboard which displays the top-performing players. The leaderboard will reset after every quarter; this is to give every player an equal playing ground to compete.

Team up

Form a solid team or alliances with other players to defeat the monster standing on your way to be listed on the leaderboard. Create your own bases, cities, or control your own power in the CyberVerse space.

About CyberVerse

CyberVerse is a crypto play to earn game that lets you become anything. You can choose to defend an entire city, get into the control center through the created connections, open your own store and resell valuable artifacts obtained on the battlefield, become a space pirate who fights in the sky and on the ground, and everything in between. CyberVerse lets you earn as much as you want; there is no limit to the amount of money you can earn with CyberVerse.

The game is free to play and as you progress, you will gain assets. You can also purchase exclusive assets with your in-game token. The team responsible for the success of CyberVerse consists of NFT and blockchain experts and affiliation with the gaming tech giant companies. In the coming months, CEX will be listed on PancakeSwap, HotBit, Lbank, Bithumb Global, Gate.io, MXC, Kucoin, and FTX.

Audit: https://github.com/Tech-Audit/Smart-Contract-Audits/blob/main/TECHAUDIT_CYBERVERSE.pdf 

Gitbook: https://cyberverse.gitbook.io/cyberverse-whitepaper/ 

Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CyberVerseCBV

Telegram: https://t.me/CyberVerseOfficial

Instagram: https://instagram.com/CyberVerseofficial

Media Details:

Company Name: CyberVerse

Contact Name: MattxCyberVerse

Email: contact@CyberVerse.money

Website: https://CyberVerse.money 

Kronos DAO Announces Public Sale Date

Kronos DAO, the next evolution of reserve currency protocol, has announced its public sale date. Scheduled for March 28th, 2022, the public sale will be a good opportunity for prospective token holders to participate in the project. In addition to a public token sale, Kronos DAO has slated April 8, 2022, as its partnership date with CORENODE.

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In anticipation of the public sale, Kronos DAO has garnered over $540k.

Kronos DAO introduces a Future Fund facet that will see the next-generation DAO reserve protocol invest 15% of profits in its treasury in emerging start-ups in the blockchain space. Through Future Fund, Kronos DAO will hope to accelerate the growth of these nascent start-ups, ergo transforming the DAO protocol into an on-chain venture capital firm.

Kronos DAO is committed to generating interest in investments for investors by building, incubating, and investing in start-ups at their early stages.

The $KRONOS Token

Kronos DAO has launched a native token, $KRONOS. The token will govern the DAO project—-acting as a governance token for making and implementing significant decisions on the ecosystem. $KRONOS has launched on Binance Smart Chain [BSC] and Cronos. It is also available for exchange and swap on PancakeSwap and VSS Finance. Currently, talks are underway to expand it to cross-chains in the coming months.

A total of 10 million $KRONOS, Kronos DAO has set aside 40% for the public sale as it seeks to build its treasury.

Kronos DAO will offer token holders a sustainable passive income source for staking $KRONOS on its staking platform. Through auto-compounding, Kronos DAO will reward token holders with $KRONOS.

The DAO protocol will allow community members to enhance their rewards through the Diamond Hands feature. Members will receive enhanced tips once Diamond Hands is activated. However, the improved rewards will depend on the number of days left without a claim.

Kronos DAO incorporates five levels of Diamond Hands—3 days to 30 days reward accumulation time.

An Ambitious Roadmap

The Kronos DAO team has planned out a strategic, ambitious, and feasible project roadmap. Split into five phases—each scheduled for completion in a month—Kronos DAO will, after the public sale, hire Hazecrypto to audit its smart contract. Furthermore, Kronos DAO will hope to have its token, $KRONOS, listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko—two leading crypto analytics websites.

An Open NFT Kronos DAO whitelist will also take place.

About Kronos DAO

The next evolution of a reserve protocol, Kronos DAO, is a project that aims at generating enormous returns for investors through the building, incubating, and investing in crypto start-ups in their embryonic stages. Kronos DAO has introduced a suite of modern features as it seeks to accelerate the growth of emerging start-ups while rewarding users for committing their tokens to the platform.

PRESALE: on KRONOSDAO 28th MARCH 2022 at 14UTC https://bsc.kronosdao.ai/

On PINKSALE 30th MARCH 2022 at 14UTC


Social Contact

Telegram: https://t.me/KRONOS_community

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dao_kronos

GitHub: https://github.com/Kronos-DaoDefi

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/CrUeCMBPFp

Medium: https://medium.com/@kronos_dao 

Media Contact

Company Name: Kronos DAO

Company Contact: Tommy

Contact Person Title: Founder Company

Website: https://kronosdao.ai

Company Email: admin@kronosdao.ai

What Makes Alpaca BSC’s 3rd Biggest Protocol?

