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Bitcoin Soared 20% In Two Session With Crypto Demand As Haven

With the price of Bitcoin climbing again, it’s not surprising that other cryptocurrencies are jumping too. As an investment vehicle and possible way around sanctions in Russia or elsewhere-this could be very interesting. This week, the cryptocurrency has been on an unstoppable rise, with prices climbing 8% in NY trading hours and over 20% in just two sessions. At one point, it overtook Bitcoin’s market value at $44,964 per coin, bringing its total capitalization above $840 billion. Related Reading | Bitcoin Breaks Above 50-Day SMA, Will BTC Ride It Out To $50,000? The cryptocurrency market continues to see significant growth, with Ether crossing $3,000 and several other coins improving. For example, the value of terra’s LUNA is up 76% over the last week, according to CoinMarketCap– nearing an all-time high set in early December. Finally, there was Avalanche which advanced during this time period too. In a world where the news is constantly changing, and governments seem to be everywhere, some people have turned away in favor of cryptocurrencies. However, the idea that these funds are detached from any government control makes them attractive because they can’t be influenced by anything besides supply-and-demand factors–not even warring conflicts overseas. FRNT Financial Inc.chief executive, Stéphane Ouellette said; Bitcoin has gold-like properties in that if you hold it, you directly control the assets as opposed to governments and banks being in between. So when banking is destabilized in a region, which is happening in Europe right now. It would make sense to see some flows into BTC as people diversify away from the banking system. Bitcoin Plunge As Russia-Ukraine War Intensified The price of cryptos is currently being driven higher by investors looking to get in on the action. However, he said that Speculators could take advantage and drive prices even higher. This will make their investments pay off exponentially faster than if they waited for more traditional markets like stocks or bonds where there’s always someone else who has already bought low before you do so yourself. Global markets took a plunge on Tuesday as the war in Ukraine intensified. Russia continued its offensive despite mounting penalties. Russian troops are shelling military facilities civilian areas alike. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy accused them of committing acts of terror.  Related Reading | Bitcoin Dominates Altcoins During War-Torn Month Of February European stocks and US equities continued their decline along with the fear gauge in Wall Street, VIX. The belief that Bitcoin can be a valuable asset during geopolitical turmoil is not new. Some analysts have long posited this. However, its outperformance amidst the volatility has some bulls pointing to an end for the narrative. Which explains that crypto will just turn out like all other risky assets.  But there’s still more work left before we’ll know how things ultimately play themselves out. Analysts Review On Crypto Rise Adam Farthing, chief risk officer for Japan at B2C2, said; Bitcoin could “de-link from risk” and start trading more like a hedge to geopolitical instability and inflation. Walid Koudmani, an analyst at XTB Market, explains; Bitcoin saw a significant upward move today as it appears to have slightly regained its safe-haven status while the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to intensify. There are other factors at play. The rally is about “the utility of these assets to serve as a potential workaround for Russia sanctions and also point that virtual currencies can be an alternative in times when people need them most,” said Nicholas Colas, co-founder DataTrek Research. Featured image from Pixabay, Chart from TradingView.com

Luna Leaves February With a Bang, Market Ready for March Bullrun?

Luna Leaves February With a Bang, Market Ready for March BullrunTerra LUNA ended February as one of the best performers for the month. LUNA trades over $90. Approximately $2.57 billion ...


2 key derivatives metrics signal that Bitcoin traders expect BTC to hold $40K

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The entire crypto market is green on Feb. 28, and derivatives metrics suggest that BTC's bullish reversal will flip $40,000 back to support.

Bitcoin hits $41k as Russian ruble plummets in value

As the war in Ukraine continues, Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market, including Ethereum, has been highly correlated to the traditional market.

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Value Locked in Defi Rebounds — Smart Contract Tokens CPH, LUNA, XCP Lead the Pack

Value Locked in Defi Rebounds — Smart Contract Tokens CPH, LUNA, XCP Lead the PackThe total value locked in decentralized finance (defi) has managed to jump above the $200 billion zone, as crypto markets have rebounded from the market downturn last week. A number of native assets from the $611 billion worth of smart contract protocols have seen double-digit gains with cypherium (CPH), counterparty (XCP), and terra (LUNA) leading […]

LUNA Spikes: Is It A Good Time To Buy?