Alpaca Fiance, is an all-in-one lending, liquidity mining, and stablecoin project that has become the third-largest BSC protocol by TVL.
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Let’s Earn Announces First Long-Term Auto-Compounding and Auto-staking Protocol with $LETSEARN Token

Let's Earn announces the very first long-term sustainable, auto-compounding, and auto-staking protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) with $LETSEARN Token.

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Making passive income is just a matter of holding the $LETSEARN token. With a highly improved version of the auto-staking and compounding characteristics seen on the Binance Smart Chain before, Let's Earn is the first long-term sustainable protocol in the DeFi space.

The developers of Let's Earn have introduced the Let's Earn Autostaking Protocol (LEAP), a DeFi 2.0 protocol that offers perhaps the industry's best set of benefits for $LETSEARN holders.

Holders of $LETSEARN will be able to earn high returns, due to the outstandingly high APY. In a way that is sustainable as well. This is a brand-new standard, and holders of the token, about to go into the private and public sale, will stand to earn not only rewards long-term but will also see quick short-term gains.

Let's Earn - The First Sustainable Auto-compounding & Auto-staking protocol

$LETSEARN has a fixed APY of 109,619.88% while maintaining sustainability. The protocol has also been optimized for sustainability both short- and long-term by re-imagining auto-compounding characteristics of existing protocols.

“Sustainability will be accomplished by lowering the rebase reward times per day, this will result in Lower gas fees daily, which will make sure rebases can still be paid out at lower volumes. To make up for lowering the reward times, the holdings multiplier per rebase is a lot higher than comparable protocols. This will result in gaining profits more quickly instead of having to hold for months before the real compound effect kicks in,'' said a spokesperson for Let's Earn.

The supply of the token will be elastic, and the revised positive rebase formula will keep it sustained as well as stable with growing passive income. The token can be held in a decentralized wallet, like MetaMask or TrustWallet.

In the near future, investors will be able to buy $LETSEARN in a whitelisted private sale hosted on Sandwich Network. The public sale will subsequently be held on the same platform. There will be an automatic liquidity pool created on Pancakeswap after the public sale, making $LETSEARN tradeable on the market.

Investors keen to grab $LETSEARN can do so by getting themselves whitelisted for the official private sale. The steps to getting whitelisted will be released soon in the Discord channel.

$LETSEARN and the protocol have been created to offer an easy way to generate passive income just by holding the token, auto-staking, and auto-compounding will generate a high APY for investors at a sustainable pace. Keep tracking more news about $LETSEARN for the subsequent growth of the protocol.

Learn more about Let's Earn on www.letsearn.io

Docs: https://docs.letsearn.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LetsEarn_

Discord: http://discord.gg/letsearn

Media Contact:

Company name: Let's Earn

Contact Person Name: Robin Chan

Official Email: robin@letsearn.io

Website: https://letsearn.io/

StreamCoin Launched GaStream (GSTRM), a New Utility Token to Power Its Ecosystem and Reward Users

StreamCoin, a Dubai-based blockchain project, has announced its new utility token - GaStream (GSTRM), on March 16, 2022. This token will power its ecosystem along with STRM, StreamCoin's governance token. In addition, users who have invested $50 or more worth of STRM in the public sale will be eligible to receive GSTRM tokens through an airdrop.

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Through its revolutionary technologies and features, StreamCoin aims to sharpen the future of Video NFTs, providing the best environment for creators and fans to trade NFTs, all without third parties or intermediaries. To achieve that, StreamCoin provides its own NFT marketplace and NFT standard powered and secured by Stream Chain (Mainnet 1.0).

Back on February 1, 2022, StreamCoin commenced its public sale for the STRM token, which will continue until April 30, 2022. It features a unique referral program that gets investors 100% rewards for every successful referral. However, as the public sale achieved high sales volume, investors started asking for an airdrop.

StreamCoin has taken everyone by surprise when announcing the Airdrop along with the GSTRM token. Although it threw hints on social media about the airdrop one day before, everyone was stunned as the announcement included more than they expected.

As mentioned above, investors need to own $50 or more worth of STRM from the public sale to be entitled to the Airdrop. Since March 18, 2022, investors began getting their GSTRM rewards with the ratio as follows: 5 GSTRM for each STRM. Furthermore, StreamCoin has listed GSTRM on the PancakeSwap exchange on March 18, 2022, with other exchanges to follow in the future.

The GSTRM token comes with an initial supply of 16,950,000,000. 66,66% will be allocated to reward the public sale and presale investors, and 33.33% will be allocated for the future rewards that users can get through Yield Farming, Real Research surveys, watching adverts on MeiTalk, node rewards later on Stream Chain 2.0, and more

Continuing its strict policy to manage its tokens supply, StreamCoin mentioned that all unclaimed GSTRM tokens from the airdrop event would be burned. Moreover, an additional 50% of that burned amount will also be burned from the future rewards allotment.

In line with these announcements, StreamCoin further added that it would participate in the World Live Streamers Conference (WLSC) 2022, which will be held on March 25 and March 26, 2022, at the Festival Arena, Dubai. Michael Ein Chaybeh, the CEO of StreamCoin, will present a keynote speech about the developments of StreamCoin, Stream Chain, and the Stream NFT Marketplace.

Feel free to visit the project's official website to learn more about StreamCoin and its technologies: https://stream-coin.com/

Media Contact:

Name: Michael Ein Chaybeh
Contact: social@stream-coin.com

PancakeSwap Price Prediction – Will CAKE Price Hit $20 Soon?

PancakeSwap (CAKE) Price Prediction 2021 — Will PancakeSwap Hit $100 in 2021Bullish CAKE price prediction is $17.45. The CAKE price might also reach $20 soon. CAKE bearish market price prediction for ...


Creating a Unique Unified Blockchain Infrastructure to Support Next-Gen dApps – Press launch Bitcoin News

press launch PRESS RELEASE. Metria Network, the much-awaited resolution for your entire crypto trade shall be inside attain quickly. The chain agnostic decentralized infrastructure is designed to satisfy the wants of new-age DeFi and NFT purposes by overcoming the problems of scalability, interoperability, and fragmentation of liquidity. Currently underneath improvement, the Metria multichain platform is […]

The post Creating a Unique Unified Blockchain Infrastructure to Support Next-Gen dApps – Press launch Bitcoin News appeared first on Bitcoin Upload.

BabyThoreum Team Presale Starts From 25th March

The BabyThoreum team is pleased to announce the release of its new project it considers as “the baby that everyone wanted.” The presale is set to start from 25th March.

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BabyThoreum Theory 

The team saw the need to grow the Thoreum project better and therefore has introduced BabyThoreum to do the job. According to the team, the “baby” was born to support the existing Thoreum and help it to “grow much stronger.”

The baby token was created in the Binance Smart Chain network and is designed to stand out from the pack. The team explained that BabyThoreum offers cryptocurrency users freedom in the cryptocurrency sector, ease of use, professionalism, and seriousness.


  1.     Distribution     holders

First on the list are the distribution holders. They will receive a portion of the token according to purchases and sales. The former will receive 6% of the total supply while the latter will be allocated 8%.

  1.     Burning

1% of the total supply will be burned to reduce the volume of coins and circulation, thereby increasing the coin's appreciation.

  1.     Marketing

Understanding the importance of marketing's role in giving the project maximum publicity and global exposure, the team will allocate 4% and 6% to purchases and sales respectively.

  1.     Autoliquidity

A commission of 1% will be allocated to self-liquidity. According to the team, that is achievable as the currency is strengthened daily with less likelihood that much damage can be caused by large sales.

  1.     Developers

While other projects allocate 1% to the developers, the BabyThoreum team takes a different course by not having any wallet in its name to ensure smooth and error-free distributions.

How to Buy BabyThoreum

Interested members of the cryptocurrency community are invited to purchase the $BABYTHOREUM token. The team has made it easy for prospective investors to join the train.

  1.     Download     TrustWallet or MetaMask

Download the TrustWallet phone app or MetaMask, a crypto extension, and set it up. After the setup, update your network list with the Binance Smart Chain.

  1.     Buy     and Send BNB

Buy BNB on any of the recognized exchanges such as Kraken, Binance, and Coinbase. After purchasing the token, send it to the MetaMask wallet address.

  1.     Swap     on PancakeSwap

After transferring your token to the MetaMask wallet address, visit PancakeSwap and select BABYTHOREUM. Then set the slippage tolerance to between 15% and 18%, depending on the demand.

After swapping the BNB for BABYTHOREUM, update your TrustWallet or MetaMask with BABYTHOREUM to view your $BABYTHOREUM. Hold the token for as long as you desire.

Note that the $BABYTHOREUM presale will start on March 25, 2022.

The BabyThoreum team explained that it is more than just a token. It added that it created a platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to perform several crypto-related activities.

In its words, “we want to be the best and for this, we will develop numerous platforms throughout the project so that members and new people can interact with them, either by creating their own NFT exchanging currencies, and blocking the tokens in a staking to generate benefits in the short, medium, or long term.”

Social Media Handles:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/babythoreumbsc

Telegram: https://t.me/babythoreumchat

Contact Info:

Organization: Baby Thoreum

Email: info@babythoreum.net

Website: https://www.babythoreum.net/ 

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