LUNA is a blockchain used for launching algorithmic stable coins and is now among the top DeFi platforms when it comes to total value locked up in circulation. LUNA has been trending higher over the last few days, but it gained even more momentum over the previous 48 hours. By closing 40% greater, LUNA was among this past week’s biggest gainers. Related Reading | Bitcoin Surges to $40,000 After Breaking Key Resistance The news that Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) created a Bitcoin-denominated reserve has caused markets to react positively. This will act as an extra layer of stability and security for Terra USD, which is currently struggling with sharp fluctuations in prices due to its low liquidity status on exchanges. LFG has announced that it will be investing $1 billion towards building up its Bitcoin reserves. The best part about this news? All of LFs’ coins are locked for 4-years, which means they won’t be able to trade until after those periods. This increases investor confidence across multiple platforms, including LUNA, with demand rising accordingly. Because investors look for safe-haven assets during these uncertain times. The recent move by the US Treasury to create a Bitcoin reserve is being met with rave reviews from analysts and experts. As a result, this new development should lower price fluctuations for UST. The Mechanism  UST is a stablecoin fixed to the US dollar via an algorithm. Unlike other centralized cryptocurrencies, it isn’t backed by anything but Luuna (the company behind them). If prices fall off their peg and go lower than $1 per token, UST can be swapped for LUNA (which is minted). And can be sold for $1, providing arbitrage gains for investors. The opposite happens when demand increases; burning more luna means higher prices because there’ll be less overall supply coming into circulation. Terra’s introduction of a Bitcoin reserve could be seen as the next important step in reducing volatility within its ecosystem. This is because it reduces the correlation between UST and bitcoin.  This means that if traders want to swap out their coins for different assets, they will have plenty available with this new addition. Is It Worth Buying LUNA Now? LUNA’s price has been on an upward trend recently, and it was trading at $74.34 on February 26th, 2022. The coin increased13% in 24 hours. Related Reading | Cryptocurrency Prices Soar On Possibility Of Russia-Ukraine Talks LUNA is currently trading just below the $77.17 weekly support level, with a strong uptrend since February 24th. So keep an eye on this one – it might be time to buy more shares before they climb higher in future updates. If you’re looking to invest in crypto, buying volumes increase, and Luuna is a good bet. The altcoin has been pushing through recent resistance levels with ease. In fact, it could test prices above $90 before the end of February. With LUNA currently trading in a strong uptrend, the crypto is not too late to turn bearish. If this happens, investors should look out below $65 as support, which could signal an upcoming downtrend may be near. Featured image from Flickr, Chart from TradingView.com
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Terra’s Mirror Protocol MIR rebounds 40% two days after crashing to record low

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The massive move upside had MIR form a golden cross

Bitcoin Surges to $40,000 After Breaking Key Resistance

The fear of missing out (FOMO) was at its peak as the price for Bitcoin rose above $40,000. The cryptocurrency started a nervous weekend at around $39,000 on Feb 26 after a one-day spike briefly noticed USD 40,000 return to fame just a day ago. After a day of high volatility, Bitcoin was relatively calm on Saturday. After trading as high at $40,330 over at Bitstamp, there are now signs that the market may be stabilizing for good this time around, with more positive news coming out from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView revealing calmer situations going forward into Sunday morning’s session. Related Reading | Cryptocurrency Prices Soar On Possibility Of Russia-Ukraine Talks The fakeout phenomenon played out in the crypto markets on Friday as well. As a result, the volume was thinner than usual over the weekend. Geopolitical turmoil in Ukraine and Russia has created an atmosphere of continuing cautious sentiment amidst issues that may deliver contemporary instability on Monday. This week, the Crypto Fear & Greed Index reached a new low, remaining within the 26/100 “concern” zone. Russia-Ukraine war has caused a stir in the crypto-verse, with many traders worrying about how it may affect Bitcoin prices. However, for now, at least there seems to be some lightheartedness. We can see that even though Long Term Bears were victorious after their latest $34300 low was set versus February’s dip down into psychological territory ($32 800), trading volumes suggest an opportunity just might exist again soon enough. Analysts Reviews On Bitcoin Move The bear market may be over for now. In an interview with Rekt Capital analyst, February’s coming down from $45,500 will most likely end up being “a vital” consolidation period where traders try to get back into buying mode before things go south again. The end of this week saw a significant recovery for both Europe and U.S., as macro markets showed some stability after yesterday’s turmoil in the Asia Pacific caused by China’s economic data announcement that came out late Friday night. Related Reading | Battle Of The Hedges: How Gold And Bitcoin Have Performed With Russia-Ukraine Conflict The U.S dollar surged in power as hostilities started to increase again. Most of its beneficial properties with the USD Forex index (DXY) returning after reaching a high level around 97.7%. Top Trending Market Update Saturday, the entire cryptocurrency market seemed to be in a good place. With leading coins led by Terra (LUNA) increasing about 50% over the past week. Some late beneficial properties are still taking part in out, including for XRP. The coin was 10.3% higher over the 24 hours. Ether is on the move! An essential altcoin by market cap, ETH traded above $2,750 again today with 5.6% growth every day. And seeking valuable territory above $3,000 for sure this time around. Featured image from Pixabay, Chart from TradingView.com

Technical Analysis: LUNA, AMP Jump Over 20% Higher on Friday 

Tag Template - News Hub PRO CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass AdoptionCrypto markets appeared to have temporarily shaken off recent volatility, with AMP once again leading the day’s bulls. Terra’s LUNA also surged, climbing by as much as 20% during Friday’s trading session. AMP AMP is currently trading over 24% higher in today’s session, climbing to its highest level since last Saturday. Friday’s rally in AMP […]

LUNA rallies, Bitcoin jumps above $39k as war in Ukraine continues

Some days make it difficult to find joy, even as crypto markets are rallying.

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Luna Foundation Guard Raises $1 Billion to Safeguard UST Dollar Peg

USTThe Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) has raised $1 billion in a private token sale to allow the group to safeguard the peg of UST, Terra’s flagship stablecoin, against market instabilities. While the token has an algorithmic method to maintain its dollar value, this decentralized reserve — which will be stored in BTC — aims to […]

Terra, Avalanche Lead Crypto Market Rebound With Double-Digit Gains

As the broader cryptocurrency market shows signs of recovery, LUNA and AVAX posted double-digit gains over the last 24 hours.
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